so RT doesn't make enough podcasts to get me through four or more 12 hour shifts. I supplement with some of the longer let's plays that don't really need to be watched like minecraft, but I'm looking for more podcasts to listen to at work. I'll start with my basic list and hopefully y'all can help me find some new ones. 

-Off topic

-RT podcast

-Always open

-Game over greggy show

-Joe rogan (depending on guest)

-Phillip DeFranco (when he does them)

-Behind the pine

I tried dude soup and h3h3 but cant really get into them. Any new ones to try would be greatly appreciated. 

Side note, can we get a "founding fathers" podcast like the old drunk tank episodes perhaps? Or get the one on one podcasts that burnie did a while back started again? I really liked those. 

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