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    • Bike Riding

      13 years ago


      For the past couple of weeks I have been riding my bike to work instead of catching the bus. Not only does it save me $24 a week on bus passes, but my body seems to be responding to the excercise. It's quite an easy ride into work too, get on Adelaide avenue, ride up to parliment house, around capital hill then onto Commonwealth avenue all the way into work.

      Sure there are a few annoying hills along the way, but I've discovered that they get easier with each passing day. Motorists are surprisingly considerate of bike riders too. They always move aside even though I am as far to the left hand side of the bike lane as possible. I just have to start making use of the showers once I get to work, but i've found it's far more satisfying to just let your body deal with the excersise than a cold shower :)

      The only thing I wish for on a pushbike would be a power boost button that you could press when going over a hill. But then I guess that would take out the fun of it hey? In my opinion, forget going to the gym, start riding a bike to work. It's completely free and think about all the money you'll save on petrol!

    • Public Servants

      13 years ago


      The major part of my job is providing security for public servants. If there is one job I would love to have, it would be as a public servant. I haven’t had to deal with them for long, but oh boy do they get pampered. What I can reveal of my duties is that I control the entry and access roller doors to the car park of the building I’m posted at. Now to be fair, I don’t know what the majority of them do all day and I could be completely wrong, but from what other people tell me they don’t do much work at all.

      I get to work at 6:40am in the morning and am at my post by 7. From 7am to 8am it is virtually dead quiet. By 8am I get a few people arriving every so often. Generally these are the people that stay till past 5pm. Then just before 9am there is a mad rush of people arriving all at once. These people will start leaving from 2pm in the afternoon. I should also mention that some of them have very fancy cars (one guy has a sporty yellow Porsche!)

      Then all throughout the day people come and go consistently. There are quiet stages of course, but these don’t last very long at all. They also get 1-hour lunches plus flex time etc. It seems that some of them only work five hours a day. The building comes with luxuries too. It comes complete with showers in the bathrooms, and also dedicated changing rooms with showers much like you find at the gym, 24-hour security (not that I mind that part).

      Not to mention some of the things I’ve seen them throw out. Folders that are completely usable, books in brand new condition just get dumped for some odd reason. Just today someone put a perfectly working keyboard & mouse on top of the garbage hopper.

      I’ve heard people who work in the government who just surf the net all day long pretending to work. What really gets me is how they go on expensive business trips, (which include paid accommodation) when they have several conference rooms in the building decked out with two massive plasma screen TV’s for video conferencing. Our hard earned tax dollars going to waste right there.

      I strongly believe if anyone who has been in the public service for several years had to go out in the real workforce, they would get a nasty shock. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of them I deal with daily are very nice people and easy to get along with, and they let me get away with quite a bit. I just think they could do without some of the luxuries they receive, especially when the people who pay their salaries work their ass off all day only to get slugged hundreds of dollars in tax each pay. One pay I paid around $700 in tax alone! That’s ridiculous!

      I hope there is a major shake up in the public service, hopefully then our taxes will go down even just a little bit. I wouldn’t wish a job loss on anyone, but in my opinion the public service is looked after just a bit too much, and we pay far too much tax!

    • One thing I dislike about women

      13 years ago


      /rant on

      One thing I dislike about women is the fact that they are constantly talking about their boyfriend/partner/husband. One such example that pisses me off is your talking to a chick and seem to be getting along with her until she says the thing us single guys dread the most "you know my boyfriend blah blah". I mean really, what makes you want to think we want to hear about your partner so much?

      In my experience there is no sense in getting to know a woman if she has someone already. Unless you were friends with her before the partner, there will only be complications involved because the partner will always be jealous/suspicious of your friendship, with the added bonus of the guy always thinking (or hoping) that there might be a chance that he can score.

      I've had three such occurances in the past month. The girl I was getting to know at work, I found out through a fellow workmate (security guy) that he overheard her talking to a work colleague that she was getting married. I couldn't help thinking, why is she being so friendly to me then if she's getting married anyway? Now I'd just rather not talk to her at all.

      Then there were two chicks I was interested in at my local supermarket until they said the dreaded words "you know my boyfriend blah blah". In my opinion men & women cannot be "just friends". It's impossible. God created man & woman to procreate pure and simple. Women may think they are "just friends" with guys, but guys always have the thought in the back of their mind that their might be a chance of sex or a relationship. Of course, you can be friends with a woman if your in a relationship with her, but I think it's not possible to have a 100% pure plutonic relationship with a woman if your a man.

      It just amazes me that women these days on one hand say they want to be 100% independant, but on the other hand all they ever talk about is their partner. Maybe it's just me but I'm sick of hearing about the partner, because he's got what I (and many other guys) don't have.

      /rant off.

    • Thought of the day

      13 years ago


      Valentines Day is referred to by single people as Singles Awareness Day.

    • Quick Question

      13 years ago


      Which is this: if a girl verbally (but subtly) expresses that she noticed your absense, does that mean she is keen on you?

      Reason I ask is, this morning at work I got relieved for a quick break around 8am, usually the time this girl rides into work who has been talking to me a lot. I was getting my breakfast. Anyway, this afternoon she said to me "you wern't here this morning?" to which I responded, yeah was just getting my breakfast.

      This has never happened to me. Does it mean she noticed my absense and missed seeing me (ie interested in me) or was just curious?

    • Interesting Development

      13 years ago


      Ever since I arrived back in Australia, my ex wife's two best friends (both female) have been keeping in contact with me via email, even though I hardly ever hear from my ex wife (it's been five months now). Anyhow, one of them is currently planning a trip to Australia in July this year. She's not really sure where she wants to go yet, but Canberra is a possibility.

      So she asks me if she could stay with me if she did make it to Canberra. Since I have a 2nd bedroom which is only really used as my computer room, I said yes of course. Would be good to catch up as I always got along well with both of them. I've just always found it interesting that they both keep in touch with me.

      I guess it makes you think, the ex's that are so up themselves that they don't even keep in contact with you after you breakup were not really worth while knowing in the first place. At least I can take some comfort that I still have three good friends from Canada, my old boss who still talks to me and my ex wife's two best friends. Too bad they don't live here, then I would at least have some friends to hangout with here :).

    • What Is Wrong With Me?

      13 years ago


      I'm having absolutely no luck on www.aussiematchmaker.com.au. From Jan 16th to Jan 30th, 43 unique women have checked out my profile. Out of that, I managed to score 1 date. The date went well, but after I got an sms from her saying basically that she wasn't ready to trust someone again or start over after a recent marriage breakup. She assured me to no end before we met that she was ready to move on and find someone new.

      I've sent about 200 messages and about 100 winks to women (all of them different people) on this site, half either check out my profile and don't even bother responding, and the other half reply with "Sorry, your not what I'm looking for".

      I know it's not the fact that I smoke, because half of the messages I sent are to smokers. So that leads me to think that either I must be one ugly son of a bitch, or the women in Canberra are so incredibly snoby and picky that they're only after the "tall dark & handsome, an outgoing personality, has loads of money, mummies boy etc etc" type.

      I don't get it. What is it about me or my profile that turn women off? The way I see it I'm way better than half the losers out there, I have a stable job, a place to live, can pay the rent & bills on time and put food on the table every night.

      Please, can someone tell me honestly what is wrong with me? Am I undatable? Ugly? Unattractive? What? I've almost run out of women to contact on that site. Even in real life, women never give me a second look. I'm just about ready to give up. Below are two links. One to an image of me, the other to my profile. I welcome all constructive critisism because I'm so desperately lonely that I'm at my wits end :(

      Me In Uniform

      My profile on Aussie Match Maker

    • Frustrated

      13 years ago


      So I decided to join aussiematchmaker.com.au again. Over the past month I've sent messages/winks to about 50-100 different women. Out of that lot only 1 woman has replied positively, but she has two kids and lives in Goulburn. The kids bit I don't really mind that much even though I would prefer to have my own with someone who doesn't have any kids. Am I really that bad? Or ugly? Have a look for yourself:


      That is my profile on that site. It can't be the smoking because the majority of people I messaged were smokers. What am I doing wrong? Or are Canberra women just incredibly picky!? Notice the one who replied with a message lives in NSW, not Canberra (the ACT).

    • Fate

      13 years ago


      Hands up who here believes in fate? The reason I ask is because after so many failed relationships, I believe that for some reason which is yet unknown to me, fate has decided that I shall forever remain single and alone. Let me explain. In every relationship I've ever been in, my partner has found some reason why they cannot be with me. And usually it's almost always my fault.

      However, it takes two to tango. I believe no one person can be at fault in a relationship. There are two sides to everything in life, but if fate has decided that you are not meant to be with that person, then it will find a way to destroy the relationship. I mean, I'm not a bad person. Okay, I admit I have a few bad habits, but don't we all? That is what makes us human and seperates us from each other. If everyone who was a couple had the same/similar personality traits, that would be pretty boring. What's the point in being with someone who is so similar to yourself? That is the comfort zone and will ultimately lead to the destruction of that relationship.

      My observations of people have lead me to the following conculsions. There are two different types of people in life. Those that strive to find someone but never do because they are the ones looking for it. Remember the age old saying "it'll happen when you least expect it". That is fate talking. Then, there is the person who will settle for just about anyone because they themselves are afraid of being alone. For some reason fate has ignored this type of person and attacked the vunerable.

      Those that settle will never truely be happy. They will believe they are in love, but in reality they are only in love because they are so terrified of being alone that they will love just about anyone who will accept them.True love does not happen overnight, or in a month, or a year. It takes years to develop. You cannot just fall in love with someone because they are good looking, or well off financially, or because your parents adore them (ie mummy boy syndrome). You fall in love with them over time after getting to know them in intense detail.

      I say all this because yesterday I had the courage to ask Belinda out. All day I waited for her to exit the building to go home, because that is when our talks are the best. I didn't ask directly, I had some lead up questions like "what are your plans this weekend". She responded that she was going to Wangaratta in New South Wales which was a 10 hour drive from Canberra. Instantly I knew that asking her out for a drink was pointless because she wouldn't be here.

      That is fate interfering again. Why does fate have it in for me? Is there something I'm not knowing about? I am not a horrible person. I deserve to be with someone special just like everyone else. So why does fate have it in for me? Does anyone else have the same experience? Please share if you do because I am rapidly losing hope!

    • I'm doing it again

      13 years ago


      You may all remember awhile ago I mentioned a nice young lady called Belinda who rides into work at the ATO. She's the only one out of lots of women who come and go to the carpark who actually stops and talks to me. Anyway, so far she hasn't mentioned anything about a boyfriend at all, or given any indication that she is seeing someone.

      So.... I'm starting to get up the courage to ask her out for a drink. She just seems genuinely interested in me and always looks me directly in the eye when she talks to me. And damn is she good looking too, and a red head at that :).

      What do you all think? Should I go for it? My fears are that if she says no there might be an awkwardness all the time afterwards, but if I do nothing I may miss out. There's also the issue of asking a staff member where you work out. I'm just not content with being alone.. I'm not going to settle for just anyone, but I do notice when I think women take an interest in me. Would like to know what you all think?

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      goddamn dude! nice assortment of disses!

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      Hi ya! I can tell you you really like those catastrophic natural disaster movies! Those were so good in the theaters. Very cool.

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      meet the fockers was cool

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      check the journal

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      garfield is the bomb

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