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    • (Almost) 12 Years Ago

      2 years ago


      Enamored by the bright lights and flashing logos; I joined RT because RvB was, simply put, awesome.

      It's hard to think that my account is almost 12-years-old; I really should start posting consistently... Like I said I would.

    • Reflection

      4 years ago


      I was stoked when my friend was friends with him, because he was the major reason that I thought about something like "a story to which flows." It's dumb when I think about it, simply because story is important, but how it flows is even more.

      I met the man at Anime Expo and we spent 30 minutes talking about the animating process for the RvB episode that changed the way we looked at everything... The epic Tex fight. How many frames, pixel manipulation, layering. It was awesome and amazing to hear how his mind worked about those things.

      Looking back, it was something insignificant, but it'll always been something burned in my mind to find the one thing I truly will love to do and to just do it because of the way Monty talked about what he loved doing most.

      About how much he loved his completed number of frames for that sequence, which was in the six digits.

    • Reviving from the Dead to RWBY

      5 years ago


      At some point I'll use the RT journals to post about something relevant to the point where people will read and wonder and laugh, but until then...

      How do you know RWBY's hit monumental ground in a really short time span? Commercialization, naturally...

    • Not surprisingly...

      6 years ago


      They have Barbara as the badass user-of-fists as their "Y".

      The fact that she went straight for the nuts to get information out or somebody AND had the character personality be playful is just a hilarious bonus to the series. Can't wait for it to be out. (b^^)b

    • My Friend Really Wants a Buddy

      6 years ago


      Decided to make my buddy into something resembling a meme today, because he wouldn't stop talking about this bunny he wants to get.


      This bunny is pretty fucking adorable though...

    • It's my Birthday.

      6 years ago


      Go me, bitches! (b^^)b

    • Apple TV

      6 years ago


      I've been meaning to post this for awhile now, but I kept forgetting (work and all that)... Anyway, I finally decided to buy an Apple TV for the sole reason that when I installed it at my Uncle's house it was so damn useful!

      Now I can do things like this through my iPad, it's pretty neat-o if I say so myself.


      I'll never understand why it's upside down...

      Seriously though, I probably should've had an Apple TV way before that... I work at Apple, yet I don't have a Mac... yet. What a strange occurrence, really...

    • Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan!

      6 years ago


      Where food is cheap, everybody uses the assistive touch icons on their iPhones (not even kidding, everybody uses it), and did I mention that the food is cheap here? Personally, I love Taipei. Haven't been back in 5 years, and shit changes when you don't visit for a very long time. It's good to be back, and the food is just as I remember it. Everything here is deep-fried, delicious, and oily. Despite all that, it's still amazingly healthier for you than if you eat anything in the states.

      I'm here to celebrate my sister's wedding ceremony celebration here (we already had one in the states), and some traditions never really change. My family likes to drink, party, and have strenuous amounts of fun without really caring what others think. This, however, leads us to only select people that also have endless amounts of fun and not give a rat's ass about what other people think. Watching the groom get hazed by a table of 50-year olds was perhaps the greatest thing to witness, as even he was surprised by the amount of drinking that was accomplished. That night was definitely one to remember, and I'm sure that until the next big gather occurs, we'll always remember the night we all watched my dad flip us off as he was passed out on the table.

      ... until then, I intend to enjoy Taipei until I have to go back. Whoosh!

    • Merry Christmas RT Community

      6 years ago


      Sadly enough, I already gave up on my 'Let's post in a regular amount of time on RT!' challenge just about 3 posts or so in.

      ... I think it may actually be because work, no matter how much I love or hate it, constantly reminds me that I have things to do and a life to live. I'm sure I'll revisit that challenge again and post on a semi-consistent basis about things that will make others read about how much fun random things are and what not (I think it's the self-satisfaction of getting noticed by others that I would want to do this) and go from there!

      Let's toast to the remainder of the year, folks. (b^^)b

    • Revisiting the Drunk Tank

      6 years ago


      TacoPowerPhD my friend, you've reminded me about one of the consistent places I used to visit; the Drunk Tank group (that has long since been renamed).

      Ironically enough, I've been running listening to all the podcasts again (in a random order, there's just so many as it is) and have brought up the hilarity of the Drunk Tank for when they didn't have a video version of their podcast, didn't have any sponsors, and Geoff was a regular on the show. This 'reintroduction' of sorts has prompted something that I have wondered about (again, probably...)...

      (-) Burnie's been pitching the whole "non-spoiler THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IN THE GAME" part for Achievement Hunter for over 130+ episodes (I hear Gus shouting "That's 2 decades of podcasts!" in the background). Despite that, the guys at AH have still yet to implement it. Sorry, boss. =)

      (-) Joel used to be more coherent in earlier podcasts; I wonder why... more booze probably.

      (-) There was a lot more reminiscing of earlier times in the early podcasts; so many references to the 80s and 90s it was almost commonplace, as opposed to today's podcast. It's when you know times have changed.

      (-) Monty's first podcast: Episode 56. It was also probably the original existence of the RT community questioning whether or not it was good for Geoff to raise kids.

      ... only to name a few, naturally. I like the new podcast (videos are nice), but my "podcast" portion of my sponsorship is partially wasted because I work on Tuesday and can't take part in watching the Live Podcast. Thank god that Apple has computers with internet for when I'm actually on my breaks. hah.

      (Sidenote: There's an episode where they thank 4chan for calling them "Apple-fags that make a great product (RvB)", and even long afterwards I thank them for being mostly Apple computer users for the simple purpose of the normal website works on my iPhone. I'm still waiting on the day they update the RT application, but until then it's nice to see the website in all it's glory on my phone).

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    • TacoPowerPhD

      8 years ago

      It seems I spend more time on the forum then I do looking at my own profile. I didn't realise I'm not informed when someone comments on it so I didn't know I had messages.

      It's not that hard to keep up. I just log in once a day and make fun of people smiley4.gif

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