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    • Zizzilius

      12 years ago

      if you have questions - try to ask me... i can tell something...

    • Joe_2

      12 years ago

      Dude, you really got shut up and stop asking for awards, im sorry.

      You DONT wanna be like a guy named EEEEAAAA. He was a complete idiot & got banned.
      So stick to the rules, and most importantly HAVE FUN.

    • SamySalti

      12 years ago


    • lennerd

      12 years ago

      One of the people that do any voices on the show have awards. And they give them if they feel like it its not easy. Any way welcome to the site and enojoy. ANd dont worry about karma just worry about your grammar people here are not very nice.

    • Becca FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Torturer

      12 years ago

      OMG NO. I don't even have an award! Stop asking.

    • Twilight_end

      12 years ago

      Welcome to RVB! If you have any questions, just ask! : )

    • Rodgun

      12 years ago

      You get karma by being cool, commenting on people, people modding you and such. Awards are obtained by doing something that the RT staff likes or thinks is awesome. Also, go to the forum to get started but don´t spam.

    • AlazyPyromaniac

      12 years ago

      Karma takes time. Commenting on people, using the forums, giving out positive mods, and receiving positive mods all boost your karma. Pissing off moderators and getting neg mods lower your karma. Awards are something you have to ask the RT staff about. I only know how to get Kat's, and thats by pming her a good deed you did in real life. The rest are a mystery to me. You get mod points by posting frequently, or when other members give you + mods. When other people give +mods, you don't always receive the full amount, this is to prevent cheating your karma level.

    • hankey014

      12 years ago

      Karma is something that you build over time. You can build it slowly by commenting on others or by getting mods from others. Mods are used to....well really they are pointless....but you use them on someone else's pictures, journals, etc... You can give them a +1 or a -1. When it comes to the awards all i know is that you can only get them from the creaters of the site. Burnie, matt, etc.... They don't hand them out very often either. I don't know if the awards get you any thing special or not. I would ask someone who has some. If you have any other questions just ask.

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