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    • ilikechickendog Reviews The Plan

      5 years ago


      The Plan by Killbritte Studios is a side project that they made while they were developing another game Among the Sleep. It explores a fly as it ponders its life as it flies around. This game came out on Steam on the 10th of February 2013 for free to play.

      The Gameplay is very simple you play as a fly and you just fly up towards the sky occasionally get blown to the side and you have to dodge falling leaves and a spider web as you go along this journey, the game is very short as it takes five minutes to complete. You get smaller and smaller till you can barely see the fly. Dodging the leaves, the spider web and are the only obstacles that you have to navigate but if you hit a leaf you don’t get hurt.

      I think that the game need to have consequences for example if you get hit by the leaves too many times you die and have to start again. Also the game needs to have enemies to attack the fly like spiders (the web would have been a perfect chance to utilise that) or Wasps it would have provided an adequate challenge to the game. The game has a homage to everybody most annoying video game character from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and if you find it you will unlock the one achievement this game has.

      The Graphics are pretty boring, the animation for the fly itself seems like it has wearing iron boots. The background is a forest with trees then clouds. I actually liked the background as it seemed like you start in early morning in the rain and then you see a ray of light however it could be a little brighter.


      The music is the only highlight of the game unfortunately there are only one song in the game the song is called The Death of Aase written by Edvard Grieg and Performed by Oslo Camerata. When you start the game there is no music just the sound of nature as you go along it starts building up until you reach near the end and then it hits you like a ton of bricks.


      In my opinion this could have been a good game but it lacks any form of challenge and if it wasn’t free to play I wouldn’t have got it.







      5 years ago



      10. Age of empires 1 for PC

      Age of empires was a real time strategy game that was on PC The first time I played this game was when my family got our first computer we had the demo version and I really loved playing with the priests. When we got the full version I loved making levels and the research aspect of getting more powerful the stuff you research and was such a joy to play. I also really enjoyed creating a massive army and crushing all of my enemies.


      9. Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast


      Sonic adventure 2 was a great game that I wasted many glorious hours playing when I was a kid. I remember when I first bought it and found out you can play as Eggman I thought that was so cool. It also has one of the most badass video game characters in that franchise Amy……. Just kidding I meant Shadow the hedgehog. I also loved how there was two stories Hero and Dark. This is one of the first games that I ever beat without having help from my older Brother.


      8. Command and Conquer For Nintendo 64

      This game is great I used to play this game for hours on end on the spec ops game mode for GDI I used to build a wall around my base and wait eventually Nod’s Harvester would go through my base and get destroyed. Then it was time for the suicide APC’s full of engineers to take over all of their bases. I also loved using the Stealth Tank to explore the rest of the map good times


      7. Lylat Wars Nintendo 64

      Lylat wars (or StarFox 64 in America I ‘am from Australia) is a great scrolling shooter for the N64. I spent hours upon hours trying to get to the hard mode and beating it (I never did till Starfox64 on the 3DS). I always loved fighting Star Wolf and the bosses where a lot of fun to fight. Also Slippy seriously needs to die no questions asked.



      6. Halo 4 for Xbox 360

      Halo 4 was awesome it was one of the first games that I ever played online (I was a late bloomer when it came to playing multiplayer online). I loved the weapons and the vehicles and the story was great I just loved the relationship between The Master Chief and Cortana as they struggled to save the human race from the Didact. The online was awesome as well I personally loved playing big team Slayer and would play that for hours on end.


      5. Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360

      Mass Effect 3 and that whole franchise could of made this list but Mass Effect 3 had a great story (minus the ending) the DLC was great especially Citadel and the multiplayer is a lot of fun to play solo or in a group. Another thing that is great is the fact that you create the character and have almost complete control over what happens in the story.


      4. Halo Combat Evolved Xbox

      This is the game that started one of the greatest franchises of all time. I remember the first time I played through this game with a friend in one night it was so much fun and I still play it and find it to be just as fun as the first time I played it. The last level of this game is one of my favourite all time levels especially the driving section at the end (which is saying something because I am not a fan of Driving sections). The weapons are some of the best, there is no greater feeling than hitting a grunt with a Plasma Grenade and have them say “NOT AGAIN”.


      3. Bioshock 2 PS3

      Bioshock 2 is a great FPS that has a great story cool powers (or plasmids) and cool enemies to kill. Quite possibly my personal favourite plasmid in bioshock is the telekinesis ability (the force is strong with this one). I like exploring the crazy world that is Rapture and finding audio logs and the choices you make be it saving or harvesting the little sisters or killing certain people that are important to the tory can affect which ending you get. I probably had the most fun setting up a shitload of trap bolts all around with turrets and whirlwind plasmids to protect my little sister while she harvested Adam.


      2. Final Fantasy X PS2

      Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy game I have ever played (we didn’t have a SNES or PlayStation so our first PlayStation was the PS2) it is also one of the greatest stories on a video game that I have ever played. The plot twist in the game I didn’t see coming and the levelling up system is at the time was original and the gameplay was extremely fun. The summons was cool and fun to play around with and the bosses were a lot of fun to figure out how to beat (Seymour just wouldn’t give up could he). The ending was so sad and the music was awesome. It’s a JRPG at its best.


      And now number one is Drum roll………………….


      1. The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Nintendo 64

      What can I say about this game? This game has a great story with great Dungeons fun bosses (Phantom Gannon & Twinrova to name a few) fun characters and great weapons. The first time I saw this Masterpiece was when my Brother borrowed it from a Friend of his and I spent hours exploring dungeons and riding Epona and attempting to beat Gannondorf (I was playing on his friend’s file). I loved playing it so much that when my brother returned it I begged him to borrow it again. It always put a smile on my face whenever I make Darunia dance. One of the coolest minibosses I have ever faced was Dark Link and to this day whenever I get to that part of the Dreaded Water Temple I feel like a total badass when I conquer myself as Navi would put (that fairy needs to shut up before I get the Fly spray). The music is so memorable that I often find myself whistling songs from it while I work.


      So there you have it my personal top ten all-time favourite Video Games thanks for taking the time to read this and have a happy new year.



    • ilikechickendog does Photoshop 1

      5 years ago




      If Breaking Bad was set in Frozen

      No one is safe from the deadly Cucco


      If Arnold Schwarzenegger Was A Pokemon

      Nintendo Hell

      Now this one I got the idea from a certain Terrible Thursday I watched a while back and thought what if the Sun Baby from The Teletubbies had a second form.
      Nobody messes with Jean-Claude Van Damme Cerberus
      So thats all of them if you like me to put more of these Photoshops please put some comments or suggestions for me also you can follow me on twitter on @ilikechickendog as I will be posting these on there as well
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