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    • Peace out.

      12 years ago


      Leaving RvB, bye.

    • "Stop Error"

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      Just recently my computer has been randomly stoping and either freezing or shutting itself down. Here's the error report:
      Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

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    • Want it? You got it!

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      I've seen alot of topics and posts about things that people wanted in Halo 2 or want in Halo 3. People want to be able to pilot the pelican, people wanted the ATV, people want to be able to play as a grunt. The answer for all of this? Halo: Custom Edition. Many people wanted Bungie to release Halo 2 for the PC after the release of Halo 1 on the PC, so custom edition was made. Basicly if you have Halo for the PC, you can download this (about a 100MB dl) and this will allow you to download many (and I mean MANY) player-made maps that have all these special features. It can be found at halomaps.org or many other sites (just google it) once you download CE, you'll need an un-ziping (so to speak) program such as WinRAR (free download), then you simply select a map you wish to get, download it, and use WinRAR to extract the map to your Halo custom edition maps folder. Then start up custom edition and go to multiplayer and you can play that map. (You don't need to keep the map file you downloaded on your computer tho, just delete it after you've extracted it)
      These maps can be very diverse and range from a re-make of Halo 1 Blood Gulch to a completely player-made, new map with all the Halo2 weapons and vehicles with special editions such as new vechicles or the ability to play as a diffrent character. Here are some examples of the new features I was talking about:
      Many people want to be able to pilot the pelican, I give you a ss of me on the map: Hugeass:

      Also, many people wanted the ATV in Halo 2, I give you a ss of me on the map: Yoryast Island:

      I've heard of a few who wish to play as a grunt: Me on the map outpostdn:

      There are also programs that allow you to do mods that let you do stuff like this:

      (Note these screen shots are completly legit, nothing altered, I promise, I took them myself)

      There are also many features I haven't mentioned that you can find out for yourself.
      I know that most people don't have Halo for the PC but you can pick it up at Wal-mart for about $15 and trust me, it's worth every penny with custom edition. These maps can also be great for movies for those of you who like machinima. So do yourself a favor while waiting for Halo3. Get Halo: Custom Edition!

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    • Battlefield 2 graphic driver problem...

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      I just got Battlefield2 but I'm having some trouble with the graphics driver. It installed just fine but when I go to play it, it goes through the opening movie then when it starts loading the profile list, the monitor flickers on and off, the light turns from green to yellow, yellow to green every 5 seconds. When the monitor is on it shows either the BF2 cursor on a black background or the profile list with no cursor and it won't respond to anything when it's like that so I minimize it and there is a popup saying "VPU recover has reset your graphics accelerator because the graphic driver stoped responding to commands." I have an ATI Radeon 9250 video card (Yea, I know) and I'm using a graphic driver that came when I installed my video card, so I've looked around for a new driver to download but I'm not sure which driver I should get so I guess you could sum this up into "What is a good graphic driver to run BF2 on an ATI Radeon card?"

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    • Halo PC lag...

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      I've had dial-up for a while and I always had to deal with a ton of lag playing Halo online. But I recently got cableone and figured that it would eliminate alot of the lag but I'm getting the same lag as when I had dial-up. I've tried a ton of things to help it, virus/adware/spyware scans, deleted unneeded HD content, Defragmented, so I have no clue what is causing it. So would anyone know of a good way to cut down on this lag? (And I don't wana hear any Xbox fan boys making comments.)

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    • Halo2 Storyline?

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      Well, I don't have an Xbox but I got Halo for my PC, loved it, beaten all but 3 levels on Legendary, and I loved the storyline. But, I always hear people talking about Halo2's storyline, and I would like to know what the heck their talking about but I don't wana spend like 200 bucks for an Xbox and the game, so does anyone know a site or something that gives a good walkthrough with the storyline included, or a site that explains the story or something like that? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question.

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    • Cheapest Broadband?

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      Well, I got AOL dial-up so of course my internet is as slow as a 1-legged sloth, but my mom doesn't want to spend alot per month for it and I wana get a good cable connection. So I was wondering what's a cheap, yet fast, broadband connection?
      PS. and I don't mean where you only pay like $10 a month but have to pay $50 a month for a long-distance connection.(Stupid Bel-South connection)

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    • Awesome Halo/Halo 2 moments

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      There's a "most memorable gaming moments" topic on the PC gaming forum but nothing like it here, so post your best Halo/Halo2 moments here.

      Just to start it off, when I was playing Halo for PC a few days ago, it was an all snipers, no shields, CTF game on BG. I was standing on top of our base, sniping people on top of the other base, there was a guy away from his PC or something and his character was just standing there but there was another guy running across the top of the base so I thought "I'll just wait for them to line up and kill both with one shot." So when they do I shoot, BUT...a guy on my team jumped in the way of the shot and it went through all 3 of them! He's like "Why'd you betray me" "You were in my line of fire, wasn't my fault" ... "Oh, Ok nvm" lol, best sniping moment ever.

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