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    • One thing I will never do:

      9 years ago


      To stupid english professors everywhere (ie, MY english prof.):

      I will never, flat out ever again write this phrase in a research paper no matter what:

      "This paper will discuss...." blah blah blah.

      I'm not going to write "This paper will discuss how The Sopranos, while a graphic show that morally justifies murder and violence, is more a vehicle of self-reflection that makes one more aware of their own virtue and moral tendancies."

      When you can take out that stupid introductory phrase and it will still be the same main premise (the thesis statement).

      I'm terribly sorry that you're an idiot and need a fucking road-map of a research paper, but I'm not going to hold your hand and tell you "ok, this essay is going to discuss how you're a fucking retard."

      I can't believe the "thesis introduction phrase" was a FIVE point requirement! That coupled with 6 points off for writing "2" instead of "two" knocked me down to a 89% B+.


    • Does Hollywood pander to the rich?

      9 years ago


      Hell no. Not anymore, at least.

      15 years ago, Pretty Woman showed us that you have to be upper-class, sophisticated, and rich to find love.

      I mean, Richard Ghere didn't fall in love with Julia Roberts until after she learned propper polo ettiquite, the right way to eat your dinner, and the right way to dress. She had to learn to be a lady before she landed the hunk.

      But now, as the movie "Knocked Up" as taught us, you can be broke, addicted to marijuana, conventionally unattractive, overweight, unambitious and slovenly, but as long as you're witty, funny, "cool" and charmingly off-beat, you'll be able to land a smoking hot blonde babe and live happily ever after.

      Sorry, it's my rough idea for a communications research paper. smiley0.gif

    • If YOU wrote a Rooster Teeth Short:

      in Forums > If YOU wrote a Rooster Teeth Short: | Follow this topic


      What would it be about?

      I would definitely write a Pongo 2 short. Where Joel and Pongo have a final showdown. Maybe a knife fight?


      I also would want to visit Super Gus again. Maybe have SG running around interacting with other people.

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    • Missy has some owies.

      9 years ago


      My dogs Missy and Neviah (a husky-german shepard mix and a pure-bred german shepard respectively) got into a really bad fight. Nev had missy pinned and was going for the neck. smiley2.gif


      poor baby smiley2.gif

      They've been together for 6 years and suddenly this happens? I was at work, so I can't tell what happend for sure, but it wasn't a fight over food or toys or water. They were playing and then they were fighting, according to my roomie.

      Since Missy's been at the vet hospital, Nev's been here at home where I have 2 other dogs (a golden retreiver and a pit bull) and she's been normal and PERFECTLY fine with them. She doesn't seem different to us, either.

      It cost me $1200 for Missy's vet care and between that and normal bills, I don't have a whole lot of extra money for the blood work and behaviorlist evaluations and work-ups that they want to do on Nev, which will run another $600+

      Anyone ever encountered something similar? Is it a random incident or are they growing to suddenly hate each other? Based on the fact that Nev seems normal since I'm inclined to think it's just animals being animals. Anyone have any insight?

    • WHOOOOO!!!! $300 football pool WINNER!!!

      9 years ago


      Woot woot!!!

      Thank you, Broncos! $300 for me! Football pool winn-ahhh!

      I fuckin' LOVE football!

    • Favorite RT short

      in Forums > Favorite RT short | Follow this topic


      So what's your favorite RT short so far?

      (Yes, I know that there are posts in the community forum about this topic, but since this is the RT shorts fan group we should discuss it here)

      `My favorite is Pongo. It was hillarious on so many levels. I always thoughtt the muppets were freaky and it confirmed my muppet/puppet hatred. smiley0.gif

      The sponsor-only additional scene was hillarious, too. With the jazz-hands and pongo taking the pillz. smiley6.gif

      If they bring RT shorts back, they should bring back Pongo, too. smiley12.gifsmiley13.gif

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    • Mom & step-dad's 4th anniversary tonight

      9 years ago


      I'm going to their house to make them baked ziti, seasoned veggies and taking over some home-made tiramisu I made last night.

      I'm such an awesome daughter. I could be playing ODST at MY house, but I'm going to go over to their house to cook them an anniversary dinner.

      +1 good kid to me! smiley0.gif

    • WTF am I watching on TV?

      9 years ago


      So I can't decide who's more odd- the girl who falls in love with a guy who honest-to-god thinks he's peter pan....

      ....or the seemingly normal UC Davis grad student who is engaged to her first cousin?

      I can't honestly make a verdict.

      It's the funniest thing- I'm writing a 15-page paper about whether or not watching TV programs that justify the actions of people who are abnormal makes us abnormal ourselves and the show where a UCD grad student is justifying marrying her 1st cousin comes on.

      It's fate. It must mean that I'm going to get an A on the paper. It also must mean that I can add some content and talk about the cousin-marrying-her-cousin justification show. I'll hit 15-pages EASILY!


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