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    • RTX

      7 years ago


      Argh, I really want to go this year! If only I didn't live half way across the country :( Plane tickets, Y U SO EXPENSIVE!?

    • The Grey

      7 years ago


      The movie is fucking awesome. I'm glad I took the advice Burnie gave to not watch the trailer, because it truly is one of the best movies I've seen in a while...albeit 2011 was a crap year for movies, but even still, phenomenal. If you get the chance, go see it. Oh, and stay after the credits ;-)

    • WoW Ironman Challenge Update 1.

      7 years ago


      Well everyone. I failed my first attempt at the Ironman Challenge, I got to level 4 and then died while I was disconnected :\. I have decided to start over. The RNG assigned me a Female Troll Druid this time, hopefully I will have better luck...She's level 4 now, as well.

      Recap of the Rules:

      Get from level 1-85 using the rules below.
      Here are the Rules as we have them:

      1) No Heirloom gear
      2) Only White or Grey gear is allowed
      3) No enhancements to gear --unless a class ability
      4) No External Buffs --no food/item buffs or buffs from other players, but your class ability buffs are permitted
      5) No Potions/Flasks/Elixirs --unless needed for questing
      6) No Talents/Pet Talents/Specialization. No Glyphs
      7) No Guilds (Unless its a level 1 guild designed for this challenge)
      8) No groups
      9) No Dungeons/Raids
      10) No Battlegrounds/Arenas
      11) No professions or secondary skills - except for first aid.
      12) No add-ons that assist in leveling/combat.
      13) No sending gold or items from other toons. (bank alts for the specific challenger are okay)
      14) No RAF (Obvious, right?)
      15) THE BIG ONE: If you die, that character is out of the challenge

      -Mounts are permitted.
      -All bag sizes are permitted.


    • WoW Ironman Challenge

      7 years ago


      So I've decided to attempt the World of Warcraft Ironman Challenge, which is as follows:

      Following this with great interest on the US forums - a fun read. Have a suggstion to anyone thinking of givng it a go. Throw dice to decide your Race/Class choice and randomise for looks. Then keep us updated as to progress :)

      "Some people complain WoW is too easy. Well, for people who want a challenge, take part in the Iron Man Challenge! I came across a thread from someone named Sandinhiseye about this, and it was fairly old. So, rather than necro it, I'm making a new thread. Taken from his thread, here are the rules:"

      1) No items equipped other than White or Gray items.
      2) No heirlooms
      3) No talent points - no specialization - you may train class abilities
      4) No professions, primary or secondary, other than First Aid.
      5) No food or water above vendor-quality white items.
      6) No groups- no BG's, no instances, no raids, no quest groups. No guilds.
      7) No enchants, scrolls, potions/elixirs, or glyphs.
      8) No outside financial or equipment assistance (no gold or bags from other toons)
      9) THE BIG ONE - if you die, ever, you delete that toon and start over at lvl 1 Any takers? If you're doing it, post on that character and we will track your progress.

      Good luck!

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Are mounts usable? Yes, they have to be because they are required to access certain areas.

      What bags can I use: Only the vendor/drop white ones. 12 slot ones are available.

      Can I use the Auction House: Yes. you can use the auction house to sell drops.

      Yes, you can buy white items from vendors.

      Self-buffs are trainable class skills, therefore these are allowed.

      Rogue poisons are an integral and essential part of the rogue class and are allowed as are all class self-buffs.

      Also to add most people are using 'iron' in the character name, this is certainly not a requirement of course, just for fun. So Ironpally, Trolliron, Ironfool, Darkiron, etc.

      About randomising use dice/coin-flip to select race and class, i.e. Alliance/Horde (toss a coin), Race (use 2 dice and assign each race to a possible number), Gender (Coin-flip), etc.

      The rule is no guild for the reason that it gives perks etc. There is a work-around which is if you want to be on the same server and chat about progress etc. Set up a channel for chat, i.e. 'Ironman'.
      Many are now rolling on the Earthen Ring Server and there is a chat channel:
      Hordeside: The channel is 5. Ironcurtain, password is iron
      Alliance: the channel is 6. Darkiron

      Death is death - even by ganking. A pve server is recommended but the choice is yours.

      I think it's clear that Deathknights are excluded because of the 'perks' in place at start-up, level, bags, blue items - including weapon, and extra money. About somehow 'proving whether or not someone's cheated' we can't, nor should we try as this is outside of the 'spirit' in which the challenge was conceived. Of course it would be possible to 'cheat', but then if you were going to do that why do the challenge in the first place :)

      With a big thanks to Treeroy The Ironman Challenge now has its own forum, please visit: www.ironmanwow.freeforums.org

      Don't forget to post your progress and have fun :)

      My progress thus far: Level 1 Goblin Mage, named Swiftiron

      (click for full size image)

    • Likely Lads

      7 years ago


      Awesome new band from the UK. They just released all their demos for free on their site, check them out, spread the word!



    • My submission to the Podcast intro :D

      7 years ago



      Of course just the audio, but I figured I may as well do some video with it, hope you enjoy!


      7 years ago


      I HAS THEM!!! (and they're delicious)


    • Y U SO DUMB!?

      7 years ago


      I knew a lot of people were dumb, but this is a new low...

      www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2fHQ9eULzk&feature=player_embedded# !

    • Trying to kill an iPhone battery

      7 years ago


      Well, I decided that today was a good day to let my iPhone's battery fully deplete (It's good to do this with any gadget with a rechargeable battery every once in a while) and to do so, I opened up over 30 apps, turned the screen up to full brightness, and played music. When I started this journey my phone was at about 52% battery charge. Four hours later it's still not depleted, but is sitting at 11%. At least Apple was honest about a long lasting battery...

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