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    • Speed Run,

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So in games I find it quite fun to try and beat speed runs, whether in Halo, CoD or whatever the game. I just find it a way to approach the game differently. So if any of you guys like doing speed runs. Tell me what runs you've done, your time and stuff. Now I don't want to see PC speed runs, because they are a hell of a lot easier compared to consoles. But anyway submit below, here I'll even make it easier for you.

      Video: (if there is one)

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    • Uh-Oh

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So for those of you didn't know, I had been live Caleb's tinychat since 23:37 (GMT) 2nd November, until now. Basically I kept falling asleep on it, and when I woke up I didn't log off. Sure I went to work and everything, but I never left the actual tinychat. I joined during the GoldenEye event when there were about 70ish people in there, eventually there ended up with 6 of us. For the past two nights they joined back, and I'm not really fussed falling asleep in front of people so rather than leave, I put my laptop to one side.

      However last night, well at about 4:50am I fell asleep, there were only 5 of us in the chat when I dozed off. At 6:02, I woke up... Why is there about 30 people in here o.o

      Turns out BlawnDee joined and tweeted. smiley4.gif

    • Going Classic

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So today I decided to get some achievements on GoldenEye.
      YouTube Link

    • U MADDEN?

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      November Fools!

      So turns out people are raging at my latest video for AHCommunity, the one where I do the fake Grifball achievements. Those who missed it here's the link

    • Fakievement Hunter

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So basically I've decided not to stick to the Red vs. Blue game for fake achievements, I'm going to expand to other things that I'll make up as I go along. Don't worry I'll still try and finish all the RvB ones but if you want to see the other ones, be sure to follow/friend me. Since I'll be uploading them to YouTube and leave them as unlisted as soon as they're finished. The only place to find them will be here (until they get accepted)!

    • Red Vs. Blue Achievements

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So I quite like making these "fake" achievement videos, and I thought I would actually start making them regularly. If you have no idea what I'm talking about ages ago Mike added Red vs. Blue to the games section a long with achievements. Sure they don't exist but I thought it would be fun to make it up so I made the "Alas, poor Jimmy" guide. People seemed to like it.

      Now I've written fake tutorials for nearly all of the achievements on the Red vs. Blue game, some I've even already filmed. However some I can't film yet since I want to do them on Reach but I don't have the armor to do them. Also some are to difficult to make at the moment since, well... Trying to control four xbox controllers by yourself is quite hard to do. However here is my latest video "Three Thrown Achievements," which features the achievements;

      Is it a Spider?
      Worst Throw Ever
      2nd Worst Throw Ever

      Next video is already made, but I won't be able to upload yet since I'm about to go away and don't have time to edit and render it will feature;

      I ate a pencil
      Dancing Time!
      Bleep Bloop

      If you have any more random fake achievements you want me to make up a guide please suggest them smiley0.gif

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    • Unfair Mario

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So today I started a new series on my YouTube channel called "Make Me Rage." It's sort of inspired by rage quit and sort of not. The video made was actually because one of my viewers made a commentary on a flash game called "Unfair Mario." The same day he messaged me asking if I could mention his channel in one of my videos, so I checked out his channel, watched his video and decided to work from there.

      Anyway in this new series I'm going to find the type of games designed to piss you off and well play them. The problem is in this one it was recorded at 4am, I couldn't really shout, I did express my anger through swearing though. Recommend games please smiley1.gif

    • I've got wheels!

      7 years ago

      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      So yesterday I passed my driving test, it's quite weird though considering someone crashed into me about 10 mins into the test. The best part was, it wasn't in anyway my fault, here's the story. There was a cars parked up a narrow road on both sides, so only one car can fit down the street at a time. There was a car coming towards me so I did the sensible thing and pull to the left to let it go by. While waiting for this car to go past, all of a sudden BANG! I was confused, I chucked the hazard lights on and just look at the examiner with a "oh shit did I just fail look." Turns out I hadn't done anything wrong, the "parked" car infront of me, the person inside decided to reverse quickly and suddenly back, their lights were broken so I had no way of telling. Anyway I continued the test and only got a minor mark, for signalling slightly to late at a traffic light. All the rest though was swell smiley0.gif

    • RTX 2012

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

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    • Mile's Sponsor Bonus

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      iSayWhat Plot Twist

      Miles just said he would get naked for all sponsors...
      What are your views on this?

      I know I did the title wrong -.-

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