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    • slightfatigu


      3 years ago

      Hey Joe looking forward to see your work

      Can't Wait

    • Sarge10112


      3 years ago

      you're aware there's cat name Joe, right. He be feisty.

    • AgentHunter


      3 years ago

      Hey there! Thanks for adding me, and welcome to Rooster Teeth! ^_^

    • Jean110


      3 years ago

      Welcome to RT! Hope you enjoy it.

    • chris9801

      chris9801 Achievement Hunter

      3 years ago

      Welcome to RT!

      Be sure to checkout Ahievement Hunter TV smiley11.gif

    • ShadowTemp47

      ShadowTemp47 Random D20

      3 years ago

      Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Community Joe, let me give you the tour. *points to the left* Over there is the insane people. *points to the right* The trolls hang out over there. *points up* there be Brony's. *points down and to the left and right* Those are gutters I would advise you don't get your head stuck into them.

      Well anyways, that concludes the tour of our little community... I hope you enjoy it.

    • Pengapop


      3 years ago

      Welcome to the RT crew, Joe!

    • AZNRiceCanon


      3 years ago

      Welcome to RT good sir, can't wait to see your work in season 10!

    • Ronny070


      3 years ago

      The community welcomes you! We are sure that you will do an awesome job on RvB10, thanks in advance from all of us

    • Caiti

      Caiti Velvet Scarlatina

      3 years ago

      Welcome to the RT crew!

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