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    • New kitties!!

      8 years ago


      I got two new kitties!
      They are are brother and sister from the same litter and are black and white tuxedo colored.

      The female is a crazy crack cat who doesn't like other cats, including her brother, but likes our dogs, and the male is lazy and likes other cats, but not the dogs.

    • 9 years ago

    • Nocturnal Raybans

      9 years ago


      Any body remember those funny mask things women wore to bed in those old movies? The ones that covered just your eyes? Well they. Are. Freaking. Awesome! I got one and tried it because the sun comes right in through my bedroom window in the morning and also cuz I was bored. I fell asleep around 3:00 a.m. The next thing I knew, It was noon and my mom was asking me if I was going to get up some time today. So now I use them every night to block out that horrible 5:00 a.m. - 10:00a.m. sunlight. And sometimes accidentally the 10:00 am - 2:00 pm sunlight. oh well. Who needs breakfast anyway?

    • Whoo-hoo!

      9 years ago


      So I'm back from camping. I love camping but after a week I'm pretty much ready to come home. The day before we left, my mom sent me, my sister, and our cousin to the store to get a can of cool whip. We came back with 3 plus:

      15 15ct cans of Slim-Jims (yummy!)
      1 lg assorted box of Reeses products
      1 lg bag of Jolly Ranchers
      1 lg bag of Dum-Dums lollipops
      3 4lb boxes of cherry Twizzlers (yummy!)
      1 lg bag of gum
      2 bags of Werther's Original caramels
      1 bag of marshmallows
      1 bag of strawberry marshmallows
      3 boxes of graham crackers
      1 box of cinnamon graham crackers
      5 6-packs of Hershey's chocolate bars
      2 HUGE boxes of Goldfish crackers (double yummy!)
      1 10ct box of Paydays
      1 24pk of Coke

      Also, on the way back we jammed to "We Are Family" in the truck, which is really hard to do with a mouth full of slim-jims.
      But yeah, we had a lot of food. But there was 11 people on our campsite so everybody ate some.
      I still have leftover Twizzlers and Slim-Jims.

    • Movies that suck

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      this forum is for ranting about the "great" movies that just completely and utterly failed at movie-dom.

      on my list:

      Pan's Labyrinth
      X-Men 3
      The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
      and many more...

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    • trees n stuff

      9 years ago


      i'm going camping! i love camping. i find a lot of people who think i'm crazy for sleeping outside, in a tent, in the woods, amongst wild animals, but it's really a lot of fun. besides, i'm crazy about taking pix and the campgrounds provide lots of photo ops, especially for pix of animals.

      also, in reference to my last journal, in shade and shadow was okay. a little slow moving, but interesting enough to have me eagerly awaiting the next book, through stone and sea.

    • Yay books, round 2

      9 years ago


      Being slightly disappointed with the ending of Child of a Dead God (see previous journal), I was wishing there were more books to the series. Guess what? There are! At the library, I was looking for a book on the catalog computer, and happened to glance at the unoccupied computer next to me. And saw that someone had been searching for the Noble Dead series of books and that there was a new one on the list! So, I have requested this book, as it's not at my library so they have to get it from a different one, and am patiently (kinda)
      waiting to read it. But it's not just a 7th book, it's the beginning of a new series. So look at the list below and see what I'll be waiting for for the next year. *sigh, a year is a long time.

      Series 2
      1. In Shade and Shadow (this is the one i'm getting from the library)
      2. Through Stone and Sea (January 2010) (probably won't get this one for a while)
      3. Third book (working title: Of Truth & Beasts) (scheduled for 2011) (such a long time!)

    • yay books!

      9 years ago


      okay so for those of you who like books, i have recently found a series that is just awesome! They are written by Barb & J.C. Hendee. The first book is called Dhampir. Can't tell you what it's about because that would give away the plot. But it's got fights and battles, mythical creatures, and very interesting characters.There are 6 books in the series, starting with Dhampir, then Thief of Lives, Sister of the Dead, Traitor of the Blood, Rebel Fay, and Child of a Dead God, in that order. I'm only on the third book so i can't say how the whole series is, but so far they're great!

    • me

      9 years ago


      awesome me pics


      Ain't I cute?

    • OMG HALO!!!

      10 years ago


      So I finally got to play Halo. Halo3, to be exact. I sucked.

      It was pretty funny, though.


      It seemed simple enough.
      Right trigger to shoot. Right button for actions (open doors, pick up stuff, get in vehicles, etc.). When your driving, it makes you jump out of the vehicle. I don't remember what the left button did normally, but when you drove, it did power slides.

      Well I was fighting this thing called the Scarab, or something, and I was driving the Warthog, and where you are there's like this wall on one side and a very deep canyon (like Grand Canyon deep) on the other. So you have to drive under the Scarab, power slide and turn around, drive back under, and keep doing that, while the guy next to you and the guy in the back are shooting at it.

      The problem was, every time I tried to power slide, I pushed the wrong button and jumped out of the Warthog.

      And ran myself over.

      And died.

      Like 20 times.

      But the first time I tried this mission I didn't know there was a canyon, and I drove right into it at full speed. Kinda like how Caboose did in Reconstruction: Chapter 19. Only no one cried. They laughed. I laughed too. But only after I got over the shock of seeing myself fall into a canyon that just magically appeared in front of me.


      And the people in the game made me mad. I was shooting an alien with something like a machine gun, when one of the guys behind me runs in front of me, gets shot it the head (by me), and dies. The other people behind me start yelling "Watch where you're shooting!" and I'm like "Watch where I'm shooting? He should be watching where he's running! How stupid do you have to be to run in front of someone who's shooting right next to you !?


      And then, me, my alien (there's an alien on your team), and about twelve guys have to go up in an elevator. In most games, when people are following you and you turn on an elevator, they follow you in. These guys didn't. Like 6 of them followed me in, and the rest and my alien kinda stood in the doorway. Well I pushed the elevator button expecting them to get in the elevator. They didn't. Two were squished by the door, and the other four were squished when the elevator went up. My alien survived, though.

      But, all in all, it was a good experience. Definitely a game I would buy.


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    • SirPenguinIV

      9 years ago


      It is done

      Enjoy :D

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      You can have 11 friends now =P

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      10 years ago

      Thanks for the addition to the Art Box! That's what I'm looking for in there - self made art!

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      love the ornaments!

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      Welkommen zum RT

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      Welcome to RvB.


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      Omgzz its carolzorz ^_^

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