Does anybody else think this is very underused in the show? Aside from Weiss the only other character we've seen use dust with their semblance was Blake in volume 2. We saw how Blake mopped the floor with Roman when she did. I feel like this hasn't been explored that well into how it could incorporate into all the different semblances or how it could really change a battle around. I know there will be some semblances where dust just can't be worked into it. Qrow is a prime example of this. We've seen Nora absorb electric dust from Ruby's crescent rose, I'm surprised she just doesn't keep a lot of electric dust on her to absorb in a pinch to turn a battle around. For example I could see Ruby using fire dust with her rose petal burst to turn into flaming rose petals. Now instead of just evading she could actually attack and plow into the enemy. I just feel like aside from Weiss it's just been forgotten for everybody else. It feels 'off' to me. Especially since Blake hasn't did it since volume 2. I'm curious what everybody else's thoughts are on this.

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