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    • Some Time Later

      4 years ago


      "Keep moving forward." -Monty Oum

      Monty passed away on February 1st, and today is April 7th. It's been more than two months, and I am still not over this tragedy. He was truly my hero.

      For the last two months, I have dedicated some of my time to learning some animation. In the span of two months, I have purchased a subscription to lynda.com for tutorials, spent a little over $1000 for a capable PC, and got a setup with an XBOX Kinect for mocap. In addition, I have tried to reach professionals like Shane Newville, to help me give some advice on my long journey. I don't see myself as an animator in the future, but I believe his inspiration is strong with me.

      The hardest part in the last two months are the instances I see myself crying, re watching a lot his content. I realized more and more Monty had impacted my life. From my childhood, until now. The world would never be the same without him.

      At this moment, there is no point in crying. It will not help me, it will only slow him down. The best I can do know is to use that inspiration to my advantage.

      I want to thank Rooster Teeth for being a great part of my life. It is a great pleasure to be a fan of such a prestigious group of people. Having you guys being part of my journey has been a great privilege.

    • R.I.P. Monty Oum

      4 years ago


      There is never a sufficient way to express to everyone how deeply saddened I am to hear about this loss.

      Monty Oum has probably been the biggest inspiration I had to keep working for what I believe is right. He believed in his dreams as an animator, and his dreams led him to work in, what he believed, the best job he could have asked for. He truly was a successful man, even though his methods can be seen as unorthodox to some people. Like the fact that he dropped out of high school to pursue his career as an animator. His determination is like none other; it is completely in a whole new world. His drive and personality had forced me to work much better than ever before, and most importantly, he stopped me from letting others criticize me for what I do. I have nothing but thanks for the man who inspired me to keep going.

      Every time I hear him talk or see him in a video, I can really sense a vibe from him that he is a well-oiled working machine, designed to do work, and only work. Anyone could tell that he is either working on the computer, or thinking about his work when he's not on the computer. In his website, he posted his daily schedule as an animator, and it consisted of:

      1. Wake up
      2. Brush my teeth
      3. Drive to work (across the street)
      4. Work
      5. Eat something at my desk while working
      6. Skype "quality time with girlfriend' while working
      7. Watch something together while working
      8. Work till I'm tired
      9. Shift my category of work to something I can do while half conscious
      10. Go home (back across the street)
      11. Shower
      12. Sleep
      13. Start over

      "Keep moving forward" -Monty Oum

      Monty Oum is such an inspirational man. I had never felt love and care for someone I never met. My body had never been filled with sweat and tears for losing someone I never got a chance to see face-to-face. If he was here right now, I feel that he would just tell all of us again to "Keep moving forward."

      I will keep moving forward. I will force myself to keep moving forward. It has now become my responsibility to follow his path as a hard working person, and I will not let him down.

      We love you Monty, and we will miss you. Rest in peace.

      "I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams is something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death." -Monty Oum

    • Support for Monty Oum

      4 years ago


      As many of you know, tragic has occurred and Monty Oum is now hospitalized. I was shocked upon hearing the news. I feel that this is a good time to express how much I looked up to Monty up to this point.

      When I was a kid, I seek a lot of videos and movies that involved a lot of action and martial arts. Having this interest led me to Red vs Blue. Watching starting from Season 8, I loved RvB especially its action scenes which left me breathless every episode. The animation created was truly remarkable.

      While being a Rooster Teeth fan, I was introduced to an older, and classic video, Haloid. Again, the action took my breath away, because of the level of combat present in the video.

      It was a very long time before I had realized both content had been created by one common person, Monty Oum. Upon the discovery, I searched up and watched all his work, and even led me to be on top of the great animated series, RWBY. Most of my childhood, as I realized, revolved on one man. Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum.

      Now, with all the news going around, I don't really know how bad is Monty's condition, but I really enjoy how the community has been very supportive to Monty and I too will continue my support to such a great man.

      Thank you for everything Monty, and get well.

    • Appreciation to Rooster Teeth

      4 years ago


      When I was in elementary school, around Gr. 6, I was introduced to Red vs Blue. At first, I didn't exactly know the story, and I wasn't that person who would care anyways. I watched RvB, because its very unique to my eyes, and I found the jokes hilarious. Every week, on a Tuesday morning, I would go on roosterteeth.com just to watch the latest episode of RvB. Exporing Rooster Teeth's RvB led me to more of their content, including RTAA, Immersion, Fails of the Weak, and loads of Achievement Hunter stuff.

      Their influence on my life somehow got me to an XBOX 360, with Halo 3. Halo 3 was the very first game I remember investing a lot of my time into, and I had no regrets.

      When I entered High School, and I didn't get to watch any RT content for some time, I was introduced to another show, RWBY, without being it was another Rooster Teeth content. When I realized it was a Rooster Teeth production, I remembered all the good times I had with Rooster Teeth, and immediately dedicated my time catching up on Red vs Blue, Immersion, and other content they have created.

      Now, Rooster Teeth has now become part of my life. Their personality give me my mental drive, and their content has given me a lot of inspiration. I started participating in a lot of their events, like the first time participating in their Extra-Life stream, has proven me that Rooster Teeth is worth my time.

      Basically, this journal is just to express my gratitude to Rooster Teeth, for entertaining me, and I have honestly no regrets being a sponsor, staying up watching RT content, and etc. I hope Rooster Teeth continues to grow, and attract more viewers. I have never seen myself dedicating this much time to one thing, and I want others to realize why. 2015 will be a great year for Rooster Teeth, and it will certainly lighten up my year too.

    • Fullscreen with Roosterteeth

      4 years ago


      It's been a while since I posted, but I am truly exited about the news that Roosterteeth is now acquired by Fullscreen.

      At first, I didn't know what Fullscreen is, and what they do, but as soon as they visited their website and found out more about them, I realized loads of my role models and Youtube channels I watch, which include Pocketnow, Unboxtherapy, and others, are with Fullscreen. With this I am excited to see how much benefit Roosterteeth will gain by being with Fullscreen.

      As a teen who seeks happiness on a daily basis, I thank Roosterteeth for being part of my daily life, for being a wonderful company, and being my inspiration. I have nothing but huge hopes that they will continue to expand, get more achievements and success, and will not cease from making us laugh. smiley1.gif

    • 4 years ago


      I've been looking at some ddr videos of Monty, and i gotta say, He's a monster!

    • 4 years ago


      I need more crates

    • 4 years ago


      Sht, I need more karma

    • Best $15 of my life!!!!!

      5 years ago



    • 5 years ago

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