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    • im at the emergancy room... :(

      13 years ago


      waiting to see the doc and im on the computer here.. yay! they finally got a computer at the ER.. what is the world coming to these days.. >>;;
      DON'T LOOK AT MY PICS!!!!!

    • More....

      13 years ago


      ive been asked though IM to post more pics...
      maybe i should delete all the rl pics of me.... >>;;
      idk.. for now they will stay..

    • ABC....123...Get to know me... O.o

      13 years ago


      A- Available?: yeah..
      A - Age: 19
      A - Annoyance: not being able to drive
      B - Best Friend: Suada
      B - Bar: huh?
      B - Birthday: 2-27-87

      C - Crush: dont have one?
      C - Car: n/a
      C - Cat: QT-Pie
      D - Dead Pet's Name: Fang (dad's dog got hit by lightning :( )
      D - Dads Name: Bob
      D - Dog: n/a

      E - Easiest person to talk to: suada...
      E - Eggs: yuck!!!
      E - Email: raven22787@hotmail.com
      F - Favorite color?: baby blue
      F - Foreign Slang: huh?

      G - Gummy Bears or Worms:neither.
      G - God: Proud Believer of Jesus Christ as my Saviour
      G - Good Times: wrestling with Fang..

      H - Hair Color: brown
      H - Height: 5ft
      H - Happy: idk..

      J - Jewelery: my necklace.. but it broke :(
      J - Job: Rochester Medical
      J - Jokes: huh?

      K - Kids: someday
      K - Karate: I Wanna Learn It
      K - Kung Fu: it would be interesting to know

      L - Longest Car Ride: 3rd grade from WA to IA
      L - Life Is: interesting..

      M - Milk: Lactose'n'Tolerant
      M - Mom: Vicki
      M - Movie Last Watched: BloodRayne
      N - Number of Siblings: 1
      N - Northern or Southern:Northern
      N - Name: Hilarie Ann Davis

      O - One Wish: gotta keep it to myself so that it'll come true.. ^.~
      O - One Phobia?: people hating me :'(

      P - Parents: My mom is Kewl... My stepdad...laidback..
      P - Part of your appearence you like best:my brown eyes (without glasses!!!!)
      P - Part of your Personality you like best: idk..lol
      Q - Quality Dairy Store: I thought i said that i was L'n'T...
      Q - Question your descisions often?:all the time
      R - Reason to smile: I have a loving family
      R - Reality TV Show: idk
      R - Right or Left: Right

      S - Song Last Heard: IDK what its called..its in Bosnian..i was told its about red riding hood though...
      S - Season: Spring
      S - Sex: waiting till marriage...

      T - Time you woke up: 8am
      T - Time Now: 10:43pm
      T - Time for bed: When the energy drink wears off....lol

      U - Unknown Fact about me: hmm..IDK..lol
      U - Unicorns: Are beautiful
      U - You are?: Hilarie Ann Davis (thought i already said this earlier.. >> )

      V - Vegetable you hate:not sure
      V - Vegetable you love: Asparagus
      V - View on Politics: im not going to go into that..

      W- Worst Habits: talking too much
      W- Where are you going to travel next: IDK...
      W- Where you live: Stewartville, MN

      X - X-Rays: ive had these b4 but no broken bones ever! XD
      X - X-bf/gf's: n/a (never had one..)

      Y - Year you were born: 1987
      Y - Year it is now: 2006
      Y - Yellow: wtf?

      Z - Zoo: again...wtf?
      Z - Zodiac: Pisces
      Z - Zoolander?: havent seen it...

    • New pics..

      13 years ago


      I have some very crappy artwork in my images....


      13 years ago


      im back with new pics!!! check'em out! ^_^;;

    • boo!

      14 years ago


      im back...im only on at school now because my comp broke over the summer... ~_~

      well ttyl

    • long time no see...

      14 years ago


      Hey everyone just thought check up on my rvb pals see how everyone is doing..i rarely go on this anymore..but i plan to go on here more often..



    • sick!

      14 years ago


      yuckie!!! i hate stuffed noses..!!!! >< i hate missing school...>>

    • well it looks like..

      14 years ago


      i will be most likely to be found...@ myspace

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