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    • Sudden Moment of the Day

      4 years ago


      So....something scary happened today, while I was at UH.

      I was just getting out of my morning class and then heading to meet my professor at his office. I arrive at the office at the time specified and see no one around. Eventually I spoke with someone and they said the professor would not be available for office hours, which was a bummer. So I go to pack up my stuff and as I do, I turn to face the hallway and without warning...BOOM!

      I see a woman slip and fall to the ground hard and my immediate reaction was like: "Oh shit!" I grab my stuff and ran over to her as well as one other student to see if she was alright. Thankfully nothing serious happened asides from her hurting her leg. Afterwards, we helped her over to one of the nearest benches for her to relax and ease her leg. I was about to leave, but before I did I double checked to see if she really was ok and doesn't have any other injury.

      So yea...not what I was expecting to find happening on a freezing weather today. It probably didn't sound scary, but sometimes you'd be surprise as to how you would react when you physically see stuff like this happen.

      --IndiaRT28 <3

    • The Lovely Weekend

      4 years ago


      Well this weekend has been quite something to say the least.

      Not only did we have Valentine's day going on, but also had our RT Community Day as well. I'd say that makes for one of the best weekends of the year!

      I managed to attend my dad's friend's birthday party for their little daughter, who just turned two yesterday. Who wouldn't find that adorable and fun to be there for right? There was a big crowd there too so it was a lot of fun to see the kids play around and thinking back to my own moments as a kid along side my little brother.

      Not to mention there was the Warm Fuzzies event that was hosted by @Audrey, which I thought was a nice idea. Originally I was putting something together for that day as well, but parts of my work I was going to add in got lost due to program crashed. Thus I had to repair the damages during today. Even though Valentine's Day is over, it doesn't mean I can't at least share my little work to all you wonderful people out here. With that being said, here is a little something from deep down in my heart:


      Ruby Rose: "Red like a beautiful rose"
      Weiss Schnee: "White like the elegant snow"
      Blake Belladonna: "Black like the darkest night."
      Yang Xiao Long: "Yellow like the blazing sun."

      Team RWBY: "Happy Valentine's Day to all of you from Team RWBY!"

      -- IndiaRT28 <3

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    • In Honor of Monty

      4 years ago


      I know I am late on making a journal entry regarding Monty, but I wanted to at least make something special before I get right into posting this. So I greatly apologize in advance and hope you all understand.

      I have only seen Monty during my first RTX in 2014 and have never had the honor of meeting him. However, I did find his work on both Red vs Blue and RWBY to be something truly extraordinary. In fact, it was because of his work that I began to realize I had a creative side of me I never knew I had before, which was a complete shock for me and my family. I even started out making my own RWBY OC team based on everything I saw within the world of RWBY (or Remnant to make more sense).

      It truly is sad to know that he is gone and the sad part was that I only found out about this when I my little brother called me from out of the country to tell me this. I know the news probably struck despair and sadness to Monty's Family and closet friends and I wish the best for those souls as they move forward with their lives. As for me...well I feel as though now I should drive my passions further and keep doing what I do best and see what the future holds.

      So to finish my thoughts, I made these three artworks in Honor of Monty and the message each one bears:

      Ruby and Yang showing the love they have for each other as sisters and friends:

      Blake reading the memories of Monty in the night of the moon with a raven (Monty) watching over her:

      Weiss singing in the snow as she holds onto the necklace she holds dear to her:

      That is all i wish to say in regards to all this and hope for the best. Not just for Roosterteeth or Monty's family, but to you, the RT community, in whatever path you will take from here on out.

      R.I.P Monty


    • All the best for Monty

      4 years ago


      It's no surprise by now that word has traveled around regarding Monty, but I really do hope that highly creative and talented man get's better real soon. I have taken a peak at the donations and it never ceases to amaze me how much this community looks out for each other.


      I salute you as you venture out from the valley of darkness that surrounds you and back into the light of the open world once more Monty Oum.

    • Rough and Brutal day

      4 years ago


      Well this was something that happened on Monday, but was still recovering from the heavy lifting I had to do back then. Anyways....

      Monday was probably my worst day of the week and for a number of reasons:

      1. I drove up to UH for my morning class and I still felt like I hadn't slept in days. It was hard for me to stay up during the class itself no matter what I did >.>

      2. I return home and my parents are working on getting cement so I had to help with carrying about 20 bags of 80 Ibs of cement. We did have a trolley for use to transport to the backyard, but my dad got carried away and added way too much weight on it. So the trolley ended up having a wheel bent and was practically useless so guess what I had to do....carry all 20 of those heavy bags from the driveway to the backyard. I feel like my arms were going to fall off and my back was going to give way. X_X

      3. I return home after going to Burger King to get some lunch and went back to see if my parents had anything else they need me to do. So far I had to help move each bag to one spot after having them piled up together out back. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse, I accidentally stepped on a nail attached to one of the fence boards that was sitting around. I was just lucky I had boots on or I might have actually stabbed myself on the heel of my foot. D:

      Anyways....that's about how my worst day of the week has been.

      -- IndiaRT28

    • Did a thing...

      4 years ago


      So I decided to try out Minecraft on the PC after seeing the AH crew and many other youtube videos within the game itself. I found the game to be fun because at one point my brother also played the game and hasn't touched it since. So I played on his account and I actually found it to be enjoyable when you play on any of the servers. I even decided to do a small video series where I try out the many fun things in Minecraft. It's kind of like an adventure series so we will see how this goes. This is my first time doing this so any feedback would be appreciated.

      Hope you enjoy and very sorry in advance if you find problems along the way.

    • So much happened and so little to explain.

      4 years ago


      Well I'm not dead so everyone can stop worrying ( Unless you weren't in which case why am I trying? :P )

      So yea I know I have been away from the site for quite awhile now, but here is the stuff that has happened to past 3 weeks:

      I have been dealing with finals as I'm sure a lot of you have been busy with and just got through with them back in December 11th. So I was hugely relieved about that and really went to personally relax the best way I know how. sponsorship expired as well so I no longer have the fun stuff most people have now D:

      Now for the bright side of things, I did get something really cool this week and take a look at it what it is...


      That's right I finally got me an Xbox one and also have the new Halo: The Master Chief Collection! So I'm looking forward to playing this with all the fun people in the community currently playing this right now.

      I might return to doing some new drawings and work on some stories soon, but until then I wanted to let you all know that I'm back and getting caught up with what I have been missing out. I hope you all are having an outstanding Holiday and hope to hear from all of you.


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