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    • Xbox one

      5 years ago


      Might be on its way to me, about a week to late

    • Let the universe decide

      5 years ago


      So my Game account is gone, my order confirmation email is gone.

      I'm not gonna care what happens, if I get an Xbox one tomorrow or not, it's out of my hands

    • Podcast

      5 years ago


      So, hi.

      Check this out

      I hear it's quite enjoyable.

    • RWBY Fanfiction, Meet, Hunter James (Part 2)

      5 years ago


      Part 1

      Juniors night club, main dance floor, Junior and Hunter are standing by the bar, with a small table between them, one of Junior's henchmen walks over to them holding a briefcase, he places the case on the table and looks at his boss, Junior nods in approval, so the henchmen opens the case and turns it so the assassins can see its contents.

      Hunter James: Hrm?

      Hunter looks at the case briefly then looks at Junior.

      Hunter James: There is more in here than we agreed on.

      Henchmen: And your complaining?

      Junior and Hunter look at the Henchmen with a cold stare, the henchmen gets nervous and walks away quickly.

      Junior: Consider the rest an advanced payment, for a job I may have for you at a later date.

      Hunter James: I don't like being in peoples debt, J.

      Junior: I have you details, I'll contact you later on.

      Hunter James: No, I'll take my payment, and expect the addition as a bonus for your incompetence in breaking my rules of employment.

      Junior: Why must you be so stubborn?

      Hunter James: If we don't follow rules, then there is nothing but chaos.

      Junior: What is wrong with chaos?

      Hunter James: It's messy and unreliable, and can lead to your club being burned down by a child.

      Junior turns away.

      Hunter James: That is what the other job is, right?

      Junior doesn't reply.

      Hunter James: To hunt down a child, come on J be smart, if you want a child taken care of don't choice the one assassin in Vale with ethics.

      Junior: Just take your payment and leave.

      Hunter James: Oh, there is nothing I'd rather do.

      Hunter picks up the case and walks towards the exit.

      Junior is standing in the club alone, he picks up his phone.

      Junior: Engage target when I say.

    • Check out this cool little star

      5 years ago


      You know the one next to my name,

      Thanks @MstrSgtBush I promise I'll make the most out of it. smiley0.gif

    • 5 years ago

    • 5 years ago


      Guess who has two thumbs and has passed their driving test

    • RWBY Fanfiction, Meet, Hunter James

      5 years ago


      Outside a partially destroyed night club in the rain (See Yellow trailer) a person approaches the club from the front, he is wearing a brown trench coat and a greyish hat, he walks up to the door man (Juniors henchman)

      Doorman: Hey, where do you think you're going?

      Man: .......................

      Doorman: HEY!

      The man takes off his hat and looks at the doorman.

      Man: Oh, I'm sorry, I was lead to believe your boss was expecting me, (Whispers) I'm here about the thing (Winks)

      Doorman: What thing?

      Man: WHAT! you don't know about the thing, for shame.

      Doorman: Huh?

      Man: (Speaking really fast) You should really go in there and talk to someone who knows what's going on, I mean for crying out loud if you don't know what's up, then something isn't right.

      Doorman: I'm just following orders.

      Man: That's your problem, you need to be your own man.

      Doorman: Your right.

      Doorman quickly turns and runs inside, the mysterious man chuckles.

      Man: What a fool.

      The man enters the night club, he can hear voices coming from the main room of the club (Dance floor)

      Junior: Why can't you just follow orders like everyone else, why do you think you above everyone else and you need to know more.

      The man opens the door into the main room to see a mostly empty dance floor, Junior is standing to the side shouting at the Doorman.

      Doorman: Sir I just.

      Junior: Just what, huh, you know the problem I'm dealing with, Torchwick's gone and got four of my guys looked up, and if even one of them thinks to talk then we're all done for.

      Junior turns away from the Doorman.

      Doorman: I'm sorry sir, I just thought there was something I needed to know.


      Junior pulls out his Batzooka (In bat form) and smacks the Doorman across the room, the Doorman fly's across the room and lands at the mysterious man's feet.

      Man: (Stepping over the Doorman) Man J, I never remembered you being this angry?

      Junior: (Still facing away from the man) You'd better have good news for me James, I can not deal with another failure. (Junior turns to face James)

      Hunter James: When you hire an assassin called Hunter, you can expect good results (Hunter smiles) Now let's talk about my payment.

    • Help

      5 years ago


      Okay, I'm finally gonna ask.

      How do you do the @ (persons name) link in posts?

      If that makes sense

      Example @Jscholfield How would I make that link?

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