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      DREAM 3/2/13
      I've decided that in order to share a bit about myself and just learn a bit more about myself I am going to keep a dream journal here on the site. I'll start with last night (the night of 3/2/13)

      My dream began with a tropical island with some resemblance to Far Cry 3. However this was no regular Island, as far as I could tell. There were 14 people including me who were sent to this island to explore, or so I thought. There was also some sort of guide to lead us through the island and show us where things were. Once we had a small grasp of the island and started to get our bearings the guide/ owner/ instructor gathered us all into an inn located in the center of the island. Then he told us of the real purpose of being here. The 14 of us were to fight to the death in a Hunger Games/ The Deadliest Game manner. We would receive a parter and a color. I was on black team and my partner, let's call him Jackson. So we were all grouped together into teams so there were now 7 teams with 7 colors (Orange, Pink, Black, Green, etc). We were not just thrown out onto the island to murder each other. We weren't even told that. We were actually told to complete a set of challenges in order to gain the victor's prize. Black team's challenge was to escort a wounded person up to the peak of the mountain in order to have him rescued. One small little detail that I might have left out is that we all got color coded power armor (like Spartan status). Each set of armor had a certain weakness. For example Orange armor was extremely strong from the front but had no protection from the back (that will come in handy later). Back to the story, Jackson and I were thrust into this situation together and once the "competition" began I began to scavenge supplies like rope and other materials to ascend the mountain. Jackson took the role of the "brute defender" as he was much bigger than I and I was much smarter and resourceful than him. I had managed to gather a few pieces of rope before Green Team attacked us. Jackson met them head on and parried their attacks as I thrust my spear into the unprotected neck guard of his armor, killing him instantly. The other green was caught off guard by this and was met by Jackson's make-shift machete to the stomach. As a reward for defeating the Green Team we were able to get more supplies from them, but more important is that we somehow got an "upgrade" to our own armor. We now had a satellite map of the island and knew where we needed to go. I also may have forgot to mention that teams dont win this competition only a single member can win. All the rope that I had gathered before Green Team attacked us went into fashioning a way to ascend the mountain. I hooked the rope onto a rock on top of a cliff about 50 meters high. Every 1/4 of the cliff had an outcropping where Jackson could hand me our injured civilian. It was on the 3rd or 4th outcropping that one of the Oranges met us in battle. (Remember that his armor is extremely durable head on). We we clashing against his solid breastplate for what seemed like hours, just trying to fit an attack in any imperfection. There was none. I then decided to flank the Orange but he spotted me as I dodged around some bushes and lunged toward me. I spun past his attack and used my blade to penetrate his weak back armor and into his spine. As he lay dead on the battlefield I turn to Jackson who then walks up to me and snaps my neck. I die. The dream doesn't end there. I turn into a spirit or ghost and confront him on his actions. His reasoning was that I had use such clean cut rope in our ascent that I had to have cheated to obtain it, and if I were to win it would be an unjust victory. As a ghost I then conversed with the owner of the island and "director" of the competition. I argued my point with the owner to let me return to my body to avenge my own death and right the wrong that was done onto me. He listened patiently and told me to follow him to his unsteady shaky mountainside shack. We ascended the cliff face and I was told that in order to find peace with the past I must release my anger and dive the 4000 meters from the top of the mountain into the water below, wich was extremely lo-res for a dream. He leapt off first and I followed him, I felt the rush of air past my body and could feel the stomach dropping feeling of free-fall. Half way down I realized that he had a parachute and I did not. Then I woke up.

      Quite the interesting dream if I do say so myself. I do hope I'll have a dream that continues this story so I can share it with all of you.

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