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    • Thank You Funhaus

      2 years ago


      Thank you Funhaus, it's been great being your intern for the past few crazy months of production. I'm glad I was able to help out and continue on the many laughs you guys have created for this amazing community. I'm going to miss you all, hopefully I can comeback soon.


    • My time as a Funhaus Intern

      2 years ago


      My time as Funhaus Intern. It's been great!

      Sadly our time of being interns at Funhaus are ending, however Nick will be returning next term from what he told me. Megan and I will probably be back later on when we are able to intern again. (Probably for the Summer if they offer it!) And Savannah will be graduating from college in the next few weeks. So a huge congratulations to her! We will still stay in contact with the FH crew, just because Jacob and Jon sends some... interesting things in our chat room.. Along with Former FH Interns,Napoleon and Jen, whenever they pop up.. Something we cannot end even if we're gone and hopefully help out the next batch of interns. I would love to comeback to FH if I get the chance to do so.

      Working at Funhaus has taught me a lot working in production for online media, and also happy to be continuing on my knowledge and skills with them. I used to work on my own making videos on the internet for the past 10 years of my 21 year old life, and I've had bad experiences working with different productions up to this point. Working with FH, just felt really comfortable. I really liked the communication we had at FH, everyone has their own editing style and it was pretty cool to see it happened in the corner of my eye. My favorite moments were we all make each other laugh through our videos and photoshops. We interns make different of versions of our photoshops that are not being shown on video as the final product. During our first week we were doing Demo Disk Lord of the Rings Porn photoshops, one of our edits was over the top, we ended up not using it and ended up redoing it. That will never see the light and day, because I don't have the file haha.

      This time of the year, FH office is a bit crazy. People leaving in and out of the office for projects, vacation or events. Which is why we asked Kel if she could do a commission for us of everyone together in one big family portrait. We all may not be together at the same time to have one huge group photo, so this artwork makes it up for it! A huge thank you to Kel! Also some of you ask why they haven’t been posting on The Know or the LetsPlay Channel? They are focusing on getting content scheduled on the FH channel while they are out of the office. They are very dedicated on producing content you fucks lovely people to watch!

      TL;DR The Funterns Fall 2016 just want to say thank you! And check out the sweet artwork by Kel!

      If you wish to follow us on our future endeavors;

      Joemar - Twitter @joemarDT | YouTube

      Nick - Twitter @ThatTallGuyNick

      Megan - Twitter @Geo_Sailor

      Savannah - Twitter @DJSavvyRad

      James Willems - Twitter @JamesWillems | YouTube James’ YouTube channel

      Thanks again! We’ll be definitely be around ! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Funhaus! :) <3


    • First month of being an intern at Funhaus

      2 years ago



      I forgot to write a journal here, but I am one of the Fall interns for Funhaus!

      Some of you may or may not know, I have been wanting an opportunity like this to be able to work in the online media industry. Shockingly I managed to get an internship position for Funhaus! 

      I have been making videos since I was 11 and being able to bring my experiences, skills and abilities to FH has been paying off. It's really weird to known these people for years and now I work with them. I've known of Adam Kovic the longest since 2009 Machinima and now I stare at the back of his head while doing photoshops.

      So far it has been a great experience and it just feels right to be in office working. Making photoshops for the random scenarios the FH crew has given us interns to make, has been quite entertaining. I am quite satisfied and happy to know I've contributed to help the FH team continue on the laughs they have made from their audience.

      There have been questions of 1.) "Will I be returning as an intern after this semester?" or 2.) "Am I going to be coming back to FH full time?" I'll be descriptive about my answers. 

      To answer the first one, I don't think I'll be returning/applying an internship next semester. The reason is because it was hard to free up a schedule between school and going to work. My commute to work takes about almost 2 hours and I am a full time student, so I take night, online classes and on campus lectures/lab sessions. Not to mention about how much gas I have to fill up every week and how much time I can spend being at the office and driving to school within the same day. About 3 days a week being all day at the office seems to be a good schedule, I wish I can spend more time there if I lived closer. It was hard for me to find a more flexible school schedule, I don't think I'll be able to find the same schedule I have this semester. *sighs* 

      TL:DR - Sadly, I won't be coming back as an intern next semester due to school schedule. 

      Second question answer, I've been wanting to work for an online media video production for years since high school. I've looked up to Rooster Teeth and Machinima for years and always liked the daily production of videos as opposed to working in movies or television. Also I love video games. I feel the online presence is growing bigger and providing more jobs to those who want to purse in media. I've been making videos and uploading them online (From Myspace, Vimeo to Youtube) for about 10 years now and it's crazy to see how much has grown. Working at RT would be a job that is best suited for me, but I didn't want to move to Texas from my Los Angeles home. I looked into Machinima and it gave that possibility to work in this industry.  Later on, Inside Gaming came to be and that possibility grew greater. When the guys became part of RT to become FH in LA. I was thrilled that best of both worlds had come to be. I know competition of employment is out there, so over the years I've worked my butt off to edit more proficiently of learning obscure and mutlicam editing, and still learning new things of video editing. I want to be able to work full time at FH to help lessen the load of video editing to the current employers, so they can work on newer projects they want to focus on at FH. FH video editor/producer isn't the "dream job" but more of an ideal job I'd like to work as. Heck I don't even have a "dream job goal," I would like to have a job I am best suited for and comfortable to work for. It would be awesome to be hired back full time FH, but that future is unknown. Just being an intern for them, I am enjoying my time there.

      TL:DR - It would be awesome to be hired full time to work with FH and help lessen the load for video editors or provide full time help on other productions like Dude Soup broadcasting. Being an FH video editor/producer isn't the "dream job" but more of an ideal job that seems to be the best for me. But it is unknown at this time whether or not I could be hired back full time. It's the possibility that keeps me going, not guarantee. 

      So for now I am doing the best of what I could do during my internship at Funhaus. I am having an awesome time and continuing on my work flow with them has been great. I am making the best of it and who knows whether or not I'll be coming back full time or another internship opportunity when school life is better.

      Just want to say thank you to the Funhaus team for their hospitality and letting me help continue on the audience and laughs they have established. 

      If you seen me in some videos, I'm that brown guy in the background and what the commenters would say "doing nothing." 

      - Joemar

    • Let's Play Live LA 2016 Video

      2 years ago


      If you are hoping to see the whole show, this isn't it, I don't want to anger anyone and having the video removed for showing the whole show. However I managed to compress about 2 hours of video into this video, I just put in the highlights from the show. It was so much better watching it in person!

      Thanks a bunch to the Lets Play Family, Rooster Teeth, and the community for a great night!

    • Let's Play Live LA 2016!

      2 years ago


      This was the first RT event I've ever been apart of. Met some cool fans from the community and someone even recognized my name from here haha

      These photos were taken from my camera, I was recording video so these are screenshots I took.

      I will be posting a video soon of my trip to the Dolby Theatre! Be on the look out on my YouTube channel! YT - JoemarDT -




      AHWU Intro by the RT SoCal crew, link to the (video):


      Let the show begin:


      The Let's Play Family:


      AH GTA Heist:


      Funhaus vs Kinda Funny:


      Team Nice Dynamite vs Cow Chop


      First time ever LP Family playing together with GMod Murder - Dan (The Creatures), Shaun (Screwattack), Ryan (AH), Adam (Funhaus), Tim (Kinda Funny), Aleks (Cow Chop):


      James Willems, from Funhaus, standup routine:




      Gavin and Geoff:


      Jack, Geoff and Gavin


      The "Oscar selfie" behindhJ6eNwS.jpg

      AH's Twitter of the actual photo


      The Creatures vs Screwattack:



      AH T.O.P.:


      Kinda Funny:


      Kinda Funny and Geoff:


      Geoff and Millie:


      Elyse, Lawrence, Lindsay and Adam:




      LP Family round 2 - The Culling - Jordan (the Creatures), Craig (Screwattack), Gavin (AH), Bruce (Funhaus), Greg (Kinda Funny), James (Cow Chop) :


      LP Family Finale - Just Dance:





      The End:


      Thanks for a great night! Hopefully I can come to more RT events!

      - Joemar DT

      Twitter: @joemarDT

      YouTube Channel: JoemarDT

    • Let's Play Live 2 experience soon

      3 years ago


      I'll be making a full journal soon on my LPL 2 experience soon! Let's just say I had a lot of fun and proud to be part of this community


      - Joemar

    • FRIDAY

      3 years ago



    • Let's Play Live in LA!

      3 years ago


      I will be attending Let's Play Live here in LA/Hollywood!

      I am excited to go and meet some of you fellow RT fans and hopefully meeting people from RT or the Let's Play Family.

      Should be fun! I'll be seating in the L section at the Dolby Theatre. So hopefully for those of you reading this journal is seating over in that section!

      See you all then!

      - @JoemarDT

    • Happy 13 years RT

      3 years ago


      Happy 13 years Rooster Teeth!

      RT has been a big inspiration for me to keep on creating. I've learned a lot from this company and I want to keep on striving more things with my content to someday to be noticed by at least one or more staff members of RT haha.. Anyways I've leaned a lot of new things over the years from doing let's play commentaries, multicam or random quick to the point editing, live action productions and basically just being yourself on the Internet. The community has been the best community (family) I've ever been a part of and I want to be able to play more than a part of just being a fan, but becoming a friend within RT. I hope to someday work at a job similar or being able to create something in RT.

      I'm just hoping the content I've been creating either by myself or with my friends, and just being able to follow the foot steps of RT's model and (dream of mine) being able to have my own video production company or self employed of making videos on the Internet.. Big dreams, just gotta keep at it and move on forward

      New things happening to RT, I'm excited.

      - Joemar

      PS sadly I won't be able to fly out to RTX, cause I'm broke haha..

    • 3 years ago

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