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    • CNN reporting alien attacks.

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      (This is a game of sorts. More role playing, but its unconventional. Think of is a a spontaneous story told by us, the writers and actors as it unfolds in real time. If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO post out of character, pleases post in parenthesis, like so.)

      OK everyone, I'll get to the purpose of this thread in a second but first let me get everyone up to date, because I know a lot of you have been out of contact with the rest of the world for some while and could use some good information.

      There was recently a massive alien invasion occurring simultaneously around the globe, attacking major cities and military installations. I have gathered some data that suggests these aliens are all that are coming. Its seems as if they attacked in full force as a desperate attempt to take us out in one fell swoop. They did some serious damage but there is most definitely pockets of resistance. There has been no second wave of attack. There is other information I have learned of the suggests they have no reinforcements. However it is safe to assume that there are tens of thousands of these aliens, and we know they have some technologies quite advanced.

      Much of the communications around the world are broken. To my knowledge no cell phones have been functional for some time now. The Internet is up and running, but the vast majority of sites seem to be down. I am posting this here to reach as many people as possible, as well as set up a command center. All information you have is invaluable!

      We know that the aliens are shape shifters to a degree, but are limited to a few shapes. We need detailed descriptions of forms they can take. Have heard rumors of one or two other alien types, but those are few and far between.

      We need information of movement of aliens. Areas geographically that are safe. Stats on their weaponry. Etc. I know there are limited numbers of computers out there so if you are with a group of people please start your post with your name to distinguish who you are.

      If you are near other members relaying this information is vital. perhaps you know where safety is, even better form an attack together!

      I have formed a wiki similar wikipedia to supplement this thread. Information we have verification on can be posted there.


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    • "LifeCasting" - Discuss.

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      This link describes what LifeCasting is. This link is a popular life casting website.

      FOr those too lazy to watch the video, or who cant watch it, LifeCasting is broadcasting your life to the world live, over the Internet, using a web cam or whatever kind of cam you have. It is a one man/woman "Reality TV" show. The difference between this and say "vlogging" is that it is a continuous live feed.

      Ok, so with that out of the way, what does everyone think about this? Bloggers have often been called narcissistic, and I think this is a step into an even more narcissistic lifestyle.At the same time I believe there are some incredibly interesting people out their with some incredibly interesting things to say/do and think as this medium of sharing/communicating evolves, it will become useful, and change in ways we cant think of yet.

      I'm curious about other people's opinions on this.

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    • Name one experience in your childhood...

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      Name and describe one experience in your childhood that has has had the largest contribution to the person you are today. Feel free to go into depth. This thread relies not on me but on everyone to be either something amazing or something dismal and uninteresting.


      Its unnecessary to read the rest of this thread as the information is not needed. but if you want to continue reading feel free to.

      I was reading a very amazing thread on another forum, where the original poster asked the forum members to "Point to a single experience in your life, as a child, which you can define as having contributed to the person you are today". The thread ended up with 216 responses, nearly everyone from a different person. (the forum is meta filter, a "group blog", had it been a regular forum, it would have likely continued much longer and received far more responses.) i read the whole thread, some of the better responses are later on, and as a group they are truly amazing and show how an event or even a non event in one case can have an amazing impact on a person's life. I loved it so much I wanted more, thus me posting it here.

      This thread is neither based around Current Events nor Politics, but I thought about this, and decided this would be the rational forum to post this in. This is the forum where people tend to have the more thoughtful responses. I thought it would fit better here than in the off topic forum for this reason. Also, this thread has a lot to do with psychology and philosophy, two subjects I feel fit in here well, and there have been threads based on these subjects here in the past. So I hope this thread stays here.

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    • Vote for flo.

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      Vote for flo

      Looks like at the moment shes #9. No clue who she is, I don't have an agenda for her winning other than it would be pure awesome. Don't know how she got number 9, but she definitely needs to be number one!

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    • What is more important to you?

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      Maybe neither is very important to you, or perhaps both are. But out of the two options which is more important to you.

      1. Bettering yourself.
      2. Having fun.

      The options mean whatever you feel they mean.

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    • Chess and it's applications in life.

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      I love the game of chess. It's a beautiful game in many ways. The game is quite simplistic to learn as there are only 6 different types of pieces, which all move and kill in a certain way, and then a handful of rules. But beyond that there is nearly an infinite amount of strategy and planning to learn and master.

      I can learn a lot from chess, and I can apply what I learn to my life. Chess flexes the brain the way Weights flex your muscles. People don’t weight lift because they might be walking down the street and walk by a dumbbell that needs to be lifted. But it keeps them healthy, and able to lift things if they need to, like a couch, or doing other physical activities. I don’t play chess because I'm afraid of randomly finding a chess game lying on the ground in front of my path that I must win. But it does flex my brain, keep me sharp, and allow me to apply some things I learn from chess to my life.

      Chess teaches me patience. First it teaches me to think before I move a piece on the board, and look carefully at the wide variety of options, and look for a better move. When I find a better move it teaches me too look closer and make sure it's better, imagining what my opponents next move may be.

      In chess it is important to look ahead in a game and picture the chessboard in your head with pieces moved. If you move a piece you need to then look at the board in your head with that piece moved and see how the landscape of the game has changed. A single move can very often change the outcome of an entire game. Chess is basically a mathematical formula in the form of a game. If look at an algebraic formula that is quite complex and change one period or at a multiplication symbol it completely changes the outcome of the problem. It’s the same in a game of chess. This is why it is important to picture a move in your head and possible subsequent moves as well before you make the move on the board.

      Picturing this in your head "flexes" your brain and this can be useful in your life as well. you can use the same technique when having an argument with someone. If you say something specific, how will you respond? You can picture your life if you choose to move somewhere, instead of staying put, how will your life change? What aspects will remain the same? There are an infinite number of examples I could give, but it should suffice to say that picturing many games of chess in your head is a useful exercise that can be translated into situations that may arise in your life.

      In chess you have pieces to work with. These pieces need to work in conjunction with each other to accomplish goals, with the ultimate goal of winning the game. Perhaps you are trying to move a pawn across the board to promote it to a queen - The pawn, if left to itself will probably be killed by your opponent, or blocked by a piece. To circumvent this you will probably need at least one other piece backing it up. Maybe a rook directly behind it or a pawn to its side (behind) so is a piece takes it, you can kill it with the second pawn. Sometimes you might have five or so pieces all focused on the pawn, because it has the potential to become something much more powerful. Every single checkmate possible requires the combination of more than one piece outside of the checkmated king. Every piece is vulnerable to other pieces in certain condition. Every piece has weakness and strengths.

      As in chess, in life, you utilize tools, people, skills, objects, anything, to accomplish a goal, and these are best used in combinations, as in chess. A simple example is preparing a resume. You may have letters of recommendation, as well as previous job history, and these things work together to fight for you to get a job. This is like pushing a pawn across the board. Obviously there are many differences. But chess helps you think about all of the tools you have at your disposal, from connections and people you know, to the Internet, to money, a car a pencil and paper, etc. Every time you want to accomplish anything you have to size up what you have available and work with it. If you want to get to work.. If you have a car, use that. If it’s nearly out of gas do you have cash and a gas station at your disposal? Same is true of chess, you may need a rook in a certain place on the board but in order to get it there you may need to use your other pieces first.

      Chess teaches you the importance of planning ahead. If you move pieces randomly, or only moves that accomplish a short term goal, without thought for several moves down the line you will quickly get into trouble. I know for me, situations have came up in my day to day life where I took extra effort to plan ahead solely because I thought about how I plan ahead in chess. If I am going to expend so much mental energy on a game, why would I not do so in my life as well?

      Flexibility in chess is very important. Every time a piece is moved the board needs to be entirely rechecked for possible moves. In life there aren't turns so it can be harder to remember to continually reevaluate your situation, but it is still very important to do.

      People give up and let chaos theory dictate the outcome instead of themselves. In chess if someone does not see a move they like, or an obvious move, they may give up and randomly move a piece. Be focused; don't let your opponent control the outcome.

      Life is like a chess tournament, because you have several smaller goals within the ultimate goals. You can fail at some goals, or games, and still accomplish your larger goals. With within your games or smaller goals you have to have even smaller goals. I feel sometimes I'm losing in my life for awhile, and then I get back on track for awhile, and its somewhat of a cycle. Both in a chess tournament and life it can come down to be focused and STAYING focused.

      (continued below)

      My actions and choices in chess reflect my actions in choices in life. I am always slow to start, and am rarely aggressive, I take my time, too

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    • NSFW

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      Pwned. LOL.

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    • Unitied States = Capitalist.

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      Anyone have a good link explaining why this isn't true?

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    • 2019 years ago

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