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    • Telltale's New The Walking Dead Game?

      6 years ago


      Footage of Telltale's next game has surfaced online, but it's not clear as to whether it's the awaited sequel to the episodic The Walking Dead series. 

      The footage depicts a person pinning a photograph of a man named Vince to a  bulletin board, upon which the phrase ‘recommended evacuate immediately designated shelters’ can be seen for a moment.  

      Telltale new adventure "The Wolf Among Us," based on Fables comics has been cited as one possibility, as the screenshots of the game show it using a familiar art style.

      So what do you think, is it time for a season two?

      photo 477758_186008054889690_1550942948_o-610x343-1_zpsf596046a.jpg

      Wolf Among Us screenshot.

    • Saturday mornings finally make it to Netflix

      6 years ago


      Netflix had announced that deals have been made with Time Warner licensing them to stream various show from the Turner Broadcasting and Warner Brothers catalog. Starting March 30th U.S Netflix subscribers will be able to stream a variety of Cartoon Network shows.

      These shows include "Johnny Bravo," "Powerpuff Girls" and "Samurai Jack." Additionally shows from Adult Swim will be making the jump to Netflix streaming as well such as "Robot Chicken," The Venture Brothers," and "The Boondocks". Excited?

    • Skullgirls Loves You!

      6 years ago


      Within 24 hours of it's crowdfunding Skullgirls reached their initial benchmark of $150,000 allowing the Lab Zero team to give the character Squigly her own stage and story mode via DLC. Not much later the team reached their next goal of $375,000 with it Skullgirls will see it's first male character "Big Band." More characters can be expected to come with increased funding.


      -Lab Zero had this to say to supporters.

      "Once again, Lab Zero would like to thank you and everyone else that have contributed to this campaign! We are unbelievably grateful to have such devoted and supportive fans, and can’t wait to get this new content into your hands.

      Once Big Band’s story mode and stage are funded, we’ll begin releasing information to help you make your decision for the forthcoming Mysterious Character vote, so keep those contributions coming in.

      Again, thank you so much for your continued support."


    • Indie Update-BADLAND (I Know What It Looks Like!)

      6 years ago


      Developed by Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys of Frogmind, BADLAND is a side-scrolling action adventure game, which presents itself with a very atmospheric  forest environment pronounced by it's use of silhouettes. Though the environment is very beautiful, it's a character unto itself which would very much like to hurt you. Obvious familiarities can be made between this and another popular indie game in the esthetics department however this should not deter you from playing it. In fact a game seems to have much more depth than one might believe. 

      You play as one of the forest's inhabitants working around traps and obstacles with various powerups, you are set out on finding what is happening. 

      The game will feature a local multiplayer, supporting up to four players on one device, so probably iPad preferred The multiplayer can be described as a sidescrolling brawl where pushing your rivals into circular saws and spining blades is ideal. 

      This will be Frogmind's first title, BADLAND will be released on April 4th 2013 for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. BADLAND will contain NO in-app-purchases!



    • Results of Capcom's Street Fighter character poll are in!

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: What!?!? Necro and Dudley should be ranked higher!

      Back in February, Capcom held a fan poll where fans were asked to vote on who their favorite characters are in the Street Fighter franchise. It was claimed that the results of the poll would influence future titles, marketing, and licensing. During their time at PAX East, Capcom reps released a portion of the results. However, now they've made the complete results for the Overall, English, and Japanese rankings public. 

      Here's the complete English rankings:

      English rankings

      English rankings     Character Number of votes Voting percentage Ryu 15,856 30.60% Ken 13,511 26.10% Akuma 12,685 24.50% Chun-Li 9,797 18.90% Cammy 9,260 17.90% Sakura 7,383 14.30% Sagat 7,324 14.10% Juri 7,059 13.60% Guile 6,527 12.60% Q 6,168 11.90% Blanka 5,820 11.20% Karin 5,800 11.20% M. Bison (Dictator) 5,774 11.20% Ibuki 5,731 11.10% Dudley 5,564 10.70% Vega (Claw) 5,541 10.70% Zangief 5,515 10.70% Cody 5,298 10.20% Poison 5,262 10.20% Evil Ryu 5,217 10.10% R. Mika 4,981 9.60% Makoto 4,780 9.20% Alex 4,361 8.40% Charlie 4,309 8.30% Fei Long 4,210 8.10% Guy 3,886 7.50% Dan 3,772 7.30% Urien 3,525 6.80% Gouken 3,338 6.40% Elena 3,299 6.40% C. Viper 3,106 6.00% Yun 3,032 5.90% Rose 2,997 5.80% Oni 2,856 5.50% Dhalsim 2,770 5.30% E. Honda 2,579 5.00% Rolento 2,558 4.90% Yang 2,377 4.60% Juli 2,331 4.50% Sean 2,289 4.40% Maki 2,230 4.30% Oro 2,183 4.20% Adon 2,130 4.10% Ingrid 2,107 4.10% Hakan 2,089 4.00% Remy 2,077 4.00% Balrog (Boxer) 2,044 3.90% Abel 1,890 3.60% Sodom 1,796 3.50% Hugo 1,720 3.30% Juni 1,672 3.20% Dee Jay 1,665 3.20% El Fuerte 1,589 3.10% Gen 1,510 2.90% Eagle 1,448 2.80% T. Hawk 1,410 2.70% Geki 1,322 2.60% Necro 1,221 2.40% Seth 1,216 2.30% Twelve 1,170 2.30% Birdie 1,024 2.00% Gill 961 1.90% Rufus 898 1.70% Retsu 627 1.20% Joe 409 0.80% Lee 384 0.70% Mike 268 0.50% Register free 1,397 2.70%

      So how do you feel about the listings? Did your favorite characters make the list? 

      For the other listings please be sure to click the link below.

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      I might need to revisit this later.

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