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    • one word: ouch

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      so...getting le tonsils yanked tomarrow morning (ick...have to wake up at 5am). Wish me luck!
      ***EDIT*** Good news--I did not die. Yayness. I do, however, have a bitch of a sore throat. Really, this is better than tonsilitis, but barely. Oh, and my voice sounds funny. At least it knocked me on my ass long enough to get some rest...much needed rest. I am pretty much forced to not do anything, which is nice. Basically, I have to sit around and watch movies/tv, play video games, and play on the computer. That considered, the pain isn't so bad!

    • The things I will miss the most:

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      Here it is...the top ten things I will miss the most about St Charles.

      10)SCW Band Program
      9)Working at Lowes
      7)Sledding at McNair Park
      6)Lowe's Friends
      5)Youth Group
      4)Church friends
      3)Sunset walks at Fountain Lakes Park
      1)the Erin

      yeah...I really had to work to come up with 10. Can you tell?

    • Yay for Collegey Goodness!

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      I got my college schedule and rooming assignment! I am freeeking stoked!

      MUSI 130: Music Analysis I
      MUSI 132: Aural Skills in Music I
      MUSI 147: Ensemble-Jazz Lab
      SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II
      HLTH 195: Lifetime Health and Fitness
      MUSI 174: Woodwind, Lower Div.-Saxophone
      MUSI 153: Basic Keyboarding Skills I
      MUSI 148: Marching Band
      HLTH 196: Excercise by Gaming
      MUSI 148: Concert Band

      I also went shopping today! I got a lot of my dormish goodness today! I am so 'sited!

      EDIT: wow...that really makes me look like a band nerd! I guess that is why I am going to teach HS Band! BAND NERD FO LIFE!!!!!

    • howdy again...

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      Wow...I have taken my sweet time posting again, haven't I?
      So, went to warped tour, and had a blast.
      I have rave reviews of Stutterfly. They were awesome in concert, even though they were canadian (j/k sHa). But they were really good on their new cd as well. They are rapidly becoming one of my fav bands.
      One of my new hated bands is Valient Thorr. They suck. Period. If you don't believe me, listen to their audio on their site.
      One of the few dissapointments of the day, other than Valient Thorr, was suprisingly My Chemical Romance. They didn't sound bad, but they had absolutely no stage presence. I was expecting a far better show from them. At least they have good music, or their show would have sucked hardcore.

      Also my cousin was in town. I hung out with her yesterday afternoon, and had some level of fun. She asked what there is to do around here, so I mentioned the only three things I could come up with in this hole of the city. Minigolf ("it's too hot"), Movies ("I've seen them all") and the Mall (enthused "OK!"). We went to the Saint Louis Mills, the best entertainment/mall complex here. I forgot how much of a girlie girl she is, and I should have realized that this was a mistake. We spent about a total of three hours in clothing stores (what? I'm not used to this. What can I say? I am spoiled...)
      Then we went to food at my favorite trendy little pasta house...good times.

      thats about it.

    • ...then I'll start back at one....

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      Happy one-year aniversarary, Erin!
      It has been a wonderful trip around the sun with you, and I think that it would have sucked without you
      (this is about as sappy as I am going to get. deal with it.)

      *attack hug*

      "Back At One"

      Its undeniable...that we should be together...
      Its unbelievable how I used to say that i'd fall never
      The basis is need to know, if you don't know just how I feel,
      Then let me show you now that I'm for real...
      If all things in time, time will reveal...

      One...your like a dream come true...
      Two... jus wanna be with you...
      Three... girl its plain to see...that your the only one for me...
      Four...repeat steps one through three...
      Five... make you fall in love with me...
      If ever I believe my work is done....then I start Back at One.(yeah)

      So Incrediable...the way things work themselves out...
      And all emotional, once you know that its all about babe...
      And undesirable...for us to be apart...
      Never would of made it very far...
      Cause you know that you got the keys to my heart

      One...your like a dream come true
      Two... jus wanna be with you
      Three... girl its plain to see..that your the only one for me
      Four...repeat steps one through three
      Five... make you fall in love with me
      If ever I believe my work is done....then I start Back at One......

      Say farewell to the dark night...I see the coming of the sun...
      I feel like a little child..whose life has jus begun...
      You came and breathed new life
      Into this lonely heart of mine...
      You threw out the life line...just in the Nick of Tiimmmeeee.....

      One...your like a dream come true
      Two... jus wanna be with you
      Three... girl its plain to see..that your the only one for me..girl and...
      Four...repeat steps one through three
      Five... make you fall in love with me
      If ever I believe my work is done....then I start Back at One.

    • My internet makes me sad.

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      So...big storm on friday night. So big, in fact, that it managed to knock out my cable internet. Not the cable on the tv, just the computer. Go fig.
      Anyway, after about two days of tinkering with it, we figured out that it was the new router. Mayhaps this bears explanation. We have a rather complex router system for reasons that are too complex to explain in breif. At any rate, here is the hierarchy of routers.
      Cable Modem
      >D Link Router
      >>XBox Live
      So...I was playing xbox earlier, and I was able to get on XBL, and I was like, WTF, mate?
      So...h'ok...I fix. Hooray!

      So...grad party was a blast...I made off with well over 1500.00 in cash/checks, plus the following....
      HP Office Jet
      2005 Mustang r/c car
      50.00 to Borders
      ? to Target
      15.00 to Best Buy
      a stuffed owl
      a memory box
      15.00 to iTunes.com
      and, perhaps most importantly,
      a freeeking iPod! I am so stoked!

      so there you go.

    • rock links

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      So...one of my favorite indie labels, Takeover Records, has a lot of cool stuff goin on, so check this link out.


      Also, here are some links to my top 3 fav bands:
      My Chemical Romance
      Bowling For Soup

    • And the grad gifts keep coming in...

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      Current tally:
      $150 in checks
      $20 in cash
      HP OfficeJet Printer (appx $160)

      The only gifts I know/think I know that I am getting is
      a Window AC Unit
      an iPod Mini
      inevitably, more cash.
      I graduate in about 14 1/2 hours.
      My party is next saturday.
      If you, for whatever obscure reason, should happen to be in the 'burbs of STL, you should come.
      I am going to be up for the next 42 Hours straight.
      I hope I don't pass out at the GradNite Lockin!
      Wish me luck!

    • Grad Presents / some updates...

      14 years ago

      jxdalton BIGBITE CEO

      Grad Presents rcv'd to date:
      $20 check
      HP OfficeJet Printer
      Speaking of the Printer, who the hell makes a printer that doesn't ship with any fucking usb cables to connect to the goddamn computer? HP Of Course! *grumbles*assholes*grumbles*

      I finally got around to picking up tickets for Warped Tour. Why do they (UMB Bank Pavillion) charge a "convienience charge" at a box office? A convienience charge is when you order the goddamned tickets. I went across the river and ten miles away. This hardly seems convienient. Whatever.

      I got my wireless router! I am so happy. This whole "surf from anywhere" thing is so freeing. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I am posting from the toilet.
      Just in case.

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