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    • The whole 'MLP' thing.

      5 years ago


      Alright, so a while back on Battlefield 4 I changed my emblem to a my little pony pony. I did it as an off the cuff laugh, and it was funny and the rest. However, I found myself getting PM's every few games with people going into full blown Micoo Rage because Rainbow Dash killed them >.< So Basically, I've keep it, and now occasionally go on trolling missions with it, purposing killing people in embarrassing ways for them so they'll PM, and then when they PM, using replying with something along the lines of "That such a Fluttershy thing to say <3" Now I can't stress enough, I'm not a fan of the show, never seen an episode, and definitely not a brony, but yeah, they've became a great tool for evil. Just thought I'd share it with the group. That's it for this entry! Have a good one!


    • Dxtory Vs OBS

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      Alright, so I've been looking into recording my PC screen for some gaming vids and I've been looking at what software to use. From what I've read, Dxtory is the greatest thing going. I D/L'd it and from what I saw, it lived up to all the hype. It recorded a crystal clear 1080p HD 60 FPS on DayZ for me, and did even better on other games. However, after searching through this forum, I've noticed a lot of people talking big about OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). I D/L'd it, since it's free, and tried to use it. I used the same game DayZ, in a near enough same area, to compare textures and such, and the quality was appalling. It lagged, it tore, it killed the FPS. I've seen other people use it and it looks good, so wondering did I do something wrong? Or is it not the best thing going? Basically, in your opinion, what's best, the free OBS, or the £20 Dxtory?

      Incase anyone is curious on PC specs for quality reasons:

      i7-4770 3.8Ghz Processor.
      16GB RAM
      Radeon 270 2GB Graphic card
      2tb HDD

      Thanks in advance RT'rs!

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    • Windows 8.1 RT Application

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      Howdy fellow RT'rs. So I recently got 8.1 and as all the noobs do, I've been roaming the application store downloading this, that and everything. I was hoping for a RoosterTeeth/AH application. I saw 2 RT applications, and was wondering if either of them are the official one by RT here? I just don't want some random crap thing, but a real one. Anyway, if any one knows about a real one, give me a shout!

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    • The New PC

      5 years ago


      Bought a new PC, and now having to reinstall everything, it's sooo annoying!

    • The Other Woman

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      So yeah, GF dragged me to see it, and wasn't a total dive. There wasn't much context to the movie, just a whole lot of build up for a 'meh' ending, but the cast was... very nice to look at? haha Anyone else seen this?

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    • Alrighty then

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      Alright, didn't know this group was here, but seems pretty awesome. So hows everyone doing and where bouts is everyone from? Awesome to see a group so close to me that shares a love of RT :D

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    • So, it's been a lil over a month now.

      5 years ago


      So... It's been a while! *mutters rest of song*. It's been a pretty fun month to be honest. Made a whole load of friends via here, and made a whole load of posts also. Found a lot of cool threads, and some people with some good ideas. What I have noticed though, is that a lot of people here talk a lot, and have very little follow through (...lol). I mean, numerous people wanting voice actors, as soon as you, and many others, reply to the thread they say they can no longer do the project. One guy had some RL things going on, so that's fair play, but 3-4 others had nothing going on, just bailed. So meh. I've seen a lot of other peoples work on YouTube. It's been a good eye-opener. 99% of the work published is to a very low standard, it's giving me good ideas for audio and visual issues I could have, and to make sure I dodge them.

      The project is going well. I've learnt that PNG files are the key to it, and I have a few people who are really wanting me to release something soon, but I think it's at least 2014 until something comes out. I've used Adobe Premier Pro a lot and find it very good for the editing and video skills. It's nice and simple to use with additional files, and it allows me to edit in a purposely 'bad way', that I'm trying to show. For audio recording, at the moment I'm using some turtle b's X12s hooked into Audacity, I'm getting some feed back though so might have to change that. As soon as I get one good video, I'll know the method for it and I can then start pushing out content regular and to a high standard, don't want anything to low coming out. I think as some side-fun I'm going to post some community achievement videos.

      Been playing a whole bunch of BF4. Loving online multiplayer! :D Haven't even touched campaign yet, I know, I'm ashamed, I'll get to it sooner or later. I'm thinking instead of a new game end of next week, I'm going to invest the money into some good audio equipment. Well, that's the end of this dull lil ramble. Laters!

    • Star Gate SG-1

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      Just wondering if anyone else also loved it? I remember running home from school once the bus dropped me off, just to watch 2 episode everyday. I absolutely loved that show.

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    • Achievement hunt.

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      So it's replacing horse/pig. What did you guys think of it? I really enjoyed it.

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    • Looking for kill cam footage.

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      Hey there people. Me and a friend are attempting to make some game play things with some large differences. We're looking for people who could possibly provide us with some FPS game play footage, mostly kill cams that we're focusing on. We'd like it as a whole single file, and hopefully from a game that allows the single file to be viewed from all players perspectives, such as H4. Anyway, I hope you guys and gals are interested. Any and all people who submit footage will get a thank you message when the video, and series, goes live :) Send me a PM here and you'll be given the email address to send the file too.

      Ideal games:

      Call of duty series.
      Halo series.
      Battlefield series.

      However, if you think you've done some good, or bad kills, in other games, please send them in :)

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      Rayman rules :D Maybe the best avatar on the site :D

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      I'll play Payday 2 with you

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