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    • Just a FYI for men....

      9 years ago


      .....nothing is more couch-worthy than telling your girlfriend/wife/female friend/etc that she's going "overboard" with chocolate.

      Seriously. If a female is eating an abnormal amount of chocolate, it means that something is wrong and it's generally not something fun!

      Don't be a douche. Don't end up on the couch! smiley4.gif

    • Left 4 Dead 2 BANNED in Australia?!?

      in Forums > Left 4 Dead 2 BANNED in Australia?!? | Follow this topic


      Just leared from looking at Sketch95's profile (roosterteeth.com/sketch95) that left 4 dead 2 is going be unrated in Australia (they're saying it exceeds the MA15+ rating for gore and violence) BUT it means that since it's unranked, it'll not be distributed in Australia.

      Gamespy.com confirmed this xbox360.gamespy.com/xbox-360/left-4-dead-2/1028590p1.html

      In a word- stupid.

      Hopefully everyone here will agree that it's the parent's responsibility to make sure that their kids aren't seeing inappropriate content! Minors live with their parents, therefore it would be VERY hard for them to play a gory video game in their home without their parents noticing.

      Moreover, stores (I know gamestop does this for sure) aren't supposed to sell kids mature video games- you have to show ID!

      But if they do get their hands on a game like this, it goes back to the parents- if your kids somehow get the games, then take them away!

      I feel bad for the people of Australia if they don't reverse this. Valve is working on getting it repealed, so good luck.

      I'm not sure about video game copyrights, but is there a way for Australian people to get copies of Left 4 dead 2 from other countries and actually play it? I know that DVD's are country-specific, but are video games?

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    • How can this FREAKIN' happen?!?

      9 years ago


      I acidentally clicked on a link for a salad fingers video.

      WTF?!?!? How do you acidentally stumble upon that?

      I have no idea. It's like being Rick roll'd but creepier.

      Creeeeepyyyy...... smiley2.gif

      www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3iOROuTuMA fyi

    • To Charger fans:

      9 years ago


      .....ask any Redskins fan or Raiders fan.

      *cue dramatic music*

      A field goal on 3rd down at the 5 yard line was only the beginning.

      This bad coaching is bound to continue. smiley5.gif

      Sorry. smiley2.gif

    • Who needs twitter....

      9 years ago


      ....when you have an online journal.

      Journal tweets.....jweets?

      1.) I really have to pee.
      2.) my teacher needs a tin-foil hat with the consipiracy theories she's shooting off about. GEEZ!
      3.) I'm tired.
      4.) People have no internal filter. It's like I'm plagued with a class who yells whatever pops into their minds at that exact moment
      5.) How is reality TV related to Republican politics? I have no fucking idea either!
      6.) Did I mention I'm tired?

    • Wanna do a 2x monthly RT newspage?

      in Forums > Wanna do a 2x monthly RT newspage? | Follow this topic


      Who does more work than Obama?

      Post your response here.

      Post edited 9/24/09 4:26PM

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    • This is how jobless idiots kill time

      in Forums > This is how jobless idiots kill time | Follow this topic


      While everyone else is grinding at their jobs, they are STEALING OUR FREAKING PARKING SPOTS!!!!

      GRRRRRR smiley5.gif


      For those who don't want to read the article, it pretty much says that jobless morons (and the dumb strain of college students who think that they're better than everyone) took parking spaces in big cities all across the U.S. and turned them into various pointless things- like lounges and stages, and pottery classes, etc. And they sang songs and performed Shakespeare and all that noise.


      Because they are making a social statement about how cars are dominating the landscape of urban centers. Blah blah blah

      The problem? They did this shit on a Friday!!! When people need to find parking spots for work!

      People were doing this in busy cities on a busy work day! Why can't they do this crap on a Sunday morning?!?!? It's the rudest, most self-important crap I've ever heard of! I work in Downtown and had a co-worker who was picking up lunch for some people in Little Italy and ran into these jerks taking up a prime parking spot!

      Seriously, I don't care if you want to make a social statement, but don't impede on other people's lives to do so. You don't have that right!
      These people are pretentious jerks who feel like they have the right to put other people out because they think people who drive cars are evil and polluting the environment. Boo hooo hoo.

      No. I drive a car because I live 30 minutes down the freeway and have a long way to commute to work. If I was rich and could afford to live in downtown and walk to work, I FREAKING WOULD!

      They act like we ENJOY driving cars and battling for parking spots. Holier than thou crap, in my opinion!

      “Converting a parking space into something else challenges people's assumption about how space is used and allows them to reimagine the possibilities of the urban landscape,†Passmore said.â€Â

      That’s a quote from the article. “Challenge my assumption about how space is used?†Reimagine the possibilities of the urban landscape?â€Â
      I’m not making “assumptions†a parking space is used for PARKING CARS!

      Bottom line: you don't have the right to make a social statement in a way that directly impededs on the lives of people who don't agree with you. Parking is hard to find in busy cities- taking people's parking spots and forcing them to drive around looking for somewhere else to park is putting hardworking people out of the way. Just do it on a day that's not as busy- like sunday morning!

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    • Interesting non-fiction book suggestion

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      So I just finished attack politics (2nd ed) by Buell & Sigelman and 50 facts that should change the world by Jessica Williams.

      Any suggestions for a non-fiction current event book I should read?

      Generally I like cultural studies books and semiotic current event books. Suggest anything non-fiction, just not historical (I've read a lot of historical stuff and I really would rather read up on things that are going on TODAY) LOL

      Thanks and you're all awesome! smiley0.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gif

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    • Can you....

      10 years ago


      ....call your mom a stupid bitch in the same sentence of her buying you something you need.

      For example, "Did that stupid, crazy bitch buy my baby wipes?"

      Yeah, I thought not.

      Maybe someone should tell that to my 22 year old sister. 22 going on 10.

      She's earning top marks in the stupid siblings olympics.
      hmmm....... smiley3.gif

    • Frozen yogurt with kit kat....

      10 years ago


      .....kind of kills the low-fat FroYo thing, huh??

      But it's sooo delicious.

      Om nom nom nom! smiley13.gif

      (p.s. this is me procrastinating my paper for eng. 312) smiley2.gif

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