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    • Hmm...

      9 years ago


      ...this site seems to change every time I log back in. Improvement is cool.

      Well, things have changed quite a bit. Some things have happened...but hey, you guys don't need to hear all that. Everyone is crazy about the Saints winning a lot now. Part of me wants to believe this is so just because Louisiana is economically unstable like a lot of places...that reminds me; Jazzfest is going to be awesome. If you can somehow make it to New Orleans, you should look up the list of artists who will be attending...Pearl Jam, The Black Crows, Simon and Garfunkel, Band of Horses are just a few. Anyway, back to the Saints, I saw a stupid, stuffed monkey that had a Saints shirt on in Walgreens a couple days ago. It was fifteen dollars. that's one example...but LA needs it, I guess....well, later guys. Enjoy Mardi Gras...
      (if you can't celebrate it then just have a beer anyway :] )

    • Today...

      9 years ago


      ...is just horrible. Woke up not feeling too great, only to go downstairs to find out my brother's best friend he's known since childhood got shot in the head by an AK-47....to think that not long ago I shook his hand as he said "I remember when you were still runnin around in your underwear."
      Jason...may you rest in peace.

    • I Found a Car

      9 years ago


      I also got my teacher sick! Heheh...sorrryy...

      So besides everyone getting sick...because of me...I found the car I want. I saw the guy drive past me when I was waiting in my friend's car, and I thought to myself how cool it would be if that car was for sale. Well, it was. I got the guy's number talked to him for a bit. It's an old Mustang. Not sure what year, but it looks kinda like this:
      The color was blood red. I'm excited :D

    • I'm a Disease

      9 years ago


      So I got sick Friday, and since then have given it to all of my friends. Everyone is getting sick around here from whatever is going around. I made like 20 people sick including my friends and their friends and parents haha...geez. That's bad.
      Stay healthy.

    • Fuck.

      10 years ago


      School starts the same day the Green Day concert is. At my school you can't miss the first day, because it's book day, where you get your books and supplies...shit!

    • RIP Michael Jackson

      10 years ago


      Found an article on it... :(

      Pop icon Michael Jackson died Thursday at a Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious and not breathing at his home. He was 50.

      Fire Department paramedics were summoned to Jackson's Bel Air home at 12:26 p.m. by a 911 call.

      They desperately tried to resuscitate the singer on the way to UCLA Medical Center, officials said.

      Jackson was initially reported to be in a deep coma as members of his famous family flocked to the hospital. Then came word that he had died.

      The cause of his death was unknown.

      His spokesman denied reports he had cancer just last month, asserting Jacko "is in the best of health."

      His death capped a life of superstardom and scandal and ended his bid to make a comeback with 50 sold-out concerts planned for London this summer.

      The music legend burst onto the pop scene as a child star with the Jackson 5 nearly four decades ago.

      Once a sure-fire hit machine, he still holds the record for the biggest-selling album with "Thriller."

      He also wowed fans with monster hits like "Billie Jean" and "Rock With You."

      Millions of fans imitated his famed moonwalk dance and he was known worldwide as the Gloved One for his trademark handwear.

      But personal and professional woes have eclipsed his talent for years.

      He was acquitted in 2005 of molesting a young fan at his Neverland Ranch and caused an uproar by dangling one of his three children out of a Berlin hotel window in 2002.

      His latest recordings suffered from tepid sales and a rumored comeback album never materialized.

      Jackson's first wife was Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, whom he married in 1994.

      It was a match made in showbiz heaven but they split less than two years later.

      He later married Australian Debbie Rowe and they had two children, Prince, 12 and Paris, 11.

      A third child, Prince Michael II, was reportedly born with the help of an anonymous surrogate mother.

      Jackson had faced serious financial problems in recent years as sales wilted.

      He faced certain foreclosure on Neverland until he managed to refinance the mortgage on the 270-acre spread.

      Some analysts said he could make more than $200 million from this summer's concerts in Britain.

      Jackson moved with his kids to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf after his molestation trial, but returned to Los Angeles in recent months.

    • Concert

      10 years ago


      Friends and I went to Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, and Envy On The Coast concert. It was pretty amazing. I'm gonna go download a bunch of songs by all 3 of them now hehehe
      Only problems with going to a concert, is there's always gonna be one or more jerks somewhere in the crowd, and your back is going to hurt like crazy towards the end. Oh well...all worth it, though.

      Next time anyone goes to a concert in Louisiana, hit me up...I'll probably be going :P

    • Escape

      10 years ago


      So my friend and I have a plan. We're going to go to Cali. We just have 2 more years of high school in this shit hole that is corruption at its best, and we're off Santa Monica.

      I'm not gonna lie, Louisiana has it's ups and downs as any state does...we're just gonna go to a place where there's more ups in the ups:downs ratio. We're got a lot planned out, and I don't see any reason to stay here so....we're going to stick to it.

    • Yesterday

      10 years ago


      Remember last journal where I was havin people over? ....wellll it grew.
      My friend and I invited around 90 people.....god I love summer.

    • Woo!

      10 years ago


      I have the house to myself until Friday around 6.
      Got about 11 or 12 people comin over, and we're gonna do lots of _\|/_
      Yeah...fun times are ahead.
      Oh and I got some new guitar strings which sound great..

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