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    • Wolf_Soul

      10 years ago

      Hello, this is Steven Serna aka Wolf_Soul saying that... If you won't mind paying more attention in this group called "The Spartans Reborn" This is group is great for Spartans like you, since I'm the leader of it. This group is based on a Story that I'm writing about after the Halo 3 event, and I don't mind if you read it. Plus it's an army as well, so put this group on watch right now so you don't miss a single chapter of it or clan meetings. You don't need XBL (Xbox Live) for this. I will give you the link about the group; If you have any questions go talk to the admins or the group leader (Me) have a good day, Spartan.


    • candy_luver3

      10 years ago

      welcome to in love. need advice or anything just ask

    • HaloACE56

      10 years ago

      Welcome to Red vs. Blue
      Have a question about the site, or about a 360 game, Ask!

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