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    • End Of 2018

      5 months ago


      This is my first journal in a year. That's the longest gap between journals that I've had since signing up six and a half years ago.

      As usual, there are talks of a new site and I know that there's a beta for it now, and they're not gonna carry over any of the forums, journals or anything else from the old sites. At this point, it's probably for the best to start on a clean slate, even if its a shame that all that history, going back to 2004, is gonna be lost.

      I don't know when the site switch will be, but before it happens I'll probably do one more round of screen caps of the site since it's all gonna be deleted. I spent every single day from 2012 - 2015 on the old site so it'll be my last chance to save stuff from that time, the good old days haha. Had a lot of fun in those three years. I doubt I'll be active on the new site, I'll probably pop in once every couple months like I do nowadays on this dead site.

      Anyway, 2018 was pretty good, 2019 should be too.

      ~end journal

    • End Of 2017

      1 year ago


      Woah it's almost 2020.

      I give 2017 a 10/10, I don't think 2018 will top it.

      ~end journal

    • University

      1 year ago


      Oh hey, I haven't written a journal in two and a half months. Guess I should make one.

      In August I went to Germany and the Czech Republic. That was my last trip abroad for my gap year. In total I went to 9 different countries in 3 different continents this past year. Not too bad I guess. And I even had money left over afterwards.

      I started university on the 16th of September. It's been fucking awesome so far. My liver is begging me to stop drinking but that's not gonna happen.

      Since I did a gap year after finishing school, it means I am a year older than regular first-years. But there's actually a lot of people my age (and older) in first year.

      The campus is really good, my accommodation is the cheapest one on campus so it's a bit shit compared to others, but my room itself is nice.

      I haven't been on this site in a while but I see that nothing's changed. It's still shit and desolate. Burnie promised in January '17 that work on the social media end of the site would be done "in the summer". It's October '17 now, so I guess nothing came of that. No surprise there.

      As far as news goes, this whole Catalonia business is pretty interesting. I hope that they don't get independence, but if they do then Spain is in deep trouble. I guess beating civilians in Catalonia wasn't such a great idea after all. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

      That's all for now. See you whenever. Could be 2 weeks from now, could be 6 months. Bye.

    • Memories of Forums Passed

      1 year ago


      It is now two years to the day that we moved over from the old site onto this one. In those first few days and weeks, the site was almost unusable. Of course this was unknown to us in the first few hours and we were still full of life and hope:


      But this journal is about the OLD site. The TRUE Rooster Teeth community site where everyone hung out for the decade prior to the switch. I missed the early days back in the mid 2000's, but I'm glad I was there for the final three years of the old site.

      So let's go back in time:

      We had karma levels and leaderboards.


      (The top 42 highest karma levels on the old site)

      We had statistics.


      (I managed to reach 50,000 posts just three days before the site switch)

      We had awards.


      (In case newer people reading this don't know - they stopped tracking online time in 2012, so I was stuck with the "settled in" award showing that I had been online for a day. But when this screen cap was taken, I probably had a total time online of several weeks or months)

      And we had lots of other stuff, which all looked nicer than whatever we have now.


      (My karma level the day before the site switch)

      There was also a weird glitch in the site that would take you to a hidden journal that you normally couldn't see. Only a few users knew about it.


      (Those were the last few posts from the hidden Matrix journal)

      The place I hung out the most was (by far) the forums. Here they are in all their glory.


      On the last day, nostalgia journals were flooding the tabs. Meanwhile, in the Red Vs Blue Season 13 thread, we were having an apocalypse party.


      I have hundreds of screen caps of the old site, but this journal is already way too long and I'm usually not a fan of super long journals. And if you're wondering, yes, I actually did take several screen caps of a single page of a thread and then stitch them all together. And yes, I did this with dozens of pages from multiple different forum threads. No, you can't see them.

      Also if you're wondering why these forum posts from the last day of the website all say "posted 3 months ago", it's because I took those particular screen caps during a fondly remembered event known as "The Great Migration". In November 2015, three months after the launch of this new site, we were given access to a backup version of the old site for a few days. In those few days I went round the old site again and took tons more screen caps. So that's why.


      (The journal I made on the old site during The Great Migration that is now floating around in the ether somewhere).

      It's been two years. And so I have only one thing to say:


    • 5 Years On The Site

      2 years ago


      Today, my Rooster Teeth account turns half a decade old. I used to think that you had to pay to have an account here because I always heard Jack and Geoff talk about sponsorship and stuff. So I never signed up until five years ago when I realised I was an idiot and that making an account was free.

      Anyway, I'm glad that I did make one and have been reasonably active these past five years. The first three years were definitely the best (I miss being a karma whore and always being on the leaderboards...) but as we all know, Burnie has said that work will be done on the social end of the new website this July. Let's hope he keeps his word.

      Here's to another five years!

    • Jones Baby

      2 years ago


      Is Michael on Team Gents now?

      He's almost 30.

      He is married.

      He has a house.

      And now he has a kid too.


    • Going Abroad Again

      2 years ago


      After hanging around in the UK for a month, I'm going abroad again. I'm going to Panama and will be living there for three months with some family I have over there. I've never met any of my family there (apart from one uncle) and there are tons of them...and they all speak Spanish. I only speak English and German. Communicating might be hard. Fuck, I should have finished watching Narcos to brush up on my Spanish before I go.

      So yeah. Nowadays I'm not too active on this site anyway and I mostly just lurk and occasionally post in a select few forum threads, but for the next three months I'll be on even less.

      Yesterday was also Rooster Teeth's FOURTEENTH anniversary, which is the age I was when I signed up here. Weird. Maybe soon it's old enough to get it's shit together and get a good website again...or just bring the old one back, I'd be happy with that.

      (yes I know I bitch about the site in virtually all my posts here - but I'm still that SALTY over it)

      Oh I forgot, I'm also moving house. Today is my last time seeing this house which I have lived in since 2004. Gonna miss it tbh.


    • Bye Barry

      2 years ago



      His foreign policy was terrible but apparently his domestic policy wasn't. Either way, his era is over.

    • End of 2016

      2 years ago


      I don't care what anyone says, 2016 was a great year. I finally finished school after 13 years, I had a great summer in mainland Europe, went to some concerts, went to Nepal, got accepted into the University I wanted to go to, and I'm traveling again soon.

      And 2017 will probably be even better.

      Politically it wasn't that great though. I'd saved up several grand from my job and then suddenly Brexit came around and the pound fucking plummeted.

      So now it's not worth as much as it was before June 23rd, and I might get kicked out of the UK for being a disgusting filthy immigrant that doesn't have UK citizenship.  smiley

       tadaHappy New Year tada

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