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    • Time is Money, I need to find time!

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So for the first time in my life I have encountered the money problem. In the past I haven't really needed money, since I always had a job to buy stuff, and I don't really need stuff that much either. But now everything is coming in one big blow... bow chicka bow wow... I've got a driving test I need to pay for that's about £100, then I've got rent every week to pay. which is a third of every payslip I get, I have to pay for my actual car... Insurance, MOT, repairs, ect... ect...

      But to me the thing I want to invest in greatly, is what I enjoy doing, making videos. I want to have the time to make videos, rather than having to wait until about 2:00am every night, I want the time to edit my videos. I want to get better at editing (but since I have no time, all my edits have to be quick and crappy). I want to be able to record in higher quality. My amazon wish list has been sitting there for too long.

      It's been about a month and their are these items sitting there teasing me each day, saying "buy me, buy me." But I have to just have to ignore them and say, "no blackmagic intensity, no blue snowball, maybe another day."

      God I need to win the lottery or something.

      Oh and rest in peace Steve Jobs.

    • Big Bang 2.0

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      Welcome to the Big Bang 2.0!

      A forum game in which we create a new time-line for our new universe. Pretty much anything can happen.
      The rules are simple:
      1.) When making a post state how much time has gone by since the previous post, then state the location.
      2.) Since this is a universe there can multiple plants galaxies, so make sure if a new one is forming or being discovered name it.
      3.) Everyone can form their own galaxy, or continue the story of someone else's.
      4.) Since their can be rivalry, (such as a creator of one galaxy can send black hole towards the others). You have to state, at least a day before, in order for the other creator to try and avoid the disaster.
      5.) You're not limited to planets, you go even further into continents, countries, cities... ect... ect...
      6.) Your galaxy can't just pop out of nowhere being full of intelligent life. The story has to be continued. e.g.
      [User 1] Galaxy Blarg is forming.
      [User 2] 1000 years later, Galaxy Blarg has formed with 10 planets and 2 suns.

      Try to use the reply system, if you are directing towards a specific person/galaxy/planet.

      Have Fun!

      Location: One Trillion lightyears from Universe A
      Time: The beginning of time.

      BIP! BAP! BAM!

      The universe has begun.
      The new gods of the world have been created. They are now known as "The Forum."

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    • Signing In.

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      For some reason I can only sign into but not I've tried changing browser, computer, even internet, but to no avail nothing. Anyone else having this problem?

      Update: I can't sign into anything now. I have opened a ticket.

      Post edited 10/05/11 5:23PM

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    • Can't sign into RoosterTeeth?

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      Is it just me or can you not sign into at the moment.. I can go on but not the rooster teeth smiley4.gif

    • Why?

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

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    • Bottles..

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      Okay so yesterday I randomly decided to start collecting bottles, but I only want to collect spirits, and only ones of which I have drunk. Considering I work at a bar it was pretty easy to get my hands on these. I have drunk a lot more in my time but I just need get my hands on them here is my collection so far!

    • Sanity for Charity

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So basically I'm going to test my insanity while raising money for charity, you may ask how. Well have you ever seen those 10 hour videos on YouTube? Here's a playlist for you >PLAYLIST<.

      So how I'm going to do it is, once I get enough people to know about this event I will host a live stream (as in real life) where I'm going to play 2 of the videos from the playlist.. All the way through, and I'm not allowed to quit. I will probably wear headphones so you guys don't go insane as well.

      The reason I'm posting this is because I want people to choose the 2 videos I have watch and what charity/charities to donate the money raised to.. and of course to get this event thing more known, so what do you think?

      Also couldn't figure out a category in the forum to place this so I just chose General Discussion.

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    • Viva Piñata 3

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      Okay so Viva Pinata is that game that you hate to admit you loved, your guilty pleasure you could say. But after getting everything the game has to offer, don't you always wish for more. I noticed that other than the first Viva Pinata, there is no DLC, and the first one was only costumes for your Pinatas. I would love to see some life kicked back into this classic addictive game.
      Whether it's DLC for "Trouble in Paradise" or a whole new game altogether, would you buy it? What more could be added to bring more customization and life? What are your views on the current game and what's your garden like?

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    • How is it possible?

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      Ok so in the second ever Fails of the Weak, the first clip to be played was my clip. But here's the confusing thing, I didn't submit it. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but if I didn't submit it, then either someone else did or somehow roosterteeth ended up with my clip. Interesting.

      Now I love the fact that I was in Fails of the Weak, but I didn't start watching until about episode 10, so I never saw my clip until recently I noticed people keep on adding my gamertag. So I decided to ask them why, you can guess. What I want to know is has anyone else who hasn't submitted a clip been in Fails of the Weak? Discuss smiley0.gif

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    • Hello World.

      8 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      Hi I'm Jamie, and that is all, hello RoosterTeeth! Hello people on! Hello anyone else reading this. smiley0.gif

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