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    • jokingclown

      12 years ago

      I see you like photoshop...

    • polecatjr

      12 years ago

      hi ur proper fit where abouts in england do u live im from burton near derby heres my addy if ya want it

    • Darkcloud911

      13 years ago

      u fine

    • Strife453

      13 years ago

    • MrSquigles

      13 years ago

      Hello fellow Member,

      That’s a bad start. I am sending this to every person who is in the UK.
      There has been change. Please could you go straight to the UK Event thread as soon as possible to read the details? Tell you what; I will put in the link especially for you.


      The long story is Evoluan has decide that he is not the one for the event and has past on duties to Moderator Pixie. Now there is change and as we are doing things differently you need to confirm you place again, so I cannot stress how this has changed a lot of things.

      Thanks again

      Please do not reply in your own personal comments! No one will see it. PM Me, Little_Lee or Pixie if you want to say/ask anything (Or post it in the thread)

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