Hello, Roosterteeth. First off, i would like to say thank you to everyone at Roosterteeth for everything you guys do. You asked us why are we/am I a Roosterteeth fan. It's because you guys make a difference in a lot of people's lives, no matter how small. You guys help my days be happy and believe me, that has been pretty hard to do as of late. I have been watching you guys for years, not exactly sure how long but is was definitely before i made this account on the website. You guys make us laugh, cry, and feel like we are apart of something bigger than ourselves, it makes us feel..... important i guess. I know personally, i had to deal with two family deaths in the fall of last year and it seemed as if everything was falling apart at the seams. I was failing classes in college, i was becoming less social, and i even thought of some more unpleasant stuff. It was definitely a mixture of things, unfortunately can not say it was just you guys, but i started to focus on the things that made me happy. My family, my favorite streamers on Twitch, and the YouTube videos that made me laugh. Whether it was watching the Podcast, seeing Jordan's Animated Adventures, or even Gavin or Google they all did one thing, they made me smiley1.gif . So really, being a fan is the least i could do when compared to what you guys do for so many people. Thank you, one of many fans, Jonathan D. @RTContests