21 years old
from Minneapolis (school) / Las Vegas (home)

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      2 years ago


      Because I kind of feel like I should have one, just in case people want to meet me.

      Hello, world, my name is Jaz. I'm currently 18. (Actually I'm writing this on my half-birthday, which isn't significant, just sort of cool.) I'm wrapping up my first year at a private college in Minneapolis doing my sociology major (and political science/math minors), but during the rest of the year I live in Las Vegas. ("But Jaz, why did you go to Minnesota?" people ask. Like, countless people ask. The answer is because it's far and I wanted snow.)

      Some cool/misc things about me: I'm a Virgo. I own around eighty bottles of nail polish. I've played flute for going on nine years. (Yes, nearly half my life. I am amazed too.) I am fond of parenthetical comments. I eat a lot of olives, when I have the chance.

      And lastly for some RT related information: better dead than red, and Team Funhaus. I started watching RT content in '13 and I've never been particularly active in the community. I kiiiiind of want to figure that out, even if social anxiety is pretty active in my life. But hey, we're all here for approximately the same reasons, so if this post somehow makes it through the void of the internet to someone else's eyes, come say hi! I'm a reasonably entertaining conversationalist.

    • 3 years ago

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