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    • school and it's rules

      14 years ago


      Okay, so it's well known by now that I am not a fan of rules, right?
      Of course it is, I have posted that in each of these journal enties.
      Well, today I had to develop film and I went to check out the developer that I like to use (because it is high speed and so, cuts down on grain), only to find out that "if you provide it you may use it this quarter"... Hello? I'm paying way more a quarter than I personally feel that I should have to pay for this edumacation and I have to provide my own chemicals now? WTF?

      I fucking take the bus from Redmond (17-ish miles away), and then I walk a MILE from where the bus drops me off until I reach these hallowed halls. I am absolutely NOT going to carry a gallon jug of chemical with me.
      The building is a fucking office building that was converted into a school also, so not good for the learning. The studio would be the best room ever, if the windows didn't have black-out paint on them (which I do understand why it is there... heaven forbid we let the students use actual sunlight to light their assignments).

      Argh. My school sucks and I wish that I had researched other schools, but I had heard that this one will give me the best photographic education in Seattle, so I decided that it was where I needed to go. Come to find out that Seattle Central Community College has a much better program, with better equipment, for fucking cheaper... The only problem? There is a four year wait to get into their photo program, so I am going to get out of here a helluva lot sooner.

    • argh

      14 years ago


      as much as I hate rules, there is one rule that I hate when other people don't abide by it.

      In my apartment, we have one knife for spreading items onto bread (I call it a "butter knife", I know creative, right?).
      The rule is "wipe the knife on the paper towel when you are done with it"... does ANYONE ever do this? no. Does this piss Hannah off to an extreme degree? yes.

      I just made myself a peanut butter on toast sandwich and had to WASH the stupid knife because it was so crusty from people using it in the jam and not wiping it off, and people using it in the peanut butter and not wiping it off.

      It's one easy thing to do, and the paper towels are already right there... I mean, they each get out a new piece of THAT every time, why can't they wipe the knife before throwing it away? Argh. I hate my apartment anyway(especially since my hot downstairs neighbors moved out and 3 Microsofties moved in... nerds had spreadsheets of how they were going to arrange their furniture.) and plan to move... hopefully soon, the lease is up in a few months, and I don't want to renew.

    • catchy title.

      14 years ago


      Okay, so I have no idea what the hell I have done to piss so many people off...

      Not only people online (which I understand how I pissed them off... Online, I'm not really "me". The version of "me" that I am online is a persona I have created to channel my creative energies--I'm not really as lame or stupid or idiotic as I may seem), but people in my REAL life are fucking mad at me. And those of you who are watching my page, before you say that it's because I am an idiot, or stupid, or just simply lame, let me say that on Tuesday when I left school, people still had love for me.
      Today when I woke up, I listened to a message in my voicemail that's full of hatred for me. The person who left it did not explain why she is so pissed at me, but she is.

      Anyways, on a different note, I need to put new photos up. I'm sick of the ones I have, but I don't take any that are under the file size limit... and with Photoshop not working on my computer recently, I can't resize (I refuse to use MS Paint). I hate limits... I hate rules.

      "Hang the code and hang the rules! They're more like guidelines anyway!"

    • Today was the day from hell

      14 years ago


      well, probably not, but it was close.

      I am so glad that I can give these kids back at the end of the day... in the immortal words of my mother (when I first started working at the daycare--at age 16): "having a job at a daycare is the BEST birth-control money can buy". Even better actually, because I didn't have to pay for this, I GET paid for it... I get paid crap, but it's better than having to pay for it.

      I usually LOVE naptime. It's my favorite time of the day, cause I get a break from having to deal with kids (and quite often, I get to take a nap). Today, I had 3 kids who DIDN'T go to sleep. Fucking-A... Come to find out (after he didn't take a nap), one's family was headed to a Mariners game directly after leaving... Although his mom was pretty sure that he would sleep while they were stuck in traffic between Redmond and Seattle. Another one apparently didn't take a nap YESTERDAY either (she had stayed home, and when she stays home, she has a crazy sleep schedule)... The third one's parent's didn't say anything about their kid not sleeping other than "You need to sleep sometimes, honey".

      Also, I must be a human punching bag, cause I get so beat up at this job... I desperately need a new one. One that involves less physical violence. And more money... And less ACTUALLY having to do my job. Yes, that is the kind of job that I need... one that I don't actually have to do.
      I plan to be a photographer with lots of assistants, as in one of my classes I learned that all the actual photographer does is tell the assistants what the shot needs to look like, then wines and dines the client... somehow I don't believe that.

    • You know,

      14 years ago


      I don't so much want karma for the privileges that happens when one has more karma (mostly because I don't like the rules of the forum), but I would like them so that it stops saying that I have Karma Level: 0.

      If brokenlizard.com ever makes the switch to being a better site, and (as a result) gains rules that are as strict as the rules here, I shall not be a happy camper. Mark my words.

      Of course, on there I have "friends" who would give me positive mods, and not just, you know, not give me anything...

      But on the other hand, some people there would actually give me negative mod points also, if you can believe that. I'm pretty sure that they haven't given me negative mods on here because I am pretty much sticking to my own page.

      Also, if I click on someone's page to watch them, do they know that I'm watching them? I've been wondering this since I signed up.

    • Thank god for the local police.

      14 years ago


      So, when I ran out of gas tonight, the cop who came to my rescue (after I had been sitting in my car on the side of the exit) was none other than a cop that I had met a few weeks ago.
      Freakin' hottie! It's like, I want to lick him... totally. All over his body.

      He DID run my license, and when he finished, and came back to my car to give it back to me, he asked "Are you the protected party in a protection case?"
      I must have given him a blank stare, because he said "I guess not", to which I wish I had said "I don't think I am", but I really only said "uh, no." He said, "Similar name, I guess. Sorry about that."

      By this point in time, my dad had arrived with a gascan full of enough gas for me to make it to the nearest gas station.

      But, HOT COP. I think I'm now obsessed, and may have to make multiple traffic violations to try and get him to talk to me again... Or not. Whatever.

      Either way, I still want to lick him.

    • I am finding

      14 years ago


      that I am strangly attracted to the pretty colors of this site.
      I can't tear my eyes away, even though my own page is pretty much the only place i lurk... mostly due to my dislike of rules and regulations...

      I think I may become a paparazzo, they don't abide by the same rules as the rest of the world, now do they?

    • This is just not right...

      14 years ago


      My homepage states that I have been online for 16 hours and 3 minutes... total.

      For someone who spends much of her day on the internet (when i'm not at school or work), this is simply unacceptable.

      I mean, I don't have a life, so what else am I going to do?
      Exactly my point, you see, the internet is all there is for me... and contrary to popular belief, I am not ugly and craving the cock. I personally find myself to be a beautiful example of girliness, but other people may have different tastes than I have, so I am not going to push my belief in myself off on them.

      I just simply cannot afford a life what with school (both tuition and supplies) being so damn expensive. And before you go and say, "if you are such a beautiful example of girliness, you shouldn't need money to be able to afford a life. Men should pay for it", well, they also expect a little more for paying for me to have a life than I am willing to give.

    • Skittles, pizza, and alcomahol

      14 years ago


      that's what's for dinner, and not beef, as was previously thought.

    • this sucks.

      14 years ago


      I have 47% of one karma point... and 3 friends.

      update: I have 52% since posting this.

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