I've been a follower of roosterteeth for years on end, but only recently have I been interested in engaging more in the community.  I am a fan of most of the content that rt puts out, but out of everything I love the animations output by the company!  Watching all of them inspired me to pursue it and work as hard as I can on art and animating myself (beginning next year I will be studying animation at my uni :) ), and I hope to find other fans to enjoy the content with.  

Aside from wanting to get more engaged in the community, I am also working on a rwby project I put on myself.  I wanted to work on animating songs from the rwby soundtrack along with some clips that I love from the show.  I have been sketching the main four to get it to the point where I am comfortable and have adjusted them to where I feel confident in myself, and I have been making good progress! Exciting stuff :)