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    • Soooo...

      8 years ago


      Some shit has been going down for me over the past week.
      I just though I would put it out there, that I am currently living somewhere with no internet, and I find myself with nothing to do all weekend.
      My iPhone has terrible reception here, but I am grateful that they worked in the "Personal Hotspot" functionality into the iOS (because that means that every now and then i get to hop on and very slowly check my updates.)

      I am now going stir crazy. As an example I just checked how long it would take for me to drive to... Canberra, Melbourne and Lake Eyre... Road trip time I think.

      Time for me to do something ridiculous. I think it has been far far far too long.

      Anyway, that's my vague whine for the day.

      If anyone has any ideas as to what I can do with myself this weekend, feel free to let me know!!


    • FUCK!

      8 years ago


      I think the title says it all...

      ef em el?


      8 years ago


      The best and most exciting part of my weekend!!

      RTOZ tickets are on sale!

      AND I WAS NUMBER FUCKING 1!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • It's Monday. And you all know what means

      8 years ago


      It's the slowest day of the god damned week.

      It also means that the weekend is now over. Sadface.
      Which is totally shit. Because I had a fucking awesome one.
      Granted, I was supposed to look at an apartment in Chippendale on Saturday morning, which I didn't get to because it turns out Sydney city has NO PARKING. smiley5.gif
      And that kinda kicked it off in a bad way.

      However, it was quickly salvaged! As I then journeyed out into the western suburbs of Sydney and found some fantastic people. They took me on a magical journey, to a place called 'Castle Towers', where we Om Nom Nom'd (some more than others smiley6.gif ) and watched a movie!
      We then just hung out for a while and eventually made the decision to get some more eating done.
      We discovered a magical dish, that can thwart even the most seasoned of Om Nom'ers!
      Alas it was then time to begin the treacherous journey home.
      As my party slowly dwindled in size I found myself becoming more tired by the second.
      When the time came for my party to be disbanded, I was caught unawares by a trap!
      Alas, I did not end up leaving Sydney 'til much much later than I had planned (which i am totally fine with! 100% worth it!!). When I finally left I had a perilous journey home, battling Microsleeps and Narwhals along the way.
      Thankfully I discovered something amazing. I found that if I put my headphones in, and sung along to my music REALLY REALLY loud, I was less vulnerable to those dangerous assailants.


      I finally made it home, in the wee hours of the morning, and slept for hours upon hours.
      Then spent my Sunday playing Xbox and re-mother-fucking-laxing (don't be jealous). Right up to the point where I had to go and spend 2 hours staring at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (What a hard life).

      All in all, pretty fucking sweet weekend, and I cant wait to do it all again.

      Now... I must go and put on some pants! It's nearly work time!

    • It's Friday, That Means It's Casual Day.

      8 years ago


      And I can finally wear my "It's a legitimate strategy" shirt.
      So Happy.

      Also, My weekend begins at 9 o'clock tonight!!

      Cant wait.
      Fuck yeah.

    • Gooooooooooooood Morning!

      8 years ago


      Well hey there.
      I totally slept in today smiley5.gif

      Now I only 'just' have enough time to listen to the drunk dank before I get ready for work. Gosh!
      So it's been a little while since I put up a journal, and I just thought I would catch you all up.

      So I've been looking at new jobs and new houses in Sydney lately and so far I have had one job offer... and I have another freakin apartment to look at this weekend.
      On the plus side, after looking at that place, I get to head out west and visit some of my new fantastic friends! Then I get to go home after such a fucking long day, and visit some of my old fantastic friends!

      Yeesh. Work sucks, as usual. I can't fucking wait to find a new job, and all I need is for my boss to pull her head out of her ass and approve my transfer to Sydney before my fucking probation is up. So annoying!

      Oh fuck! I nearly forgot!
      RTOZ!!! Hurry the fuck up!!! God I want it to be October already, this is seriously like the one thing I am looking forward to this year, and I Can Not Fucking Wait. 10 weeks! That's 10 too many.
      Ahhh well, back to counting down the days.

      Anyway, I guess its time for me to go and get ready... Fucking yay. smiley0.gif
      Stay classy boys and girls.



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