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    • Raven2552

      9 years ago

      Dude, I saw you haven't had a comment in forever so I thought I would leave you one!

    • OroborosNZ Projector

      10 years ago

      Hi <<avatar>>!

      At LFTO Networking, we invited group members (just like you <<avatar>>) to create a logo for ourselves. We'll use it for our own merch - t-shirts, coffee mugs, you name it.

      We'd love it if you could check the designs out and vote! We're contacting you personally <<avatar>> because here at LFTO Networking, we believe in that personal touch. After all, that's why you signed up on <<signUpDate>>, isn't it <<avatar>>? And hey: why not invite <<option::listFriendAvatar01;listFriendAvatar02;listFriendAvatar03>> to join?

      Please check in to LFTO Networking and vote for your fave design.

      We hope to see you <<option::"soon";"dead";"in prison">>, <<avatar>>. Keep it real!

    • WhenIDie7

      10 years ago

      No problem!

    • WhenIDie7

      10 years ago

      I don't even want to know how one has a "masturbation contest".

      it's called a circle jerk. They actually have contests where guys will jack each other off and A)First to cum loses B)first to cum wins and C)....nope, wait, there's only A and B.

      I forget how I know that.

    • PieStalker

      10 years ago

      yeah,but them posts have a space limit in them. and im only on the joke thread once a weekish. so figured why not post a few?

    • caboose1177

      10 years ago

      I moved to South Carolina from Marion, North Carolina.

    • coolman156

      10 years ago

      Under Obamas tax plan, you provide a incentive for skilled profesionals like doctors NOT to work hard and long hours, knowing then that they will just get taxed more and if they reach that 250 k limit, actualy LOOSE money. I personaly like mccain beter.

    • coolman156

      10 years ago


    • xhockeyx

      10 years ago

      the rangers suck go penguins!!!!!!

    • RvBRecruit

      10 years ago

      Halo 3's out?! Dang, I need to get out of this cave more often...

    • SuburbanFire FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 3D Modeling

      10 years ago

      i knew it, i've been to that site before and i suspected thats where you got it from...i just couldnt remember the name

      he's got a lot of cool Lego stuff

    • Slayerteam

      10 years ago

      dude tht is like a hole lot of games

    • monopoly_j

      10 years ago

      I haven't heard any of your views, but I think I know what you think.

      It's always best not to assume...

      You have no less than six pictures in your gallery DIRECTLY slandering Democrats.

      By my count, I have only one image that "directly" slanders a Democrat. Maybe you're not paying attention to the rest of them but most of my pictures deal with issues and not a party or a person. I only have one that makes fun of a Democrat so you might want to re-think that statement.

      I defy you to find a person on this site with six pictures DIRECTLY slandering Republicans (Obama for president signs and pictures of Obama or Biden don't count). I'll give you two weeks. I found your page in less than 5 minutes BTW. Leave me a comment when you're done.

      You can defy me all you want, but I'm not really interested in playing your pointless game. Plus, like I said earlier, I only have one image that "slanders" any one or party so by that standard I would only need to find one that has a slanderous images against a Republican.

    • Joe_2

      10 years ago


    • Femzy

      10 years ago

      A little tip for you... when reporting an image, it would be VERY handy to let them know what sorting system you have chosen when viewing a gallery.

    • ZZoMBiE13

      11 years ago

      Thanks. smiley1.gif

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