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    • NEW HALO MAP #4

      14 years ago


      SANCTUARY(pic in my images)

      A walled grotto defines the center point of this Forerunner habitat, from which aqueducts span out, like the hands of a clock. It perfectly obscures a clear line of sight between two more robust temple buildings primarily used as Flag capture bases.

      The map was designed to be perfectly symmetrical and used for smaller, team based objective games, like CTF and Assault, but its size and layout also make it a perfect spot for Slayer matches and slightly more frenetic types like Territories and Oddball. The tunnels at the sides and the open areas in front of the bases make for frantic firefights and nerve-wracking chases.

      Stop for a moment to admire the scenery and you'll see a complicated system of waterfalls, canals and pools. Splashing water and the chirp of birds help define the sound scheme of this otherwise peaceful environment.

      for the rest of the maps go to my journal....

    • NEW HALO MAP #3

      14 years ago


      WARLOCK(pic in my images)

      Set in the rain-soaked ruins of an ancient Forerunner structure, nobody knows if Warlock is a temple, a castle or even a dwelling. What we do know is that the architecture predates the Halo itself, and that it must have been moved here, brick by brick, with obvious reverence by the Forerunners themselves.

      A small to medium sized map, Warlock is ideal for close-quarters fights, Slayer matches and thanks to its four way symmetry, multi-team Territories battles. Warlock's mix of obstacles and open areas makes it a perfect spot for more chaotic matches like Rockets. Sharp-eyed players may note its resemblance to the map Wizard, although it has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of Halo 2's new graphics and gameplay features.

      Warlock is filled with nooks, crannies and other hiding places, and while the ground is a warren of obstacles, it's possible to reach any other point in the map by taking the high road - a series of platforms and ramps that stretch across the map, with a temple-like center structure dominating the arena.

      Teleporters dot the walls allowing you to evade pursuing enemies, or take instant shortcuts across the map.

      for more maps go to my journal.....

    • NEW HALO MAP #2

      14 years ago


      TURF(pic in my images)

      The surrounding streets and evacuated buildings of Old Mombasa make it a dangerous warren, with potential assassins lurking in every shadow and around every corner. Dusty storefronts hide mazelike interiors, and narrow walkways above street level make this shadowy part of town a sniper's haven.

      Although it was designed primarily with Territories and CTF in mind, Turf's wildly varying situations - open streets, large buildings, narrow passageways - mean that it's surprisingly flexible. In spite of its size and complexity, the level even works well as a cat and mouse one-on-one map.

      Although the tight alleys and streets are initially confusing, there are plenty of vital landmarks - a downed Covenant Scarab, a makeshift Human military base and a massive warehouse, complete with huge swinging doors. Players can knock down catwalks to control ledges above the streets, and a well-parked Warthog can lay down covering fire for the team quick enough to grab it.

      for other maps go to my journal.....

    • NEW HALO MAP #1

      14 years ago


      CONTAINMENT (pic in my images)

      A massive, mostly outdoor, and somewhat symmetrical environment set in the frozen tundra near Sentinel Wall, on Delta Halo. The icy terrain is a walled valley floor, scarred by a massive trench, running between two enormous Forerunner compounds. Each of these structures acts as a base, and each base is itself large enough to drive a vehicle around in.

      The bases contain a heavily fortified flag capture point which presents a tough challenge for an unorganized offense. To even the odds, it's possible to open vehicle access to these bases by activating a switch - exposed to sniper fire in the center of the map. Above this switch is the teleport exit for each base.

      The rapid access enabled using teleporters and vehicles means that while this is by far one of the largest Halo maps ever, it's also one with a large number of transit options, on foot or in vehicles.

      Caves, ridges and tunnels provide stealthy entrance to enemy bases, while the jagged central trench is a great spot to take cover. Above, the exposed, icy fields are littered with the most explosive cores in the game. Default vehicles include Hogs, Scorpion tanks and Banshees. Containment was built from the ground up, with large scale objective games in mind, especially CTF. If you like Coagulation, and were a fan of Sidewinder, you'll love Containment!

      more of the maps coming soon....like 10 mins......


      14 years ago



      "R" trigger plus "X" makes you lunge at an nme only, this happens when you target the nme with the sword and it turns red.

      mostlikly what people are claiming gets nmes out of a level.......Hit "R" then "Y" rapidly while you target the nme with the rockets. it will cause you to dash straight at the targeted nme in a straight line.

      simply put VERY HARD TO DO, zoom in with the sniper target an nme, now hit "Y" then "X" and "R" very close together.

      default controls, melee,"X" and "A",=. have someone that is an nme only stand on your head (they have to jump) and your hit all these buttons together and it will make you dash at their feet causing the jumper to have a platform to leap again off of.(Edit: This can be done with any weapon but the sword is most effective.-Helljumper76)

      Have a guy with the sword sit in the side seat of a vech, now have someone that is an nme go into his target range, he should swing 3 times. Have the person run as far as possible then, where ever the passanger looks he will fly to but only as far as the person ran.

      BANSHEE CHASER (personal trick)
      sword only, jump after a banshee and melee or lunge while it flys some where where is other wise unreachable.

      ...and hey guys it wouldnt hurt for some mod points too....thanx

    • cool halo 2 cheat

      14 years ago


      If you guys wanna go running around with no wepons heres watch do...
      1. start custom game on oddball with your starting wepon a plasma pistol
      2. power up your plasma pistol and hold
      3. go to the ball and grb it quick while PP is still charged
      4. now step back quicly and let go of the ball...
      5. now look no guns but make sure not to go near any wepons because you automatically pick it up

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