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    • SOS RT Family

      2 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      So it's been quite a while since my last journal and I wish this was under better circumstances. I'm asking for help on behalf of my friend Kat. A few weeks ago, Kat's mom was sent to urgent care, where it was discovered that her kidneys weren't doing so well. Her mom now needs surgery in order to improve her quality of life. A few days ago, one of Kat's friends made a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for her medical bills.

      Now I've never been a fan of asking for help. It's just how I've always been. But this time I'm not asking for help for me. I'm asking for help for my friend. I can honestly say that this is the best community ever and I'm never not proud to be a part of it. So I'm asking all of you, if you can, please donate to this worthy cause. Any little bit helps. And if you can't donate, then please share this. Help me get the word out. I've seen this family do amazing things so I know this can be done. I ask all of you: please help me help my friend.

      Thank you all.

    • The Happy Experiment: Day 2

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Today we were supposed to write about our favorite charity. That's a problem because I can't just pick one as my favorite. That said, here are, in no particular order, the ones that mean the most to me.

      World Wildlife Fund(

      This organization works on the conservation, research and restoration of the environment. I love this organization because they are dedicated to bettering the planet, not just for us, but for the countless animals that we share it with. I love that because we are losing far too many species of animals far too quickly and it just saddens me. I would hate for my children or grandchildren to ask me what a polar bear was or when did the bald eagle die out.

      American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(

      As you can probably tell from the post above, I love animals. And one thing I hate with every cell in my body is when people abuse animals. Honestly, I hate animal abuse almost as much as I hate child abuse. It sickens me that there are people that beat, neglect, or just plain mistreat animals, it's infuriating. Believe me, I could go into a conniption right now, but instead I'll just say I hate animal abuse with a passion and these people stop it and I support that.

      St. Jude Children's Research Hospital(

      My family has supported this organization for a number of years now proudly. It's always heartbreaking to see a little boy or girl having to deal with a debilitating illness like cancer. This organization works to help not just them, but their families. These people give kids with life-threatening illnesses a chance to fight it. They give hope to the the hopeless.

      While these are all large and successful organizations, they can always use more help, so please support them. They all do a lot of good in the world and there can never be too much of that.

      Thanks smiley0.gif

    • What's this in my eye? Some sort of tear-like substance?

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Just watched the latest Minecraft let's play...and felt these small feelings of sadness. It's weird. I didn't think Ray's leaving would hit me like that. Not to say I wasn't a fan, but seriously HE'S NOT DYING. But just knowing we won't be hearing his quick, dry humor regularly anymore just hit me harder than I would've figured.

      But when a person decides to move onto the next chapter in their lives, that decision should be met with happiness and support, no matter how hard it may be to watch them leave.

      So cheers to our beloved Brownman and his future endeavors!

      Now if you'll excuse me, it appears there's a new channel on Twitch that I need to subscribe to.

    • RT & Me

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      So I really wish I could say I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth for all 12 years...but I can't, unfortunately. How the story goes is my brother showed me a youtube video of some guys using Halo to make what was the funniest show I'd ever seen. We watched probably an hour of the first season of RvB and we both laughed until we cried at how hilarious and clever it was. And it was something I had never seen or thought about at the time. Using a video game to tell a story. I thought the idea was genius!

      Then after maybe a few months or maybe a year or two I'm sorry, I really wish I could remember , I found all 8 seasons of RvB at Best Buy and I immediately snatched them up. And when I showed them to my brother, his face just lit up. We then spent a few weeks marathoning the whole series together. The laughs we of my fondest memories I have with my brother.

      I decided to delve deeper into the Rooster Teeth archives and found all the shorts, the podcasts, the RTAAs, the Let's Plays, pretty much everything I could watch that was Rooster Teeth created. And the more I watched and learned, the more I realized that I love this company. Not just because of the content they put out, but because of the people behind it. This company was something I didn't know existed. Instead of being a bunch of corporate bigwigs who only care about the bottom line, these were just regular good people who were dedicated to their fans and were actively involved with them. Like I said, I love this company.

      So that's my story of how I got into Rooster Teeth. Not particularly long or glamorous, but it's mine. Rooster Teeth is a company that I will always stand by because of what they mean to me. They helped create great memories with my brother. Through them that I was able to find and become a part of this awesome community. And whenever I'm feeling a little down or just could use a laugh, I always go through and watch some of my favorite content to cheer me up.

      So here's to you, Rooster Teeth. Happy belated birthday!


    • One of those days, I suppose...

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Days like these make me wish I wasn't known as being the good guy. I've spent many years forging my reputation as a good guy. But when I was a kid, I didn't think it'd be hard being the good guy. But now I'm in my 20's and it feels like being the good guy isn't getting me anywhere. Should I change? Should I stick with it?

    • Let's Play Live

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Very unfortunately, I'm unable to attend Let's Play Live today. I wasn't able to really stretch my budget enough to be able to go. But to all of you who are able to attend and are anxiously waiting in anticipation, I hope you all have fun and enjoy it. I'm sure it'll be something amazing and I'll probably be kicking myself for missing it after reading all of your journals saying how awesome it was.

      HAVE FUN GUYS!!! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • No More Debt For This Guy!

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Just paid off my car loan! Feels so nice to have that annoying monkey off my back.

    • Beyond: Two Souls Review

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Beyond: Two Souls is a game that I wanted to play pretty much since I heard the announcement. Beyond was a game that when I heard the announcement, I immediately got excited for it. I was a huge fan of Heavy Rain when that came out, so when I heard Quantic Dream was making a new title, anticipation abound. TANGENT ALERT!!! I didn't buy Beyond immediately because when it released because I checked reviews and from all that I read, the general consensus was that the game was "mediocre", "just okay", "half-assed decent", etc. So when it finally lowered to a price where I felt I could buy it and not care if it was bad or not, I got it for Christmas and played it. Here are my thoughts.

      Beyond is a game where, if you're unfamiliar with Quantic Dream or Heavy Rain, there's literally an action for everything. That might sound boring or aggravating, but it actually makes gameplay dynamic and interesting. The game also employs extensive dialogue options that can make cutscenes and the story change drastically between playthroughs.

      The game revolves around the life of Jodie Holmes, a girl somehow linked to an entity called Aidan. The game goes back and forth between life as a toddler, preteen, teenager, and adult as she learns more about Aidan and the "Infraworld". The story is very entertaining and as I said earlier, the story is very fluid so replayabilty is abundant. Gameplay, as I said, is innovative and dynamic. You can switch between Jodie and Aidan, which is extremely fun because you can have Jodie accomplish a task herself or you can play Aidan and have him possess, kill, influence, or move almost anything or anyone. Being able to switch between the two on the fly makes gameplay that much more fun. It's also visually outstanding. Quantic Dream captured the appearances of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe perfectly, they might as well have done live-action cinematics.

      There's virtually nothing for me to really complain about, but there are some extremely minor gripes that annoyed me. Movement can be clunky occasionally, but nothing gamebreaking. Same goes with quick-time events. All combat is quick-time events and you're meant to gauge Jodie's movements and move in the direction she appears to be moving. It can be annoying sometimes trying to figure out where to move and whatnot. Again, nothing gamebreaking. And in the story, they make references to "entities" and "Infraworld" and such. I don't know why they didn't just go with "ghosts" and "The Void" or something more familiar and acceptable. Just a minor gripe, maybe it's just me. Other than that, there's really no complaints.

      I cannot give Beyond: Two Souls anything less than a 5/5.

      Beyond: Two Souls was another great game from Quantic Dream. I enjoyed it immensely. I don't really understand why this game wasn't as well received or even really talked about as much as I had hoped, but it's a very good game. And the game's multiple endings lead into a potential sequel, so fingers crossed. But I highly recommend it. If you liked Heavy Rain, I promise you'll like Beyond: Two Souls.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope you found it enjoyable and informative.

    • Writing is hard sometimes...

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Trying to get another review written up. Not going great. I don't get how this can sometimes be so easy to do and then days like today it just becomes like a Herculean task. Very frustrating.

    • Goodbye, Mr. Oum

      4 years ago

      jphefner Wanderer

      Just found out that we lost Monty. I'm completely speechless. To lose such a bright, creative and talented person like that, so early in life...

      My thoughts and prayers are with Monty's family, Rooster Teeth and to all of us who have just lost such an extraordinary individual.

      Rest In Peace, Monty. You are in all of our hearts.

      I hope you're dancing with the angels.

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    • Audrey

      4 years ago

      Thank you for being on The List! Have a fabulous day! smiley12.gif
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