Ok, this will be a short lived topic but the new DVD is coming out this week.

So with out further ado, my review.
Greatest movie I have ever seen but not the best movie ever made. That belongs to Godfather (another time another topic)

But I have a major gripe with this... I mean a major gripe(s).
1. A re-release in only HUGE markets like... LA, NY, SF, CHI. Thanks a lot for whoever made that decision. It's only the #2 movie on IMDB and voted the best movie to never win an Oscar and one of the most influential, inspiring films in the last 20 years! People love this movie. Please a larger re-release!

2. The DVD cover is the worst I have ever seen. Have u seen this? I mean have u seen this? They hired the guy that does Star Wars' posters to make the cover! It's way beyond Fugly.


I will now light myself on fire!

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