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      It's been too long

      4 years ago

      Been way too long since I was on here last. I plan on being more active.

    • joshy666

      HAWX 2 review

      4 years ago

      Ok, so i got HAWX 2 for my birthday last week. My birthday is on tuesday but i got it early and knew i was getting it. It's a fairly decent game requiring much more skill and strategy than the first installment.

      As i do with all games that have an online mode, i started with the story. It's fairly solid. you start off playing as Crenshaw and you're on a runway in the Middle East going on patrol. You take off, fly a patrol pattern and then have to take out some ground targets. Firly simple first mission, as you'd expect. At the end of the mission, you get shot down and Crenshaw get's captured. You free him later, but he can no longer fly due to his injuries.

      The main focus of this story is Insurgents and the Russians. The Russians are in a civil war and you fly as one of their Loyalist pilots. The other side of the civil war is arming the Insurgents who shot down Crenshaw. I won't give away any more plot, but allow me to say there are a few interesting twists and surprises.

      Ubisoft have changed things since the last game. You no longer unlock weapons and planes through ranking up. Instead, you unlock Expreience Tokens, which you use to do this. One token per unlock, including planes, support elements and perks.

      The way you unlock new things specific to a plane is by mastering it. There are 5 levels to master each plane, giving a different thing per level depending on the plane. For instance, the SU-47 Berkut unlocks it's custom weapon pack at level 5, but another plane might unlock it at level 2, 3 or 4.

      You can't master a plane in single player story, though Co-op, survival and multiplayer you can. The challenge is that each mode is difficult. Multiplayer now has neutral ground forces on some maps that attack both teams if they're in range. And the story mode is much tougher than the original.

      Survival, however, pits you and up to 3 other pilots against up to 10 waves of air and ground targets (ground targets include boats). Each wave is tougher than the last, eventually being able to evade your missiles easily or deploy flares as many times as they like. Also, you may encounter laser defense sattelites that can take you down with even a slight glance, which is frustrating.

      All in all, i rate this game a nice 4/5. It's been improved on since HAWX 1, but still has some things that need addressing.

      On another note. If you find yourself not having many or any friends playing this game, there is a place where you can find some really cool people who play for fun and competetively over at and they'll recruit anyone of all skills and experience.

      that's me for this time. peace out.


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      here's to many more.

      4 years ago

      i'm not sure if i'm in time with this post (my body-lock has been messed up these last few days) but i wanted to wish Roosterteeth happy birthday.

      I wish i had been a member of this community for the full six years, but four is more than half, so i'm happy with that. thank you for all the funny stuff you churn out for us to have fun watching and, in some cases, spit our drinks all over ourselves.

      this is my all-time favourite community; much more lively than the likes of facebook members (which i still am, but only use, rarely, to contact certain friends) who are generally annoying or boring. i've met many like-minded people on RT and hope to meet many more.

      it's been a good four years. i hope you can give many more.

      happy birthday and thank you Roosterteeth.

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      Halo: Reach pre-ordered

      5 years ago

      i just pre-ordered Halo: Reach. i dunno which edition i'll be getting yet, though. the guy put me down for both the standard and the limited, so i get to choose on launch day.

      i had to be put down for both because i know i'll definately be able to get the £40 that the standard edition is priced around, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to get the £50-60 that the limited edition's going to be. i am, of course, hoping for the latter.

      well, i'm done gloating hehe.

    • joshy666

      Invasion awesomeness

      5 years ago

      so i played invasion on the Reach beta today. not a lot, only two games, but i got some good gaming in those two games.

      the first game i was an Elite, the second a Spartan. Spartans won both times. both great games.

      for those of you that sit in a party and talk to your friends...stop it. your team needs your input. they need to know where you are and what threats you're facing at all times. especially the guy on your fireteam. i had my teammate jump onto my wraith's gun in the second round, because he couldn't hear me telling him to get into the hill and i'd protect him. then when i went into the hill, he took the wraith and fucked off to die.

      that said, it's a great gametype and will keep me occupied for most of the remaining Beta time.

      i'll see you on the battlefield, probably. and we'll have some good fun while massacring everyone on the other team...even each other.

    • joshy666

      Halo: Reach Beta

      5 years ago

      i downloaded the Halo: Reach Beta today and played a few games. it's great so far, though it did take a while to download and it takes quite a while to find games. i've heard that the times for game-finding will be reduced when people have stopped downloading it, though.

      too many people downloading at once = slow matchmaking.

      i'm impressed with what i've seen. we can rise in rank, gain credits and buy new armour pieces...just to have it reset when the Beta is finished. not bad i suppose.

      it took me a while to get used to the new control-scheme, but once i'd done so, kicking ass has never been so rewarding.

      i particularly like the armour abilities: what's better than death from above? or sprinting up behind someone for that beautiful new assassination? maybe you enjoy stealth, to sneak up on your enemy and jabbing a fist through his skull? or locking yourself down so you can't be hurt? as Bungie said; each has advantages and disadvantages, but all are good.

      new weapons are great, too. my favourite has to be the plasma launcher. what's better than sticking a guy with up to 4 plasma 'nades? nothing that's what.

      i can't wait for the full game to arrive. it'll be awesome. i'll manage with the new playlists they'll be sending us a few times during the Beta though.

      keep up the good work, Bungie. we all love you.

    • joshy666

      SiNM: Walters' story 2

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      0900 Hours, October 18, 2552 (Military Calendar)/
      New Mombasa, Earth.

      Corporal Adam Walters was sat on the steps of the New Mombasa Police HQ, waiting for a friend he hadn’t seen in 5 years. Both of them were Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or ODSTs, the special forces branch of the UNSC Marine Corps.

      Adam reflected on the events that led him to this point in his life. Most of the memories were bad, some of them terrible.

      Suddenly he was snapped out of his thoughts by the arrival of his best friend, Corporal Josh Marshall. They’d grown up together on Arcadia, before they fought to protect it. They’d seen many terrible and terrifying things, and it showed by the haunted looks that sometimes came into their expressions, or waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

      “Been here long?†Josh asked.

      “Nah. Long enough to get bored, though.†Adam replied

      “I hear you. The patrol not showed up yet, then?†Josh asked, with a hint of disapproval in his voice. “You’d think the police would be better trained. They just going to sit on their arses if the Covies show up?â€Â

      “I wouldn’t put it past them,†Adam said with a grin.

      “Ah there you are,†a voice said from behind them. Adam and Josh turned to look and saw a short, fat man approaching, followed by a group of officers. “Boys, these guys are going to accompany us on our patrol today. Corporals Walters and Marshall.â€Â

      The small group of Police officers behind the man grunted. Adam and Josh said nothing. They weren’t here to socialise, and even if they were, they had nothing to say to a bunch of men and women who’d never seen the Covenant in combat before.

      “What, you boys forgot how to speak?†the patrol Sergeant asked the two of them.

      “When we have something relevant to say, we will,†Adam replied coldly.

      “Look, I know the Corps holds a grudge against people that are able to fight those Bastards and don’t. I used to as well, when I was a Marine, but we might as well get along and get it over with.†The Sergeant said, earnestly. “What do you say? The name’s Archie, by the way.â€Â

      “I guess we can try and get along,†Adam told him. “It’d great to get to know an old hand from the Corps, too, if you don’t mind.â€Â

      Archie laughed. “Fair enough. I’ll be keeping the worst experiences to myself, though.â€Â

      As the patrol set off, Adam and Josh donned their helmets and polarised the visors. They felt safe, but they weren’t taking any chances.

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    • joshy666

      happy new year

      5 years ago

      well it's the start of 2010. well, it was 2 hours and 20 minutes ago, here.

      it's been a good year, i think. some great things, some not so great, but a good year. hopefully a great year to come.

      happy new year, everyone.

    • joshy666

      merry chirstmas

      5 years ago

      have a good one, guys and girls.

    • joshy666

      Assassin's Creed 2 review (spoilers)

      5 years ago

      i think i'll review another game. i've been playing this game for 4-5 days and i completed it about 4 hours ago. i'm now just in the process of collecting everything, doing the side-missions and randomly killing guards. i'll break this review down into a couple of sections.

      the story of this game starts off just after the ending to the first game. you start of as Desmond, in his bedroom at Abstergo (also known as "those Templar Bastards"). Lucy comes to your rescue. you take a quick trip into the Animus, to sync with new-born Ezio Auditore Da Firenze (translated to: Ezio Auditore of Florence).

      then comes the escape. you can run, sprint and fight as Desmond here. you meet up with 2 more Assassins and go back into the Animus as a teenage Ezio. you do a few menial tasks for Ezio's family. His brothers and father are arrested and his father tells him about a secret room behind the fireplace, and to take everything in the chest that's in that room, and deliver the note in the chest.

      Ezio dons the Assassin outfit and delivers the letter to his father's friend, who say's he'll sort the situation. he tells Ezio to meet him at the gallows in the morning. Ezio complies.

      unfortunately for Ezio and his family, he father's friend is a Templar, and denies knowledge of the letter delivered by Ezio, which would have incriminated his associates. Ezio's father and brothers are hung. Ezio swears revenge, but is now the most wanted man in Florence. Luckily, he knows Leonardo Da Vinchi, who tells him of a woman who will help him and his family escape, and he can start his quest for revenge and become the Assassin he was born to be.

      the gameplay is similar to AC 1, but with most of the bugs sorted out. the controls are the more or less the same, with just a couple of added functions and a couple of buttons never used in AC 1 being used this time round.

      there are still some annoying aspects, like people that follow you around, this time, not poor and asking for money, but playing music and singing. *sigh* God, those guys annoy me. you can even throw money to distract the public and hire people to distract guards.

      the graphics in this game are beautiful. the environments are beautifully done...even the flooded, muddy town you go to on your way to Venice. it's not constantly day-time anymore, you'll be running around and it will slowly change from day to night and back again.

      side missions are rather simple. there are several types, ranging from assassinations to being a delivery boy.

      assassinations are rather simple: go to a pigeon coop for your target's identity and find a way to kill that target without attracting attention. they're usually with a bodyguard so i can get slightly difficult.

      Beat-Up events:
      teach those cheating husbands the error of their ways. simple, talk to the wife, find the husband by the way of a target marker, beat the crap out of him.

      try to beat the thieves times on a course. they can free-run too, so expect a bit of annoyance.

      be a delivery-boy today! take the letter(s) or package(s) to their intended destinations within the time-limit. simple.

      New equipment:
      apart from the larg array of swords, hammers, maces, daggers and knives (throwing knives included) that Ezio can have, there are others.

      Double Hidden-blade:
      Leonardo fixes Ezio's fathers broken blade and later makes you another. useful for taking out a group of guards or 2 assassination targets at once, providing they're close together.

      Poison blade:
      an attachment to your second hidden-blade. stick it into a guard and after a few seconds he'll go berserk and start swinging his weapon around. if he hasn't got it out yet, don't worry, he'll draw it before going on his short rampage. the target of this attack dies after he's finished lashing out.

      in Venice, you aquire this. simple to use: aim, hold fire to get it perfectly on-target, let go of shoot. a loud bang and a dead target.

      buy this from a doctor. you no longer regain health, so you either need to visit the doc or use one (or sometimes two) of these to be feeling better again.

      Smoke Bombs:
      useful when you don't want to fight. you drop on and run. simple as that.

      the ending of this game hints at another game in the series, if not more. however, Desmond leart every trick he needed to learn to be an Assassin from playing as Ezio in the Animus, so if another is made, i doubt very much that you'll be playing Desmond's ancestors.

      that's basically it. there's plenty more about the game i could put, but i'd be here for days typing it and you'd be here for hours reading it, so i'll just give it a score out of 10.

      score: 15/10 (yes, it's that good.) on of the best games i've played, if not the best altogether.

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