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    • Bravely Default Abilink/3DS Friend Codes

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      For all of you who play Bravely Default, you know there is a huge benefit to adding friends and updating the population of your town. Use this page to share your 3DS friend cod, discuss strategy, or just brag about your population size. If adding friends, be sure to let everyone know your adding them and wish to share information.

      My code: 1478-4490-0194

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    • Art reviews

      5 years ago


      Tomorrow I am applying my MFA towards the various art books of games I have collected recently. I will post some links up tomorrow for them.

    • Do not use Netfirms.com for your domains

      5 years ago


      Just a public service announcement, do not use Netfirms.com for any website. It didn't inform me of my site being expired and closed it down. 30 days waiting period before I can get it up again.

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    • Schwab's 2013 Games of the Year

      5 years ago


      This will be my first written list of games of the year. This represents my personal experience with games this year and is limited to those I have played this year. There are many more games that I wanted to add to this list, but there was no point in adding more than 5. It is organized for dramatic effect, from 5 to 1. Enjoy!

      5. Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition


      This game played such a large part of my life in 2003 that revisiting the Enhanced Edition this year was a long needed experience. The game itself is filled with a lifetime of experiences based on your personal choices and investments into your character. Every new way I play the game brings me new paths and choices that I didn't know were part of the game. While I would preach the good qualities of this game to anyone interested, I know that it is still an older game and a remastered game shouldn't take away the top slots in this list.

      4. Tomb Raider


      Being a kid in the 90's, Lara Croft was a untouchable idol that I was embarrassed to look too long at. This game transforms our ideas of what Lara Croft is into a hardy and capable woman that continues to get the shit kicked out of her at nearly every cut scene. With a story that is strong and refreshing to the series this game only suffers from a all to familiar game play that recalls Uncharted. The multilayer was also fun but lacked dedication from many players was challenging to advance far without series effort. With continued playing, it turned into a worthy game and experience to make it onto my list.

      3. Dead Space 3


      Poor Isaac Clarke, this guy can't get a day off. I have been heavily invested into the Dead Space series and this game was an excellent ending to a series that has kept my continued interest. I would not describe myself as a strong horror fan or even shooter fan, but this game series keep my interest through what I normally am not drawn towards. Dead Space 3 has a great crafting system and excellent gameplay that flows throughout the game. A few bugs and glitches slow my full enjoyment of the full experience. The co-op is one of the few out there that is enjoyable and not demanding within the game. I am hopeful for more in the series and okay with anyway they take the series.

      2. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


      Being a Zelda fan since I was old enough to press a button, I will always play the latest games in the series. Honestly it came down to Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds but I knew I could only choose one Zelda title for this list. The concept for this recent game puts it at #2 and it lacks nothing I would want from a Zelda game. The use of spotpass and play coins on the 3DS make it more enjoyable and communal as I can engage with other players as I have never done before. The new way to approach dungeons and levels frees the player within a very short amount of time to allow exploring and the engagement with characters in the story.

      1. The Last of Us


      This game will be at or near the top of every list this year and there is a good reason for that. It deserves the honor of #1. With a unique and compelling story that draws you into the welfare of two people that are in constant danger. This story continues to pull me back in when I have a moment to dedicate to the unique online multiplayer or that main story. This is one of the only games I have preordered and one of the very few I keep ready to play at any moment. Naughty Dog has outdone themselves with this title and helped bring "zombies" back as a refreshing enemy. Yes we can all groan at that idea of zombies returning, but we can't ignore how compelling they are to the story.

      While I hope I will say Last of Us 2 will be at the top of my list when it comes out, I only encourage developers and writers to challenge me now and create a story that will make it to #1 next year![/img]


      5 years ago


      Episode of Action Fiction has 1,500 views now in just a matter of 2 weeks! Very happy for this and I hope it continues!

      check it out!


    • Stop Motion Animators

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      Having looked through the forums I didn't discover a place for stop motion animators or similar creators to post on. Although it is a niche field, I wanted to open the discussion for this topic. Anything from simple YouTube clips to major films such as, of course, Nightmare before Christmas.

      I recently continued my own work within this area with a stop motion of Master Chief on air guitar. There really is no reason for it, just that I had a figure with some good articulation and urge to make something. youtu.be/GB7tZicJBdw

      Share your favorites or your own work here. Discuss topics and troubleshoot ideas with others.

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    • Sharing YouTube Subscribers

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      I recently started to push for more content on my YouTube page for my latest series Action Fiction!. With all of the content out there online I have found it difficult to gain subscribers. I wanted to start this thread into order to promote my own, but also get subscribers for others. The idea is, post your YouTube channel and subscribe to anyone else that has posted their own page. This way we can all gain subscribers and spread our content.

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    • Creative Grounds to Use Content

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      I have created a new YouTube series titled "Action Fiction" using action figures to create a very awkward fan fiction. You can see the latest episode here.

      This series uses action figures that I have to create awkward conversations between characters from video games. It is silly, simple minded, and just what I need to unwind after graduate study. My questions concerns proceeding to become a YouTube partner as the series grows in popularity. This characters are from already existing narratives and thus are property a company. However since I am using my own creative processing to weave a new narrative, I see this on the grounds of fan fiction. I don't foresee selling merchandise in the future but generating ad revenue from YouTube.

      What do you think of this and let me know what your own experience has been in the area.

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