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      meetup we should plan one at a bar or something

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      for Guild Wars 2 are the minimum require (256MB of on-board RAM and support for Shader 3.0) or (the overall specs of the recommended gps
      ie NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI Radeon™ X1800, Intel HD 3000
      seans it says NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI Radeon™ X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)

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      Hey this is captain clutch or Jon if you prefer. I founded this team with my friend vorkraze and we decided it mandatory to instate some rules for ALL games, as well as having rules that apply strictly to certain games since every game is different, heres a few ground rules that are under no circumstances to be broken, only one warning will be given and if that does not stop any infractions of these rules, you will most likely be stripped of forum/chat priveledges or even removed from our community.

      #1 NO TROLLING- joking around is all fun and games, but only do it with people you know can take it, bear in mind many people are more sensitive than others and you could hurt feelings. If there is trolling between teammates then you can not be expected to have good team synergy, and as our name states, that is a crucial element of any team. Instead of telling someone they suck or calling them a baddie, tell them what they need to do to improve their game. This is supposed to be a team, so act like it. If your best friend got in a car accident behind you, you would not drive off and yell LOL URBAD out the window, you would stop and help him out. Follow the same procedures here.

      #2 NO SEXISM- This is a topic that should really need no description, its very popular amongst the internet to make extremely derogotory statements towards women specifically. I am engaged to be married to a woman who likes to play games, and have dealt with many of these statements first hand through xbox live. I have an ABSOLUTE zero tolerance for these statements and will take any actions necessary to prove that point.

      #3 SPORTSMANSHIP- In any competitive event you are to be tactful and sportsmanlike no matter what is going on, end of story. We want to keep a reputation of being good sports as well as talented players, which seem difficult to come by nowadays. Outside of a competitive event, i do not care if you swear like a sailor or trash talk until you cannot breathe, even though i would prefer you to retain a sportsmanlike conduct, i know better than anyone that its really hard to do sometimes. Just keep a lid on it during any competitive event and we will be satisfied.

      #4 RAGING- a little rage now and again is going to happen. Not every game is going to go as planned. However keep yourself in check, or mute your mic if you know your going to be raging excessively. I have been known to yell some profanities when i die or something, however i dont go through the rest of the match screaming a steady diarhea stream of profanities for the rest of the game. Just make sure your trying to be somewhat respectful. Ragequitting is also unnacceptable, giving up entirely is not something any good gamer should do, play it out and see how they are beating you, then try to find a way to counter their strategy and communicate it with your team. if you cannot figure a strategy out yourself then brainstorm with them, together you may find a solution and be ready for them next time.

      #5 COMMUNICATION- this one is not as much a rule as it is a way for every player to up their game. Communication is so crucial in team games that its absurd, sure every person on the team could be a godly lone wolf and be able to get insane k/d's without communicating, but if you have a team of those same people that communicate as well, you are a force to be reckoned with. Those games where in your head you are like, "those noobs should have never beat us..." are games where quite simply, they are communicating better than you are. Granted it might not be the only contributing factor, but 9 times out of 10 it will be the biggest one.

      Thats all folks, keep in mind that there may be more rules coming if we find a need to state them, so keep checkin every month or so.


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    • Guide for new Call of Duty players

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      as posted by member FaintZero

      Guide for new Call of Duty players part 1

      1. Combat Training

      This is the most valuable way, barring the next point, to improve your game. Combat Training has most of the benefits of online multiplayer -- leveling, unlocks, money, etc. -- without one pesky element: other players screaming at you. Select a map, tweak some variables (skill level of A.I. bots, match length, etc.), and go play. The A.I. actually uses some decent tactics on its own and there's really no better way to learn map layouts, feel of the guns, and your favorite Perks before playing against real people. You can also invite friends into your session to practice some team coordination. Just keep in mind that the stuff you unlock and purchase in this mode is separate from actual multiplayer.

      2. Instant Replay, aka Theater Mode

      Here is another way for you to refine your game: Use the Theater mode to watch and analyze your performance. Theater mode stores full videos of every match you've played for the past seven days, allowing you full control of the camera to examine what actually happened when you turned the corner and got shot in the face. You can even view the playback from any player's perspective, including those of the best player on the map, so you can pick up a few pointers.

      3. Don't Get Killed

      It may sound obvious, but this is the best advice someone can give you. In a majority of cases, you don't want to run right into a room, hallway, or around corners. Instead of rushing into battle look down your sights when you come across any of these sorts of areas and tread carefully. Sometimes being hesitant is the best way to stop your death streak. A lot of people tend to camp in certain places waiting for you and your teammates to run senselessly around the map. Unless you're to the point where you have equipped Lightweight and Marathon Perks, only run when you're in the open.

      4. Plan Ahead

      Think about what sort of situation or multiplayer modes you'll get yourself in and plan accordingly when creating your class. If you know you'll play tons of regular deathmatch, make a class that you love. Then create an additional class that nearly mimics it except for a few minor tweaks in the Perks area. So if you find that your enemies continually plant claymores around the map or love lobbing grenades a lot, you will want to have an additional class to combat this situation. The Flak Jacket and Hacker Perks help alleviate some of these problems.

      5. Identify Your Style

      Ask yourself what types of guns you prefer and if your Perks and gameplay style reflect that. If you like rocket launchers don't go nuts with an SMG. Do you prefer to camp but enjoying knifing people instead? You might want to consider ditching the camping aspects of your game. Every one of us has a comfort zone. It's up to you to find yours and stick with your strengths. Only later when you become more advanced in the game could you learn to adopt various playstyles.

      6. Don't Waste Your Death

      If your multiplayer mode provides a kill cam, try to get a sense of where your enemy was when you were killed. Scroll through your teammates viewpoints and see if you can spot any enemies to give you an idea where they are when you respawn. The more intel you can get on your foes, the better. And don't be afraid to ask any teammates where they died to get a sense of where the opponents are moving on the map. Above all else, don't run to the spot where you previously died -- chances are your foes are still in the same location, waiting to kill anyone (like you) who returns. It's better to maneuver around the general vicinity to see if you can find them.

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      8 years ago

      from this moment forward making!!!!

    • Bambii

      8 years ago

      Thanks for joining the 'I want to be a Super Soldier' group!

      Are you making a suit, or are you a dreamer?

    • Radius55 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Site Admin

      8 years ago

      Well, right about now, I was originally planning to be announcing that tickets for RvB:TX were on sale. Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case. You might have heard that the RT staff has their own event planed for late May. We, the organizers of RvB:TX, don't feel it will be possible to compete with a larger and better organized event, so we're officially canceling our event.

      But all is not lost! We're keeping the group page for two reasons:

      1) RvB:TX will now be a hub for all RT fans in and around Texas. We'll keep people up to date on RT related events in and around Texas, from small meet ups to the RoosterTexas event the staff is planning. If you have not already done so, please watch the group to stay up to date on the news.

      2) We're planning a smaller get together in Austin this winter. It won't be as big as our original plans, but it'll still be a chance for fans to get together and have fun.

      For more details, please see the journal here.

    • joebilly

      8 years ago

      Hello and welcome to the Paperclips Fans group. It is great to see new faces joining in to listen to good music. Please take the time to check out the Paperclips' music on myspace and the link to their music video on the group page. Lets have a great time!

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