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      13 years ago


      sit in my room

      slam my head on the wall

      why am i so stupid

      why do i always fall

      for the wrong ones

      for all theyre lies

      the ones who make me upset

      who bring tears to my eyes

      it always ends up the same

      why dont i see

      its never real

      never meant to be

      its never gonna work

      or ever turn out right

      its just gonna end

      in a big messy fight

      true love doent exist

      its all just one big lie

      theyre all the same

      they'll make u cry

      for endless days

      they'll make it hurt

      they'll leave u stranded

      like worthless dirt

      it took me so long

      just to realize it

      but now im done

      not dealing with this shit

      no more pain

      no more guys

      im not believing

      all of theyre lies


      Friday, May 12, 2006

      Im Sorry. So Very, Very Sorry

      im sorry im not wat u expected

      or wat wanted me to be

      im sorry im not good enough

      when im just being me

      im sorry im not a genius

      or even half as smart

      but it doesnt mean im retarded

      im just following my heart

      im sorry im not "cool"

      i dont act how u want me to

      im sorry i wont do stupid shit

      just to try and impress you

      im sorry im not popular

      or pretty enough to be seen

      i dont have the most popular boyfriend

      but at least he is not mean

      im sorry im so invisible

      cuz im not gorgeous like the rest

      but im still pretty on the inside

      even if im not the best

      im sorry im not like "them"

      im sorry i dont fit in

      im sorry that i dont look the same

      or that im not as thin

      im sorry if u dont accept me

      im sorry im not perfect

      but im not changing myself

      or trying to conform

      cuz i wont be like anyone else

      i am different

      i am me

      and im not sorry to say

      thats all i will ever be


      Wednesday, May 03, 2006

      i just dont even know anymore

      i dont kno if its real

      i dont kno how i feel

      i think im going insane.

      i dont kno wat to think at all

      i need someone to catch me

      when i start to fall

      i cant tell wats truth

      from wat is lies

      they cant see the pain

      hidden in my eyes

      the tears stream down

      moist on my cheek

      people think im lame

      they think im weak

      the world, its always

      trying to bring me down

      turning my smile

      into a frown

      im trying to stay happy

      tryin to keep my cool

      but i keep screwing up

      and looking like a fool

      i need some one to help

      i dont kno wat to do

      i need someone to care

      and to love me too

    • Hi<333

      13 years ago


      Amelia would like some mods and pic and/or journal comments i will return the favor.

    • Sexxxyyyyy!!!!<333

      13 years ago


      someone plz comment my pics. thanx veryy much darlings lol. and if u would like read my poems kk. thanxxxx bye byeez
      Amelia<3s u

    • poems

      13 years ago


      you gave me a hope
      you gave me a dream
      made me feel things
      i'd never even seen

      then one terrible day
      a day ill never forget
      you took it all away
      and left me with regret

      Falling falling
      falling so free
      my whole world's crumbling
      since the day you left me

      i am so empty
      cant find my soul
      no one can replace you
      to come make me whole

      i feel like crying
      because the world's not fair
      and i think im dying
      because you're not here

      im so lost
      and nothing feels right
      i souldnt be here
      and wont live past tonight

      you dont want me in your life
      so heres your wish
      once i drop the knife
      i will be lifeless

      im sorry, so sorry
      it must end this way
      sorry, so sorry
      but the price i will pay

      Goodbye Goodbye
      Goodbye Forever
      will you ever see me again?
      No. Never, Never.

      this is it
      the story ends here
      this close to death
      never been so near

      but dont you worry
      wont even shed a tear
      and dont even wonder
      why i felt no fear

      Goodbye Goodbye
      Goodbye to you
      i will never ever
      Get over you


      new poem!!!!

      she sits alone in the corner
      and hides her pretty face
      she watches you beating her mommy
      and knowns its such a disgrace

      she loves you so much
      eventhough you bring teror
      shes careful of her actions
      because one slip, one error

      would bring on the beating
      would bring out the pain
      theres no end, no defeating
      the endles reign

      Why cant u listen
      she just wants you to stop
      but in the end
      she will come out on top

      not playing no more
      its not a fun game
      she will win it this time
      her demons will be tame

      time for the final round
      she needs this reality
      to be safe and sound
      to keep her sanity

      the bell has rung
      its time to fight
      no more beating my mommy
      No. not after tonight

    • NEW!!!

      13 years ago


      this is my best poem so far i think...

      a little girl the age of eight
      all in her life wasnt so great

      her name was Rivers Briana Lee
      wat a blessing she was, her parents did not see

      each and every night
      they wouldnt cease to scream and fight

      her daddy was a drunken pig
      who didnt want her mom to live

      and her mommy was a sick coke whore
      who loved little Rivers no more, no more

      he's drunk again, another fight
      and Rivers knew it just wasnt right

      So in her room she went to cry
      while knowing soon her mom might die

      Coming from the kitchen she heard the shot
      in only if only her mom had fought

      so she cried some more the tearrs were hot
      but was Rivers afraid? No, i think not

      Now here comes daddy into the room
      gripping the wooden handle of a broom

      River curls into a fetal position
      a half hour later she's in terrible condition

      later daddy's watching his favorite show
      and of Rivers' plan he does not know

      She sneaks into the room, gun in hand
      pulls the trigger quick, before he can stand

      Picks up the phone dials 911
      its over now, no more fun

      hiding in the closet on the highest shelf
      she then turns the shotgun right to herself

      its over now, no need to run

    • 3 NEW POEMS!!!!!!

      13 years ago


      you think you know me but you dont

      look at her happy face
      so soft and full of grace

      its an illusion, not real
      she pretends how she wants to feel

      look into her sad eyes
      that is where true pain lies

      its all just a game
      not doing it for fame

      just wanna be accepted
      dont need to be protected

      she has so many friends
      until the fun dream ends

      she wants it to be true
      but no one loves her but you

      everyone thinks they know her
      but its not true for sure

      all they see is the smile, how fake
      how could they make that mistake

      on the inside shes crying
      while shes clowly dieing

      you loved her so
      but u let her go

      now just wait for fate
      get her before its too late


      Moving on.....

      too much pain
      nothing to gain

      dont wanna live
      nothing to give

      so much hate
      its gotta be fate

      times running out
      just wanna shout

      why cant i leave
      theres no repreive

      no room to fly
      just wanna die

      no more messing around
      ive hit bottom ground

      lifes so messesd up
      just gonna give up

      good luck is gone
      moving on

      its over now
      dont know how
      but lifes over now


      i miss you...

      One day we're together
      the next day we're not
      dont kno why
      but im so distraught

      i knew i'd miss you
      didnt think it would be this bad
      not sure why
      but i feel terribly sad

      you told me you loved me
      i thought that you cared
      guess it was never real
      that bond we had shared

      Dont wanna remember you
      but dont wanna forget
      the choices i made
      i now regret

      cant have you back
      wanna see you again
      this pain in my heart
      nothing can mend

      now i realize
      it time to move on
      although its tough
      life must go on

    • just to let u kno

      13 years ago


      i write all the poems that i have posted so far so yea...

    • poems

      13 years ago



      i cry and cry
      to ease the pain
      it doesnt stop
      the unending reign

      if only there was
      a special remedy
      to make life better
      to set me free

      wishing i could
      make it all go away
      as i wander the streets
      like a homeless stray

      too many problems
      all good things gone
      nothing left in life
      cant even move on

      looking towards
      the firery gates of hell
      if im going there
      no one cares, oh well

      if i only had
      something to live for
      then i wouldnt be here
      knockin on heavens door

      how did i get here
      with all this sin
      wanna live in heaven
      God wont let me in

      down to the depths off hell
      quickly i decend
      my last prayer said
      this is how it did end



      i wish i may
      i wish i might
      lie bleeding today
      and die tonight

      the pain intense
      the wounds too deep
      i fall into
      a deadly sleep

      she comes into the room
      with a look of disdain
      then weeps for me
      for all my pain

      i wish i could just go back
      but its too late
      this terrible tradgedy
      must have been fate

      the stains on the floor
      too deep a red
      the blood stained carpet
      cant get it outta ur head

      now its over
      life has reached its end
      so sorry to hurt u
      my forever best friend


      we all make mistakes

      forget about the past
      just make this moment last

      take another drink
      love drains down the sink

      dont stop to think
      im lost and on the brink

      on the edge of disaster
      just keep tumbling faster

      too many problems
      cant even stop 'em

      need ur love, ur touch
      why do i love u so much?

      dont even kno why
      but all i do is cry

      wishing and waiting
      please stop the hating

      i cont belive its over
      dont wanna believe its over

      cant find someone new
      dont wanna forget u

      dont u even know
      how i feel so low?

      just want a fresh start
      come and mend my heart


      new poem!!!

      soak it all in kerosene
      forget what happens at the scene

      light the match and run like hell
      and if they get hurt, oh well oh well

      they never loved u anyway
      they hurt u day after day

      after its over its time to run
      and dont forget bring daddy's gun

      is it wrong to teach a lesson
      it wasnt revenge just simple aggression

      dont kno where ur going now
      just have to get away somehow

      Where is it safe for u to go
      of all ur secrets, what will they know

      you made this mess all on ur own
      or cuz the voices; in ur head they drone

      you should think before you act
      now face the consequences, the impact

      its all your fault u cant go back
      Sorry son u made a pact


      Friday, March 10, 2006

      new poem...

      So sick of all the lies
      Tired of the wandering eyes

      Not putting on the fake smile
      No more of all the guile

      Cant keep pretending
      Dont want life early ending

      Feeling so cold
      Let darkness unfold

      No time to worry
      Tell the untold story

      Please dont misconstrue
      the words im telling u

      I just want u to listen and care
      to understand and be there

      You never knew
      but what im saying is true

      Cant forget the past
      Dont want these memories to last

      Why cant it all just fade away?
      God help me heal today

      I just want to be free
      Just let me be
      Let me be me


      Thursday, March 09, 2006

      if you wait forever life passes u by

      day after day
      i waited and waited
      alone in the dark
      as life slowy abated

      seven long months
      of hopeful dispair
      never got what i wanted
      yet i pretend not to care

      my love for you
      as strong as it was
      couldnt survive
      what time and space does

      i tried so hard
      gave it my best
      guess it wasnt true
      it couldnt pass the test

      if only, if only
      u could've been here
      we might've made it
      my love, my dear


      No i didnt really kill anyone...

      A dark stormy night
      what disastrous delight

      Cold hard rain falls down
      murky black puddles mask the ground

      Shadowy clouds loom
      as thunder booms

      and to my great liking
      harsh lightning is striking

      it's deathly lonely
      living things around, i am the only

      roaming the desolate street
      no truth to be found, only deceit

      a tough fight on the inside
      im i my adversary? what did i decide?

      how long was it to find
      that my own enemy was my mind

      if i had thought with my heart
      i wouldnt have torn u apart

      im so sorry my friend
      for your life i did end

      im so sorry my friend
      i didnt think til the end

      so sorry my friend
      so sorry my friend


      Love is Life<3

      life is so lonely
      you are my only

      my darling, my lover
      wat a beauty did i discover

      your marvelous eyes
      oh how they hypnotize

      by your love im set free
      and with u i want to be

      when i think of you
      i know that its true

      you make me feel so alive
      like i can do watever i strive

      im so in love
      ur God's ift from above

      your my reason for living
      so take all the love im giving

      i love u with all my heart
      without im torn apart

      i hope u feel how i do
      cuz i cant live without u


      Monday, March 06, 2006

      Life is a Bitch but is Death any Better??(just wrote this in band class today)

      The pain
      it hurts too bad
      The rain
      Falls cold and sad
      Filling up my life
      Just suffering and strife
      The words
      tear me apart
      A Dagger
      Right through the heart
      Wont make it better
      No Goodbye letter
      Nowhere to be found
      Left without a sound
      A strange feeling
      It's over
      Time for healing

    • if u have no life...

      13 years ago


      like me lol
      then read all my journal entries..

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      10 years ago

      u gotta nice taste in music

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      12 years ago

      wat up. how u been?

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      13 years ago

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      Take a picture of your tongue to prove it.

      And its physically impossible to lick your elbow. Even Jean Simmons from KISS can't even lick his elbow.

    • shawn666

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      Prove it. My tongue is probably longer than yours. hehehe

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      PAPA smiley12.gif ins Weekly Submit a Caption game is on again!!!

      Have a Go

      this weeks image is a tough one, so come up with somthin good and win some mods!


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      wow its been a while since i was on but yea that is me in that pic

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      r u even one here anymore
      its just ur comments r so old

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      Hey! if you need some one to talk to just send me a message and i'll see what i can do for ya! :-D

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      hello im bored so i decided to say hi.

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      let me be the first to welcome you to rvb

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