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      1 year ago


      Funeral service for the RT site is this Thursday.

      Memes aside, what's up people! I miss you all very much and I hope you're all doing well. I just saw Solo: A Star Wars Story and thought I'd post my review of it here! (Oops I copy and pasted it from my Reddit post again just like my last Star Wars review. I'm still lazy, whoda thought?) yang

      This was a very interesting movie for me. There were points where I was thinking, "This is phenomenal" and others where I was thinking about all the other things I could be doing with this 2 hours. Despite these moments, I thought the movie was good.


      • Sound production/score: Ho-ly-cow. I don't know if it had something to do with it being an Ultra screen theater, but some of the audio aspects of the film just blew me away. In the original heist with Beckett and the gang, I could hear hear snow and wind effects in the back speakers of the theater. This was similarly noted during the Kessel Run; there were roars/crashes/shocks from all around the theater layered between the "important" audio. On top of this, the music was absolutely phenomenal. This is something that I feel redeemed the film in the end. The music not only tied together, but truly brought more depth to key scenes.

      • Major scenes: For me, both the L3 slave rebellion and Kessel Run scenes just blew me away. I was on the edge of my seat for both of them. They helped add some relevant action to the film and kept the pace going.

      • The super-mega-plottwist ending sequence: Once you fully comprehend what's happening (which is hard to do with how much happens at once) the ending is very, very creatively done. Each moment you think, "Oh, I didn't see that coming!" you're immediately slapped in the face with another surprise. All save one (which I will get into later) added it's own little touch to the moment. It really helped end the film on a high note.

      • Humor: There were many points where humor actually really added to the situation. The whole "It's 12 if you round down!" moment had me rolling, along with the "I hate you." "I know." moment between Han and Lando. It was a funny quip that cleverly called back to Princess Leia's (Rest in Peace Carrie) and Han's touching-yet-hilariously-suiting scene.


      • Misplayed character deaths: Personally, I really wasn't that upset by any of the major deaths, especially the super early ones (i.e. Val and Rio) The early ones I can play off as too early of a death. We haven't had time to develop an attachment to the characters. As for Beckett, I'm not so sure. I think it's because I feel the scene itself went a little too fast. It was sort of like "Oh, what, that just happened?" If they had dragged out the "He's about to shoot you" moment just a tiny bit longer, I feel it would have went better.

      • Predictable character introductions: Specifically here Chewie and Lando. Lando I can really accept; maybe they were going for a bit of humor there by discussing a "Charismatic, dashing, intelligent ace pilot" to make the audience go "Oh Lando...", and I can respect that if that was the goal. Chewie, however, I'm a bit underwhelmed. As soon as I heard the words "Feed him to the beast" I was thinking "This is gonna be Chewbacca, isn't it?". I think the idea of them meeting in an Imperial prison is cool, but I wish they had made it less obvious.

      • The "um" in humor: Puns aside, there were a couple of moments that made me go "who thought this was a good idea?" When Qi'ra and L3 were discussing...er....love and had their "How does that even work?" conversation, some guy in the back of the theater yelled "They're fucking the robots?!". The Chewie and Han shower scene was less weird, but still a little weird. There were other moments that weren't weird per say, just kind of corny. Referencing other movies with lines such as L3's "But they don't even serve our kind here!" were met with more groans than chuckles.


      • Darth Maul: I didn't think this scene was bad, I just...well, I don't really know what I think of it. That moment almost acted like a teaser to a later movie, but the next movies are the original trilogy, and we know he makes 0 appearance there, so I'm not quite sure what the goal was with it. It was awesome to go "Holy cow, Darth Maul!", but it neither added nor subtracted to the plot.

      • The Ford Dilemma: This is something I really struggled with throughout the film. Alden Ehrenreich was fantastic in his role...but he's not Harrison Ford. He has the swagger, he has the acting skills, but he's just not the original, and that really threw me off. I akin it to seeing someone than Daniel Radcliffe play Harry Potter. It doesn't make it automatically bad, it's just very...unfamiliar. This made the whole film almost seem for me like a really good backstory to someone who isn't Han Solo. I just really had a hard time connecting this plot to Han specifically as a character.

      • Small Visual Things: This really wasn't a factor in my opinion of the movie, but just a few visual things were kind of annoying: again, this might because of the Ultra-screen, I'm not sure. Both the very very very opening hotwiring scene, along with the Robot fighting scene hurt to look at. Just bright flashes of light on most of screen in an otherwise dark scene was a bit of an offput. The only CG problem I noticed was the alien in the "spacesuit" in the original Lando-Han card game. His head looked a bit unfinished.

      Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. Solo has it's moments where it shines, but others where the audience feels like swallowing some Coaxium. In my opinion, I give the movie a 7.5/10. It was a good first watch, but I'm not sure if I'd want to see it again in theaters.


      1 year ago


      THIS GUY!

      How's everyone? Anything new? Prison sentences? Lost limbs? Children? Hope all good things because I'm trying to make my life super duper after it has been very NOT super duper for awhile now. 

    • Work Work Work Work Work (Sucks)

      1 year ago


      So I started a job a few weeks ago

      and it SUCKS

      Like, work in general usually isn't fun, but this is pretty bad. My coworkers kind of treat me like, well, dirt, and I'm only making minimum (that part was expected though), so it's just kind of bleh. School enough is hard as it is right now, so this on top of it really is a major bummer in my life right now. It's getting to the point where I DON'T want the weekends to come because I dread going in. It's a toxic environment for me so it's a place I wish I could avoid.

      Anyway, enough of me blowing off steam on the internet, how are things for everyone? I hope everyone's lives are fan-diddly-tastic right now!

    • Hurricane Harvey

      2 years ago


      Things are looking very scary right now, and I just want to say to everyone affected by this awful storm PLEASE stay safe. Don't take any risks you don't need to, and please evacuate if you can; don't underestimate the power of nature. 

      Any and all members of the community in the midst of this, I'm thinking of you. RT staff, you too. You can make it through this. Stick with friends, stick with family, and you beat the hell out of this storm. 

      A song with a very appropriate message for this time, things will get better<3

    • A very late RTX Journal

      2 years ago


      So RTX was like 10 days ago and I still haven't posted anything whoops.

      How was it for everyone?? I took a bunch of pictures but they don't seem to want to go into my journal so oh welllawrence

      The main Show Floor felt a bit empty to me this year, but I couldn't quite figure out why. Speaking of the show floor, I couldn't even get into it the first day! Waited in line 3 hours just to get my badge. On top of this, they had metal detectors (only 3 mind you) to get in to the main hall, so there were queue lines everywhere. First day I got to the AH Panel, but that was it. Still had a blast talking with people.

      Had my signing with Aaron and Blaine right at 9 AM day 2, and they actually remembered me from last year! (especially the shirt I had them sign for my friend). Little scary moment when we were waiting in line because a girl had a seizure. Could not have been more proud of how quickly and professionally the RT Guardians and Staff handled it. In fact, James and Elyse (that was the signing the girl was in line for) sat with her until her parent (?) showed up with the paramedics. So amazingly awesome of everyone involved. Actually got into the show floor, but there wasn't a whole lot to see. Just a lot of "Buy my product NOW" booths. AH was on center stage for a while and I got into Lazer Team 2 right after that. It looks great, so I'm glad I saw the first ever reveal of the trailer! After that I stayed for the first 30 minutes of the RT Podcast (hilarious as always, plus 2 new shows revealed!), and then scooted over to the Day 5 panel. Another first ever reveal trailer for Season 2, plus some sneak peaks at episodes/characters. The best part was that I got to see Walker again. I was worried I wouldn't be able to catch him, but talking with him after he finished the panel was awesome. 

      That night was On the Spot........oh boy, where do I even start for that? Greg Miller was almost naked for 99.99999% of the show, and stage dove not once but twice. James also attempted this, but then just fell off the stage (that's when people realized things were getting a bit TOO wild). Greg at some point almost knocked down the divider wall behind the stage after leaping off the panel table. It was total chaos. I felt so bad for any Guardian having to work that, because they probably all had about 43 heart attacks in the space of 1 hour.

      Hope I can go again next year and see you all again! How did it go for everyone else?

    • Camp!

      2 years ago


      A few clarifying things:

      1. Yes I haven't posted anything in like 1,000,000 years writing is hard hnnnnng

      2. No not Camp Camp

      3. Yes really

      Most of you (even my guys and gals in the RT Wisco group) have probably never heard of this organization called the WASC. It stands for the Wisconsin Association of School Councils and oh boy has it changed my life forever.

      Every year they host a camp where students can come and learn leadership skills, but it really becomes so much more than that. You're placed into "families" with an Adult Councilor, a Junior Councilor, and a whole bunch of really nervous kids that feel awkward. This lasts for all of about 2 hours because after that, everyone is best friends. The people you meet become forever friends and I would trust them with my life. I still talk every day with friends from Level 1 four years ago, even though they live 3+ hours from me. 

      It's hard to explain what camp is to someone that hasn't been. All I can tell you that it is one of the most spectacular things I have ever done and I am so saddened that this I just today finished my final level of camp. I hope to apply for a JC role and carry on the amazing experience to kids that were just like me.

      Check out this video if you want to take a peak heart

    • Back at it!

      2 years ago


      Two editing journals in a row whoops benson

      This time, I have a lot more practice under my belt and feel like this video was much better! Spent quite a bit of time on it and it came out exactly how I envisioned it!

      Look closely and you'll see @madmanmoe right there with me matt

    • I've Picked Up Editing!

      2 years ago


      Is it strange I both love and hate it? gavin

      I've had Sony Vegas Pro 13 (which was purchased totally legitimately and all) for quite some time now but never actually used it. That all changed yesterday when I put together a Lucio video of some of my gameplay from Overwatch! It's quite a challenge for me, but I'm proud of what I've turned out and plan on doing more in the future.

      Be a doll and tell me what you think?bruce

    • Happy New Year!

      2 years ago


      Well people, we made it through the "infamous" 2016!  matt Here's looking forward to a great new year filled with friends and fun (and of course, RT!)

      Anyone actually make a resolution?

      Cause I sure as heck didn't...


      2 years ago



      Clear the roads, people jeremy

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