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    • RT Website (speed) Redesign

      5 years ago



      My buddy Albert ditched me on Skype so I had to kill some time, hoping he'd join the call again (so far he hasn't).

      It's just a small, speed re-design (not a full restructure, which the website could really use). Since the RT staff recently rolled back some changes that were aimed at making the website more mobile-friendly, I focused on making a design that would be 'easy' (theoretically) to develop for mobile responsiveness, while still looking attractive on any computer monitor.

      For my summer internship, I'm building an inventory and barcoding system which means back-end development non-stop which is KILLING me. It's super fun to learn, but it's so abstract and foreign to me compared to front-end development and design. This was a nice break!

    • RT Mobile App (speed) Redesign

      6 years ago



      Finally have had some time to work with the holo design theme! Decided to just test it out on RoosterTeeth because their app sorely needs a full rework (which seems will happen soon) so I did a speed design of their app. Took about 2 hours.

      Because the current RT app is very text heavy, I tried to incorporate more images and clean, subtle icons.

      I didn't make a visual mockup for it, but the navigation follows the same standard as set by holo design (so same as YouTube, Google+, Facebook apps). Pressing on the top left button brings over a side navigation from the left, where you can select key navigation points or modify settings. The top right button then focuses on interacting with the content on the current page and so is more varied.

      I'm hoping that RT will choose to make two separate apps for their two websites- RT and Achievement Hunter. Separating apps with different functions will likely become the norm (think Facebook and its messenger and poke apps), allowing multifunction websites to craft more robust and user-friendly apps.

      If I have some more time I may do a speed or full re-design of the website. I want to see how it'd look if it was mobile responsive and work with incorporating ad space. I reallllyyyy hate how the top navigation bar on the website is a fixed width so you can't zoom in on your phone and try to sign in haha.

    • 7 years ago


      The RTX 2012 panels, that I watched via livestream, commonly iterated some advice for being successful (and speaking to many people wishing they worked for RT or a similar company): network, do something, and be kind.

      The panels such as the Legend of the RT Community panel and Careers in New Media were very insightful, and the questions asked were comforting in its own way (I'm not alone in my clueless-ness about what I want to do or how to do it if I even knew!).

      Networking: The RT community stars made it where they all are now by using the RT community, which is just one really awesome way of networking. They were able to turn their interests and passion for an online website into a jobs and careers they all genuinely enjoy now.

      Do something (don't just wait for opportunity): In a past podcast, someone mentioned the saying that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and I feel it really sticks with the newer members of RT. So many people kept asking the RT panels, "how do I apply for a job to RT" and otherwise implying that they were lucky to be working at RT. Looking at the history of the RT crew; however, all (but one) were simply were contributing to a community: doing something and making their own opportunities.

      Being kind (and make friends): Helps with networking, but obviously being kind really will help you anywhere.

      What I'm taking away from this: I need to stop half-assing all of the above and actually do something.
      I've done networking on a small scale, I've talked to people in my classes who (I hope) are the people who will have great ideas in the future, but I haven't been talking to those in the fields I am thinking of entering or just even going to career fairs.

      I have created a few websites, been running a business, and been working both on campus and at a summer internship, and while of the three aspects listed above I have done this one the most, there's a lot more I can do to expand upon and out of it and better suit my future career. Rather than waiting for a similar opportunity to hit me, like the business idea did four years ago, I need to be seeking something I can focus my career on.

      And while I can and should always be working on being kinder, I have been failing to make an impression on others or "buy a piece of real estate in someone else's mind".

      That's a lot of text! But I really do want to thank RT, all the RTX coordinators (especially for setting up the live streams and recordings!), and the RT community for making all of this happen! I really do want to interact and join more with the community (just not really sure how to go about it), but I appreciated most of the questions and comments posed at RTX, as they gave me more to think about.

      I'm getting more and more self-conscious about this pseudo-formal typing I do in blogs now, especially by my apparent overuse of parenthesis and the fact I only post on Monday nights (?).

    • 7 years ago

    • 7 years ago


      Nintendo is run by such adorable Japanese men.


    • 7 years ago


      The guys talked on the RT podcast ages ago about playing around with Segways. It reminded me of my trip to China last spring where I saw about 15 Chinese officers messing around on the Segways at the Birds Nest, playing tag and running through an obstacle course.

      It's amazing that China is actually over-hired to the point that people just stand around or mess about all day.

      The beautiful Birds Nest.

      Some of the Segways (or the likely Chinese knock-off version) lined up.

    • 7 years ago


      Microsoft at the Galen Center (/my school) !

      Not the best E3 so far... definitely not excited for the 3DS XL tomorrow, as I was hoping for a Lite.

    • 2019 years ago

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    • kriss FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Manager

      5 years ago

      Heeeeeeeeey! Gratz on being a Guardian!

      • kriss FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Community Manager

        5 years ago

        Just a small amount of time now! smiley12.gif

      • huHAleena

        5 years ago

        Thanks and you too! ^^ I can't believe it's been so long since RTX 2013... how have we managed?! Post-RTX I couldn't imagine lasting this long without the convention!

    • kylebrodeur

      5 years ago

      Did I see you in the latest episode of VGHS?

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      6 years ago

      Hey Aleena thanks for the add!

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