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    • Jscholfield I wish I was you.

      7 years ago


      So today I finally found my orignal Gamer Tag "Jscholfield" in a game of BTB (reach) and to be fair he was pretty good, and that got me thinking about how angry I was when I couldn't use "Jscholfield" as my GT, so my question to all you guys is...

      Have you ever been unable to us the username you want and if so what was it?

    • how bullys can make a day worse.

      7 years ago


      is it just me or is this bullying?

      check the bottom
      please comment.

    • Worst day ever (of all time)

      7 years ago


      So I wake up today (when it is pitch black still) and during the night my house had a power cut and the power still wasn't on that 1.
      Then I wait for the bus to college when my phone ring I get it out my bag just as a car comes speeding past me so fast it makes me jump and drop my phone in a puddle thats 2.
      So after a long and boring day at college I get home at 6 o'clock only to find out I got some post, included in the post was my bank statment that said my £250 that I have been saving for the last 3 months has been withdrawn for a plane ticket to some country I've never heard of that strike 3.
      So my first thought was to phone the bank but I can't do that because my phone doesn't work.

    • Lost for plot

      7 years ago


      I have spent the last 6 hour trying to come up with the perfect plot for "Agent kentucky part 6" and I still can't describe the action the way I see it in my head,

      So it might take a few days for the next instalment.


    • Agent Kentucky news

      7 years ago


      I have opened a group for Agent kentucky and I will be post all of the instalments in there so join or watch if your intrested?


    • Agent Kentucky part 4

      7 years ago


      ( because he's sorry)

      Audio log 353

      "South, wait up, please" I shouted at the female agent as she walked away from me, yesterday I was kind of rude to South and I wanted to say sorry.

      "Please South let me say my peace" I shouted again as she turned a corner. I quickly ran after her round the corner, until I was face to face with her.

      "What do you want" she said.

      "I'm sorry"

      "What, speak up I didn't hear you"

      "I'm sorry" I mumbled.

      "Come on, so I can hear you Tucky" she said using the nickname I hated.

      "I'm sorry" I shouted, she started to laugh.

      "What's so funny?" I asked.

      "You, thinking you actually made me sad" She said.

      "But thanks, do you fancy taking a walk with me" she asked, but before I could say yes.

      "I hope I'm not interupting anything" A voice said, South and I both turned around quickly, it was the Counselor.

      "Agent Kentucky the director would like to see you" he said.

      "What me" I asked.

      "Come with me" He said, ignoring my question.

      "Sorry, South got to go"

      "Some other time maybe" she said.

      "Quickly Agent Kentucky" the Counselor said.

      As I walked with the Counselor to go meet the Director, a thought went through my head, why did the Director want to see me?

      (I really didn't like the way I treated south so hopfully that will make it better as always please coment :)

    • Agent Kentucky part 3

      7 years ago


      Audio log 352 concluded

      "What do you think your doing" she said

      I had just been caught stealing weapons from project freelancer and the person who caught me was agent South Dakota.

      "You know I'm going to have to tell the director about this" she continued.

      I had to think fast or else I would be in big trouble, but the only way to get out of this is to be mean and I don't want to be mean to south because of how upset she was earler, but I had no choice.

      "Do you think the Director would believe you? He hates you that's why he did send you on the mission today" I said with an angry tone that left South speech less I had never seen her speech less before.

      "Um ok just put everything back and I won't tell" she said before leaving.

      That was close I won't try that again.

      Today anyway.

      (well that audio log 352 finished as always coment below please :)

    • Agent Kentucky part 2

      7 years ago


      Audio log 352 continued

      Something was going on but nobody would tell me, but it was good news for me because the guards to the weapon storage were busy else where and it was my chance to get some parts for my idea.

      The door security system was a simple three number code and knowing the director the code would be 636 and it was, the big, metal door opened slowly and inside was a room bigger than I expected. But it wouldn't take long for me to find what I needed because I had a list, ha a theif with a list how sad am I.

      Any way I need 3 items.

      1) A spartan lazer
      2) A M90 Close assault shotgun
      3) A combat knife

      Believe it or not that all three of these item are for one super weapon I hope, they would have been easier to find if project freelancer had a system for sorting but that could be my OCD talking, but after a while I found the items I needed and then I realised their was somebody else in the room.

      Who is it?

      (clifhanger time I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and please comment below :)

    • Agent Kentucky part 1

      7 years ago


      ( I've came up with a short story about agent Kentucky of Project Freelancer)

      Hello my name is Kentucky yes like the chicken and the state this audio log number 352

      As like most days not much was happening exept wash, maine, york and the other guys were going out on some mission again while I got to stay here and train but today was abit different south wasn't going with them which was strange because only a week ago she was in the top 6

      "hey" I said to her

      She didn't say a thing but she looked sad her helmet was off I could see the tears in her blue eyes it made me sad I don't like people being upset

      "hey" I said for the second time

      This time she gave me a look, a look to leave, so I did and I went to maintenance cuboard 003 this is were I go when I have an Idea and today I had a great one.
      In this small and dusty room their was some weapon that I have been tinkering with becuase thats what I do their wasn't much in the room just some shelfs and a safe and in that safe hold my three treasure's.
      First their was a magnum pistol with an extra large magazine, second was a sniper with lazer sighting and third was half a dozen brute spike grenades the reason I hide these is because the director doesn't like freelancer of lower ranks to use anything other than standered issue weapons and if he every found out about the content's of this safe I would be finished.
      Which is why I'm greatful to carolina for not telling him when she walked in on me tinkering with my magnum but then again I did brib her with a pistol that shots a grappling hook and atleast she didn't tell the others about my tinkering skill.

      I wish she did though so the other would take notice of me.

      (well part one's finished what did you guys think comment below please :)

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