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      8 years ago


      God dammit! Why are these always frozen on a retarded expression?!

      *sigh* Password is cab00se1 again. Enjoy. :P

      ...Was I listening to the Revelation soundtrack? No... Not at all, why- why would you ask me that?
      It's not because I didn't realise how loud it was on the video AT ALL...

    • Step into my office-

      8 years ago


      I wanted to post this with the 25 Things journal, but it was taking fooorrrever to upload, so here it is!
      No laughing at the thumbnail freeze-frame.

      (The viewing password is cab00se1)

    • There's something about indiefaerie..

      8 years ago


      25 things, to be exact.

      Now, I told y'all I'd be submitting this - so I'll write it up while I give you more time to ask questions, or whatever. (And I have to think of answers to those super-hard ones you gave me! *cough LEPRASAUN cough*

      Anyway. Enjoy my lovely weirdness!

      1. My favourite colours are red, black, purple, and pink.
      2. I want to get a dachshund when I move out... and name him Caboose. smiley7.gif
      3. I am a Gleek, forever and always.
      4. Jim Carrey was my first love. smiley12.gif
      5. I snort when I laugh.
      6. My favourite Disney princess is Ariel.
      7. I love winter – any temperature above 22 degrees (Celsius) makes me very uncomfortable.
      8. I’m a vegetarian (I’d be vegan if I wasn’t such a chocolate whore).
      9. William is my favourite boys’ name.
      10.Sophie is my favourite girls’ name, but I couldn’t tell you why even if I tried.
      11. I’m obsessed with studying faces.
      12. The ring-fingers on both of my hands are shorter than they should be – I’ll show you on my Q&A video.
      13. Gay men are my weakness. (Well, uh... one of them.)
      14. My dream man looks just like Will Turner. And Joel, of course.
      15. I suck at PE and Maths. I mean, I REALLY suck.
      16. I have dreadful eyesight, so I wear contact lenses (I can’t stand wearing glasses).
      17. I’m classically trained, but I would secretly love to be a country singer.
      18. I dance around in my underwear, singing into my hairbrush... a lot.
      19. I really, really miss kissing.
      20. I played Tobias Ragg in an amateur production of Sweeney Todd last year. Which is why my hair is short – I’m growing out a boy-cut. A very very short boy-cut. *sigh*
      21. Singing is one of my favourite things in the whole world, as well as reading and drawing.
      22. I like Twilight. Yes, really. Deal with it.
      23. I feel lonely nearly all the time.
      24. I’m not just an outrageous flirt – I do actually like men and women. smiley6.gif
      25. Caboose is my favourite RVB character, but I would sleep with all of them... Except Simmons, cause he’s part robot, and that would be super weird. And I’d marry Caboose, and cuddle him, and we would hold hands, and we would play tag, and we would drink orange juice together-!


    • Just because I can,

      8 years ago


      I'll be putting up 25 Random Facts about me tomorrow.

      But in the meantime, if y'all have any questions for me, post them here. smiley1.gif

      Because I can, and it's fun-! smiley13.gif

      ( And I'm super weird, so this'll be interesting. I might post the answers in a video if you like. ^_^ )


    • Well, that was awkward.

      8 years ago


      Mum: [over the intercom] Come out here for a second!
      Me: What?
      Mum: Tell Talay and the kids what Red vs Blue is about, or whatever it's called.
      Me: Uh. Well.. It's.. It's about.. Hmm. Well, there's a red team, and a blue team...

      5 minutes later
      Everyone else: smiley3.gif
      Me: So.. basically.. it's.. a comedy made using a um, a video game, and.. it's.. really funny.


    • Oh my.

      8 years ago


      You know you're obsessed with Red vs Blue when you see the word "Episode" in your internet tab and think it says "Epsilon".

    • Is it too much to ask? Really?

      8 years ago


      Can you just grow. some. god damn. BALLS?

      I know I'm scary. And eccentric. And stunningly beautiful. *cough* LOL *cough*

      But if you really really like me that fucking much and you therefore want to get in my pants and/or hold my hand...

      DON'T TEXT ME.






    • Apparently it's shocking if...

      8 years ago


      ...a pretty redhead tells you she's reading a book about serial killers.

      -At the bus stop-

      Random guy/Borderline Weirdo: So what do you do?
      Me: Um, I write.
      Random guy: Good book you got there?
      Me: Yep!
      Random guy: What's it about?
      Me: Two sisters who become serial killers. ^_^
      Random guy: *taken aback, then very very unimpressed/offended* ....I write too.
      Me: Oh really?
      Random guy: Yeah. Funny stuff. Really funny stuff. Not about serial killers.
      Me: Oh yeah?
      Random guy: I write about giving life, not taking it away.
      Me: Cool. *continues reading*

      It probably doesn't help that the book is actually quite amusing, and I kept giggling.
      Whatever, dude. I'm cooler than you.

    • Sydgeddon / Rooster Teeth.

      8 years ago


      Where the fuck do I begin? How about....

      Being a Melbournian, this was probably the most expensive weekend I've ever done, but it was so fucking worth it. Me & Dylan woke up at the crack of dawn (fuck you, 5am. Fuck you.) and went to the Melbourne airport... blah blah, security checks, boring stuff, moving on.
      Eventually we ended up in Sydney and met up with Linh, who is a super cool chick and I love her & her awesome hyper fangirl jig! smiley12.gif
      And then like.. 3 trains later? we got to Olympic Park, met up with a few of the ARTST guys out the front, then after A WHILE we went inside to meet up with everyone else.

      Fangirl mode initiated.

      So I FINALLY got to meet Sean, who is fucking awesome and hilarious and cute (Haha, I win) , and who I managed NOT to jump on even though he was wearing his SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER tshirt.

      Coolcaiti is a gorgeous, amazing, wonderful girl who I love. We had fun embarrassing her by applauding and cheering and toasting her at the lunch she organised, because she's fucking brilliant for getting us all together.

      After an hour of waiting - a total of 2 hours for the others, wasn't it? - during which I amused and/or scared them with my fangirl squeaks and squeals and giggles, I got to the front of the freaking line. And met Geoff & Matt. Who, by the way, are the coolest guys around - including Griffon & Millie - for being super troopers and dealing with hordes of fans all weekend.

      I got busted though... because after I got autographs for me & my friend, I realised that I could do better than that and get a video of Matt saying hi to her in his Sarge voice!
      So I asked Matt, and he said he was happy to do it. I pulled out my phone, unlocked the screen..and he saw my wallpaper.
      Matt: What was that?
      Me: *hides phone* Nothing!
      Matt: Was that Joel!
      Me: smiley4.gif ....No?
      Matt: It was! Haha, let me see! I'm gonna take a picture and send it to Joel right now.
      Me: Oh dear God.

      So he took a picture of me & the wallpaper, and messaged it to him. The others laughed when I told them what happened; they thought I was getting his number, which would be weird seeing as he's married...
      Sean & Caiti asked him the next day if Joel had replied.. which he had.
      "Cute girl, terrible wallpaper."
      How embarrassing for me.
      And I HATE being called cute, as most of y'all know, but... I've made an exception because, well.. he's Joel. But if any of you think you can take advantage of that, think again.

      I know, this journal is super long, right? Too bad. smiley7.gif

      So then we all went to lunch at Ribs & Rumps, and I had the best caesar salad while everyone else nommed on huge hunks of dead animal. smiley6.gif Fairly amusing!
      After lunch we got a group photo with the RT peeps - including Millie, who's such a rockstar and I'm so jealous that LepraSaun is her new best friend! - and there was more chill-time, I took photos with cosplayers, squee'd over many things.

      Later in the afternoon, the RT guys looked pretty much dead, so me & Sean walked down the street to get them some Red Bull, which they were happy to receive. smiley7.gif Matt's first ever Red Bull. Booyeah.

      Oh, and I have a pair of Batman panties, right. So guess what I found? A tshirt to match. BECAUSE I'M AWESOME. And yes, I did need to share that. smiley13.gif

      The next day we all grouped together, had an early lunch, and went to the RT panel, which was brilliant. Pity I couldn't think of any super awesome questions.
      I bought more stuff, squee'd a lot, walked around with Caiti to get cosplayer photos, checked out super-hot wrestlers that were wandering around, and constantly gravitated back to the RT stall. Naturally!
      I kept forgetting things that I meant to ask them/buy, so every time I went back in line they gave me this look like Haha, we're onto you, fangirl. And I told Griffon about the ghost tour at the Haunted Bookstore in Melbourne, she seemed to like the idea- they don't make you wear lame props like the Sydney one she did. smiley3.gif

      And then I told the 3 of them that I'd drawn Joel a few months ago - I wanted to draw the whole staff, but I couldn't find pictures that were big enough - so they were awesome to let me take closeup photos.
      Ima get onto those portraits soon! Should be mad.

      Me & Dylan had to leave at 4, so after we'd all walked Sean out, we went to say goodbye- I shook Geoff's hand and got a hug from Matt, and told them I'd be at the Texas event, which they seemed happy about. smiley0.gif

      I LOVED meeting all of the ARTST people - and I'm sorry I didn't link the rest of you, I'll add you in when I can stop confusing real names with screen names!! - y'all are fucking WICKED and I hope we can have soooo many more gatherings. smiley13.gif

      Also, I posted ALL of my photos on my Facebook, so feel free to add me/ask for my email, and I can send you higher quality pictures or whatever. I had to resize them for this site.

      And that was the best weekend of all time.

      The end.

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