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    • 6 years ago

    • Michael and the gummy bear

      6 years ago


      Just over heard people on my bus talking about Michael and the cherry gummy bear, now to watch the video again smiley0.gif

    • Agent kentucky

      7 years ago


      Just written part 17 of agent kentucky and I really liked this one alot,

      And now I'm going to ask a question, but first the reason I ask questions, is because they are a great way to get to now some of the people on this amazing site smiley0.gif

      Question: What movie remake would you want to be wiped from your memorys?

      And I got the idea for this question for captjack8228post one hollywood runing out of ideas

    • Well the next six months should be fun.

      7 years ago


      Because I'm a sponsor now, smiley0.gif

    • I don't hate PC gaming, I dislike PC gamers

      7 years ago


      Because PC gaming is 2nd to all forms of console gaming, because PC might cost more, but try to have a lan party with friends, try to play a nice game of halo or gears or COD, 4 guy on the same machine joking about having fun, what about the feeling of beating a game on the hardest differcult and looking at that little achievement pop up on the side of your screen, these feeling are what gaming is all about not high tech computers that need to be updated every week, the joys of social gaming, the joy of the Xbox 360 or PS3, or the wii everyone has the right to have fun gaming, but somewhere along the line PC gamers have lost that.

      Voice your own opinions down below.

    • WW3

      7 years ago


      I think I have just started a war with every single PC minecraft player, didn't take much.

    • Red and blue vs the UNSC

      7 years ago


      (just an idea for a CGI battle scene reds and blues vs UNSC)

      So long story short the unsc are after carolina and manage to ambush her she has a arugment with the reds/blues and walks off only to be ambushed by the UNSC (loads of men on foot and a couple of hornets 2/3)

      Carolina pulls her battle rifle of her back.

      "It's just not my day is it" Carolina"

      Meanwhile at the campsite a loud staic noise can be heard, sarge and grif walk over to simmons, who is standing by the warthog

      "Hey Simmon's, what the hell is that noise" grif

      "It's the radio, their seems to be some interference" simmon's

      "attention all ground unit engage, but be cautious agent Carolina is not an opponent to be taken lightly" UNSC soilder over the radio

      "what they've found agent carolina?" simmons

      "good" Grif

      "what's good?" Wash (he standing behind the reds with tucker, church(AI) and caboose)

      "Oh, um nothing" simmons

      "The unsc have captured agent carolina" grif

      "Captured, ha, don't make me laugh, at best they'll give her a good work out, how many the unsc got 10, 20" Wash

      "400 ground units, with more moving in" Grif

      "Well that, she might need somehelp with" Wash

      Cut to carolina, she's trading fire with several ground force dodging all of there shots while she keeps hitting them, her battle rifle runs out of ammo, she throw it like a javerlin at a UNSC hornet cracking the glass of the cockpit, the hornet lose's control for a moment then resume's firing, it then fires a missle just infront of carolina the blast throw carolina to the ground, she lifts her head up to see that she is surrounded.

      "I can't go on" Carolina

      "Thats it really, come on Carolina you sure you can't go on" a UNSC solider(james)

      "Hey James, it's ok to be happy about us winning but you don't have to be a dick about it" UNSC (Roy)

      "Who's James, oh crap thats me I'm James, and I think we should wait another 20 to 30 seconds to see what comes over that hill, Oh I've just remembered something I've always wanted to do" James?

      James shots Roy in the head with his battle rifle

      "Frendly fire bitch" James

      All the unsc soliders raise their gun at James

      "Wait no that wasn't me it was something else (warthog music starts playing) something blue and annoying and, wait what the hell is that noise?" James

      From over the hill come's two warthog the first being driven but Grif, with Sarge in shotgun and Simmons on the back they drives down the hill and Simmons starts firing at the unsc soliders, the second warthog being driven by Caboose stops at the hill, Wash and Tucker run down the hill both firing battle rifle Epi-Church appears by Tucker's side.

      "Nice distraction church" Tucker

      "Oh I'm not finished yet" Church

      well I guess this has to be part 1 what did people think :)

    • Minecraft

      7 years ago


      Oh, that sad moment when you and your friend build a great house and then realise you've spent the whole house building time, making a beach garden.


    • 7 years ago

    • Assemble

      7 years ago


      Ok I really don't know how much longer I can wait for the Avengers, 6 more days for the UK.

      So I would just like to know what movie you guys are looking forward to this year, and why?

      And If you an Avengers fan(like me :) what Avengers are you most looking forward to seeing?


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