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    • A pome "Two Worlds"

      12 years ago


      Two worlds, in epic Fight,
      One shows hope
      The other stands for Fright.

      They have been fighting
      For years on end,
      Every day a battle
      Where Titans will Rend.

      Two Worlds, different in size,
      One is very Bright
      While the other, a Face, with many Spies.

      The hope is Alone
      Constantlly fighting the Fright,
      But the Fright has allies
      Only seen, in the avsence of Light.

      Two Worlds, with no sense of Time,
      There battle continues
      More silent than a Mime.

      The battle comtinues
      It happens Day After day,
      We think nothing of it
      As we go on with out ways.

      Two Worlds, whose Destinies are a Sign,
      One Affects the other
      But seldom becomes aligned.

      In Billions of years
      The hope will be Gone,
      Then the Fright will Seize
      Terror will go on.

      Two Worlds, that are Intertwined,
      Both we Need
      Like grapes Need their Vines.

      The Worlds, are so clear
      Viewed in out Eyes,
      it happens Every Day
      The Answer is ing the Sky.

      Two Worlds, in epic Fight,
      One is Day
      While the other is Night.

    • my schools homecoming

      12 years ago


      It is that time. This is my senior year and my last high schools homecomeing. I like it and hate it at the same time.

      being it is my last i will go all out and dress up for every day. for every class theme. The them for the hole school is reality TV. Freshmen are the Amazing Race. Sophmories Americas Top moddel .Juiniors are Amerian Idal. and the best is Seniors how are Surviver

    • the anivirsory of 9-11

      13 years ago


      I am so greatfull that i knew no one that had parish for that dreadful day five years ago. I am talking about 9-11-2001 for the dummies how doun't know what i am talking about. I do think that this is a day to reflect on our actions as americans and not of the actions of indopendent terroris groups. I just thank God that I am a luck one how was not stonly efected by loosing a loved one but having a broken heart. That day showed me that Good does not always concor evil. That day showed me how much evil is in the world. That day I lost my more than a love one, i lost hope that the world could live in peace. I was 12 and that is when i lost hope. Now every day i will try to help make that dwindald hope a reality. Not by fighting but by striving. And maybe i will never see it happen or my children will ever see it (if i have children) but hoply our childrens children will see it in our life time.

      so to all my loal fans,

      This is Brian signing off.

    • the first week back

      13 years ago


      I survived the first week of school

      calculis is fun in high school not realy but i relly like fisicks
      i gess it has to do with the teacher and how they teach.
      phisicks is fun because the teach makes jokes all the time/
      calculis the teacher is new and doesn't know how to make things fun

      golf pratice is ok and i am surviving

      our school is already starting to gear up for home coming in about 1mounth

      so to all my fans this is Brian sining off

    • the showto

      13 years ago


      the shouto of school is here again
      where scholl ploltics will renn

      it douse freek me out that my summer has come and gone one again and i fear what will happen when i graduat high school and go off to college. so much has happened buy i dont want to type it

      to all how know me i wrigjt poemes and if you would like to see one let me know and i will write on here for all to see

      thankyou to all my fans how lisen to my nonsence or what ever i am half asleep so untill next time.


      13 years ago


      I havent been on for a long time. To LONG if you ask.

      It seems that time has speed up.


      I have stoped and I am looking around.

      There is a confetion that needs to be said. That is i just havent ever realy stop to enjoy life. This revolation has made me kind of sad.

      As i will say and alwas say know (TO you the people how view this) Your coments are always apriciated.

      I dont carry if they criticis or commploment but they are all aceepted and i care that you took the time to pikal my brain and i wouldent mind to pick yours.


    • karma

      13 years ago


      i have found out that it is hard to gane karma. and this is strange i do not know what to say

    • New year resolutions

      13 years ago


      The new year has begone. It is time for a fresh start. You can help me by donating Mod Points. But if you don't want to, you can still view my homepage. I plan to do more on this web sit and do more gaming. I also will play more jazz on my saxophone and learn the gautar. Also I ask you to leave coment and I will try to resond. Ha in your coments tell me your resolutions

    • What to by my frends for X-mas

      13 years ago


      i don't know what to buy my friends and family for x-mas. It is difficalt and the 25 is closer each second. also mod points is apprichiated

    • New

      14 years ago


      This is my first entery, so here it goes. I right what i think. It is Laborday and gas prices are out ragis, but every body knows that. So let me stop rambling about that. I LOVE jazz and play the sax. vidio games are cool and I love movies. This is boring what i ame talking about. I will say what I fell. and I am yet spechles for words. entertaning .... right.

      how knowes

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