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    • Left 4 Dead 2 problems on the 360

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      So, let me preface this with saying I'm not trolling against Valve. I thought the left 4 dead 2 boycotters were retarded, and I LOVE valve games.

      But WHAT is up with left 4 dead 2?

      90% of the game ROCKS but there are big, big problems with the remaining 10%.

      For example, I'm getting a lot of framerate drop. Especially in the finales of the campaigns. It wasn't SO bad on most of them (it's noticable but I can deal with it) but it was HORRENDOUS on The Parish's bridge run. I was playing solo campaign offline and got very disruptive choppyness. It was like playing online with a slow connection. I was apalled. Has anyone experienced this as well?

      Does anyone know how to remedy this, if at all possible?

      So another big, big problem is the AI, which is really completely useless in this game! It seems like Valve has put in most of the crescendo events as sprint to the finish line runs (which I think is awesome) but the AI doesn't follow you that well! They want to plant and take out the horde, which never stops until you turn off the switch (like the alarm in The Parish or the coaster in dark carnival, etc.). If you're trying to quickly run to the end you'll end up leaving your teammates behind, getting pounced or snatched and dying.

      Also, it seems like the AI is buggy when it comes to just saving you! I was pounced by a hunter and AI Coach was LITERALLY just sitting there getting smacked by two COMMON infected over and over while I'm getting owned by the hunter. He could have just smacked the hunter off of me but he just sat there until he himself was incapped by the two common infected. Similar things have happend with the other AI characters as well. They're really slow compared to the Left 4 dead 1 AI who INSTANTLY got hunters/smokers off you.

      I don't know. I've been reading a lot of other blogs and people seem to experience the same problem, so I imagine it'll be fixed with an update, but I'm slightly shocked that after so much work being put into this game, after so much advertising, and after so much controversey that valve, a very respected company, would put out a game that's so buggy.

      Oh well. I still love the game and will just play exclusively online so I won't experience AI problems.

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    • I'm going to hell! Who's coming with?!?

      9 years ago



      Me and my sister might be the worst people on the planet.

    • I literally screamed in terror yesterday

      9 years ago


      While playing the left 4 dead 2 demo.

      The tank had killed all my team mates so I ran into the metal trailer thing before the alarm part and the tank literally disappeared and then spawned into the room right behind me.

      I turned around and saw the tank in my face. It was SO freaky! He was like breathing down my neck but didn't punch me until I turned around and literally screamed in terror. My boyfriend was sitting on our couch next to me and almost jumped out of his effin' seat!

      God I wish I had recorded that. It was so funny. The tank didn't punch me until I turned around and noticed him. He's a ninja!

    • What happened to Sammy Sosa's face?!?

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      Are YOU prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Because judging by Sosa's face it's already began:


      BRAAAAIIIINNNSSS! I Want BRAAAIIINNNSSS..... and sterioids!

      By comparison, here's a "before" picture:


      Now, before "what?" I don't know. Some say it's obviously plastic surgery. But others speculate it's a side effect of steriod use (watch out, A-Rod).

      Either way, enjoy that haunting image. You can't Un-see that. Let's just hope that the Sosa zombies aren't going to be in left 4 dead 2! They won't be in the australian version at any rate, because it's too gruesome!

      Full article: HERE

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    • Sammy Sosa= the new Michael Jackson?

      9 years ago




      In context, here's a before picture:


      The new M.J.?

      I don't know what's going on, but I'm scared.

      Please send help, and a (different) plastic surgeon.

      Taken from This article

    • Creeeeeepy!

      9 years ago


      Let's take a look at the Xbox natal's creepy factor.

    • College lulz

      9 years ago


      Sitting in class before it begins and heard some blonde kappa chick tell a sorority sister " he was really really really poor. Like he lived in an apartment or something!"

      I'm going to go hang myself now

    • Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

      9 years ago


      In a word....

      AWESOME! smiley13.gif

      Even only the demo was GREAT!

      Great graphics, zombies fly through the air when the pipebomb explodes, you can put a hole through zombies when you shoot them, you can see insides when you shoot them etc. etc.

      Special infecteds I ran into: Tank, spitter (a LOT!), hunter, smoker, boomer, jockey (which raped me smiley4.gif ), charger AND the wandering witch! Unfortunately, I was blinded by a boomer and accidentally shot her before I could get a good look at her. smiley2.gif

      New throwable, too. Boomer bile in a container. It's AWESOME because you can cover zombies (even special infecteds) with boomer bile and the horde will beat THEM up! I threw it on a tank and a horde came and starting hitting the tank! smiley0.gif

      New items:
      1.) Adrenaline shot, which is supposed to help you run through a horde. Unfortunately, I didn't really see a difference other than you run a little bit faster. I thought you were going to be able to bowl zombies over, but that wasn't the case.
      2.) Defibrilate paddles- Supposed to bring dead teammates back to life, but the swap is you have to drop your medkit, so I didn't pick it up

      The Demo is only 2 chapters of "The Parish" campaign, but I didn't mind, since I've only played the "Swamp Fever" one at Comic-con, so it was a new experience.

      Something odd I noticed is that in the Comic-con demo, you could hold a melee weapon instead of a primary weapon, but you still were holding your primary weapon and would drop the melee weapon if you switched back. NOW it seems that you have to choose either a melee weapon OR pistols, which kinda sucked. I was out of shotgun ammo and only had a frying pan to go against a Tank. Let's just say it wasn't pretty!

      It's odd, though, because when you get incapped (which happed to me because I was going against a tank with a freakin' frying pan!) you pull out a pistol, but there's no way to dropp the melee weapon and go back to pistols as a seconday weapon. Maybe it'll be fixed? I dunno, but oh well.

      Overall: demo was short (I was hoping for three chapters or even the whole parish campaign) but awesome and it made me glad I pre-ordered the game! smiley0.gif Can't wait until it comes out!

    • Left 4 Dead 2 demo in three hours....

      9 years ago


      .....got my promo demo code.

      sitting waiting to play "The Parish." It'll be awesome!

      More to come later. smiley0.gifsmiley13.gif

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