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    • Rooster Teeth 12 Year Anniversary

      4 years ago


      Thank you, Rooster Teeth, for providing 12 years of content and entertainment to your community and may you continue to provide said entertainment for many years to come. Although I have only had an account for eight months, I have been a fan of your work for almost three years.

      The reason I became a fan all started back in 2012 on November 7 when I saw an amazing video online titled RWBY "Red" Trailer. From the very beginning of the video, I was instantly mesmerized. The art style, the music, the fluidity of the action sequences. All of those elements melded together to create an awe-inspiring video. Another thing that interested me about the video was that it was created by Monty Oum. I had been a fan of his work ever since I saw his Haloid video and Dead Fantasy series so I instantly wanted to watch his new series. That's when I discovered Rooster Teeth and I had been hooked to their content ever since.

      Another reason I am such a fan is due to the amazing camaraderie that the community has with each other. When I had learned that Monty had tragically passed away, I entered a state of depression. I may have not known the man but his work was what led me to Rooster Teeth in the first place. I felt like I had lost a source of light and joy in my life. However, when I saw the way that the community had joined together to honor him, I was absolutely amazed at what I saw. All the tributes, messages, and words of support showed me that this was more than just a community, it was like a family. Seeing all of the support allowed me to see that I can move forward as long as I still had this amazing community beside me.

      Finally, the last reason why I am proud to be a Rooster Teeth fan is the way that the company responds and interacts with their fans. Rooster Teeth is a company that truly sees the value and importance of its community. You encourage creativity and projects inspired by the content you create, you requested fan input in your shows like "RWBY" and "On the Spot", and you even created your own personal convention as a means for fans to gather and celebrate everything that they enjoy watching. As I finish writing this for @RTContests, I just want to once again thank Rooster Teeth for all of the content it creates and I hope to continue seeing your work for many years in the future.

    • Periodic Table of Rooster Teeth

      4 years ago


      I finally got the poster I bought during the Extra Life Live stream. I really like the way it looks and all of the details that went into it. It's a shame that the delivery personnel did not handle it with care because one of the corners is crinkled and there are little wrinkles along the top and bottom of the poster. Despite all that, I'm still glad I bought it and I feel good knowing the money went to a good cause..

    • Favorite RWBY Song/Score

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      With the release of the the Volume 2 Soundtrack, it made me wonder what people's favorite song from the show is. This thread is to discuss what your favorite song or score from RWBY currently is and why you like it. To clarify, it can be from either soundtrack and you can also choose any of the remixes as long as it was a part of the soundtrack.

      My current favorite is "Red Like Roses" from the Red Trailer. This is because I really liked the use of the acoustic guitar to initially create a sad melody but then it picks up the tempo and adds a Spanish influence to the melody to make it more suited to the action in the trailer. I also enjoy the string and percussion accompaniment with the guitar which I feel creates a more exciting tone to the piece.

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    • Favorite Pizza Toppings

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      With the arrival of the Official Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza at Pizza Hut, it made me wonder about what people's favorite pizza toppings are. My personal favorites are pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, and mushrooms. I like pepperoni and sausage because the it provides a light spice to the pizza without it being overwhelming. The bell peppers I enjoy because it provides an added sweetness from the juices and I enjoy the mushrooms because it provides a nice contrast to the meats.

      Feel free to discuss what your favorite toppings are and why.

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    • Favorite Soda Flavor

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      This is a thread to discuss what your favorite flavor of soda to drink is and why. To clarify, I'm not talking about a specific brand of soda but the flavoring itself.

      Personally, I enjoy drinking citrus flavors for my sodas. I particularly enjoy drinking lemon-lime and orange flavors but I do enjoy a good grape flavor from time to time. I always like those flavors because it always provides a zesty aftertaste along with a light sour taste as I drink it.

      Feel free to talk about what flavors you like.

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    • First Time in Toronto

      4 years ago


      So I just came back to my hotel after my first day in Toronto. It has been a really fun trip so far. We got to eat at a nice Italian restaurant and went out for some karaoke. I look forward to the next couple of days to see what's in store for me.

    • It finally happened to me

      4 years ago


      Username: JonDy
      Age: It's a mystery
      From: Richmond, British Columbia
      Sponsor: Sponsor
      Date Joined: 7/31/14
      Last Signed in: 1 hour ago

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First Rooster Teeth Video you ever saw: RWBY "Red" Trailer
      Last Podcast you watched: RT podcast #291
      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Love them all but I do like the dynamic between Gavin and Barbara
      Did you watch an RT video today: Of course
      If yes which one: Social Disorder- The Speed Dating Challenge
      Favorite RT Series: RWBY
      Favorite RT video: RWBY "Red" Trailer

      RT Site:
      Current number of Notifications: 2
      Name of first journal: Starting Out
      Name of your latest journal: Before this one...Brother's Birthday
      Last Photo you uploaded: Tetris Heart
      Last Thread you commented on: Who am I?
      First Group in your group list: RWBY
      Last private message sent to: DADDYT123

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamer Score/Total Trophies: None because I don't have an Xbox/ I don't know because I don't keep track
      Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads
      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Ray
      Minecraft Skin: Don't play Minecraft
      Favorite AH Show: Versus

      The Community:
      Favorite Group: RWBY
      Have you gone to a community event: Not yet
      Have you gone to RTX: No but I want to!
      Favorite Fellow Community Members: Everybody! This is such a good community!
      Tag 5 people to do this:@ThornSword, @IronxMan, @Kettelino, @Lamki, @Craft4D

    • Who am I?

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      So this game is basically a guessing game. The first person will think of a character and provide three clues that relate to the character. People will then attempt to guess the identity of the character. The person who guesses correctly then gets to think of the next character. However, each person only gets one guess per character. After five incorrect guesses, the person who knows the answer will then reveal the identity to everybody else and choose a new character.

      The character can be real or fictional and they can also be from the past or someone from the present. It can even be a specific type of animal. The only rule is that the character has to be relatively well known (Don't choose yourself or your distant cousin for example).

      To start things off:
      1. I am a fictional character
      2. I was created on June 19, 1978 in an Italian restaurant
      3. My creator named me after his grandfather

      Who am I?

      0/5 incorrect guesses:

      Post edited 10/10/14 2:48PM

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    • Brother's Birthday

      4 years ago


      Just got back from my brother's birthday dinner. I just had a burger wrapped in bacon which was then wrapped in a pepperoni pizza. My taste buds have been changed forever. smiley12.gif

    • Guess the Number

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      So this game is basically a guessing game. The first person will say a range of numbers that their number is between. People will make guesses on what the number is and the person who knows the number will respond by saying higher or lower. Once the exact number is found, the person who guessed correctly then gets to choose the next range and number.

      To start things off:
      I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100

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        Thanks for the comments. I hope we can become great friends.

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