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    • 5 years ago

    • Chatting with Kathleen Zuelch

      5 years ago


      I have to come off and say that Kathleen is damn inspiring. If you don't know her, and you should, she is the voice behind Tex among much much more.

      Here is @namrevlisj 's interview with Kathleen:

    • The Geoff Ramsey Experience with Constantly Calibrating

      5 years ago


      This is a kick off to a line of journals to hit. As some know, I had the privilege and opportunity to go to RTX 2014 as Media for Constantly Calibrating. So first off, here is our interview with THE Geoff Lazer Ramsey:

      First off, give it up for @WayneEMC for this interview. First, he saw the opportunity, and seized this interview for us. Second, he knocked it out of the park. He is a new subscriber here, so give him some love.

      It also gave me an opportunity to get some words in with Geoff. I managed to get a nice laugh out of him, and that is all sorts of magical. Witnessing this interview first hand (I'm behind the camera on this one), it was inspiring on so many levels. Geoff, with his gang at Achievement Hunter, made something I never thought possible happen. He turned playing video games with your friends into a living, and of course there is much more to that. Hearing his words first hand has inspired me to keep doing what I'm doing now with Constantly Calibrating, and I have a new view on everything we are trying to do. It's really hard to put into words of how this interview truly makes me feel. I hope everyone enjoys the interview, and look forward for more to come.

    • Heeey, I will be at a specific place at a specific time tomorrow.

      5 years ago


      Hello people,

      I'm sadly missing out on a chance to meet most of ya due to the work, but I will be at a specific place at specific times tomorrow.

      Primarily I will be in the media room for most of the day. I will have my laptop with me, and will try to keep an eye on the chat and stuff.. So hit me up if you are near, and I'll try to step out. Other than that, I will be at the Iron Galaxy booth to do an interview at 2pm. I am going to try to roam a bit before I have to go back up at 3p. Then I'm back in the media room till after 4:30 p . .going to try to drop the media thing and be just a fan till the doors close at RTX after that.

      Hope to see more of ya in person, take care.

    • My First Day At My First RTX

      5 years ago


      So as some know, I am attending RTX, and as media . . . which is still strange for me. I will go ahead an apologize, as this will be filled with possible spelling and grammar errors. I'm tired out of my mind, but wanted to share this before I hit the bed. The first day was a blast! Before I get into that, I will say it was awesome catching up with some sponsor chat peeps the night before.

      We started with an early look at the ground floor. We got the lay of the land, and manged to connect with a few exhibitors before the madness started. Also ran into Kdin and JJ. Sooooo many people here! With that said, getting around the show floor isn't too bad. . .except for panel lines, which sadly I did not get to attend. My day was spent running to scheduled interviews, most of which I helped record . .but a couple I had the opportunity to host.

      So it never really hit me how amazing everything was till I started preparing for my first interview. I was sitting in the media room to see Freddie Wong hanging out. Next Greg Miller walked in the room, then started talking with Freddie. Right ever, Burnie walked in the room . . .sooo I was really stunned.

      Greg Miller was who I was scheduled to meet with, and I had to work up the nerve to go over to that table and introduce myself. Freddie and Brunie broke off to different sides of the room to have interviews from other media. That is when Greg invited me to sit down and hang out for a bit while show we waited for my full crew to show. We finally set up, and I nervously went through with my interview. I do say, Greg was awesome, extremely supportive, and inspiring. In the interview we laughed, we cried, we hugged it out . . and I will post when we get all of our video content up.


      So we get back to the media room, and I managed to catch Burnie and Freddie Wong for a quick word.


      ^ Freddie actually took that picture with my phone.


      ^proof, with the rest of the crew

      So after this, we did a few more show floors deal and ran into Jessica Chobot at the gunner booth, got a few more floor interviews with game devs, and then attended the Halo Master Chief Collection closed doors presentation. We had a little time to run around before our last planned event, and I ran into Adam.....the Ellis one.


      Our event ended with meeting up with the team at Pwnee studios, who are known for Cloudberry Kingdom. We actually went on an adventure for post food and drinks. Ended up walking a couple miles to find our first restaurant idea closed. Finally found a place to grab some food and booze. Then headed back down town to conduct an interview in the Hilton Garden lobby.

      All in all, i'm pretty blown away. I can't quite describe how this trip has been for me so far. Also I may end up to make some awkward edits here. Anyways, heading to bed to get ready for a busy day two. Hope to see yall there! Please give a hello if you see me. Take care.

    • 5 years ago

    • Voice Acting In Video Games

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      Curious on how much voice acting matters to gamers as video games are trying to deliver gripping cinematic with their game play experience. Granted I know it depends on the game, as some are closer to interactive movies, but does poor voice acting ruin the experience for you? Which games does the voice acting stand out to you?

      One series that stays at the front of this thought for myself would be the Legacy of Kain series. As early as some of the games in this series hit, more so Blood Omen, there was amazing attention to detail on the voice acting to delivered the story of this world.

      23 replies

    • Me at RTX

      5 years ago


      Well I will be running all around RTX this year. Looking forward to see all the exhibits I can, and for the chance to interview some cast & crew from my favorite internet media creators. I will be covering this for Constantly Calibrating, I swear we are official . . .we have t-shirts, so look for us and say hi. We may try to do some blitz interviews across the floor with with the awesome Rooster Teeth Community too!

      Please let me know if you have any questions for any hosts, guests, and/or exhibitors. If we have the opportunity to interview them, we will try to get in what we can.

    • Xbox One Controllers On PC

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      This news broke earlier yesterday, but . . . GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY!

      Microsoft has officially released drivers for Xbox One controllers on PC. Oddly enough, Windows Defender questions it. So anyone with a Xbox One controller with a USB cable, like the one with the charger battery pack, can enjoy PC gaming with the feel of a XBONE in their hands.

      5 replies

    • Awesome Watch_Dogs App vs ingame video, check it out

      5 years ago


      I usually do not boast these videos through my journal, but I am particularly pleased with this one. Reason why, I think we are the first to attempt the ctOS App in Watch_Dogs like this. So have a gander at CurCal's Watch_Dogs ctOS Mobile App vs PC:

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